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2nd French A.D. M4A2 Sherman tank "Montereau" Walkaround
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MM Park / ASPHM in La Wantzenau
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Dunkirk (the movie)
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USA trip report
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Stug from Ft. Knox or another: looking for interior pics
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Hard Targets at CFB Borden
Last post by Jim_Coles in AFV News Discussion Board on Aug 03, 2017 at 19:20:06


Fond of this pic-43 views
More...-78 views
Packed to the Max-48 views
Seabase-107 views
Off to Caen!!!-32 viewsStallion, and I were up for a little bombing raid over Normandy. And no, Stallion, you did not need to throttle back.
Triple carrier necessity...-126 viewsYeh, you can get it off the deck, just make a triple carrier and keep to the left side.
The Coral Sea Boat Ride-85 viewsSteelrain and I were having some boat rides, unfortunately no cockpit, but makes up for it when you lose your rudder and you can drive this like a waverunner.
Washed Ashore-50 viewsThis poor gent' is a castaway, fortunately I'm in my good ole' PBY to rescue him.
Pilotless Phenamonon-247 viewsWell it seems Warhawk and I got this bright idea of spawning, firing up engines, then bailing out so that we run out of the planes as they start flying away. This rocket test proved to be highly successful as it started climbing a lot. Had a great ascent rate and it ran out fuel just under 80000 ft. Too bad they don't land to well without a pilot!!!
Golden Wings-84 viewsGolden Wings Mod is Excellent
Kurland Winter.JPG
Kurland Winter Low Res-115 viewsLow Res Screenshot of the Kurland Map
41 pictures on 4 page(s)