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News › Over Flanders Field, add-on for CFS3!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 (12:51:54)

Its official on the 18th of December Phase 1 of Over Flanders Fields will be released to the public.

The first release encompasses the years 1917 -1918 with air forces from Britain, Germany and France.
What does phase 1 include?

One button press to install the game, no cutting and pasting, no re-naming of files just press the button and follow the onscreen prompts. Its very easy to do, there should be absolutely no reason why anybody should not have OFF. unless you do not own a legal copy of CFS3 that is, then you may have difficulties.

Full working manager, that controls all the functions of the game environment. to further set the scene we have period artworks by world renown Aviation artists, period music and recorded interviews with actual WWI pilots.

Talk about it on our forums: Click HERE!

A representative set of aircraft including:
Fokker Dr1.
Sopwith Camel.
Nieuport 17.
Sopwith Triplane.
Albatros DVa
Albatros DIII.
Albatros DII.
SPAD 13.
RE 8 twin seater.
Hannover twin seater.
SE5 both Wolsley and Viper engined versions.
these machines all come with finely detailed Virtual Cockpits and external models optimised to impact as little as possible on your system resources. Thus allowing larger formations to take to the sky with out your game degrading to a slide show.

A complete WWI European environment, with trenches villages period airfields infantry, armor, artillery, Refugees, dynamic effects, new weather the list is endless.

A starting list of selectable Squadrons for each of the combatant countries, including correct squadron markings for players planes, inclusion of ace aircraft profiles to be drawn in randomly as historically dictated when you fly
The list of player defined squadrons will grow as will the inclusion of further ace profiles and aircraft markings. For the moment we have two skins at a minimum for each squadron one being from 1917 and the other from 1918.

A basic list of missions, including quick combat set ups.

Campaign generated missions were you work to bring your personal score up to the elusive ace level as well as fighting to push the enemy back and thus allow for the land engagements to occur and hopefully bring the war to its end.

Home defense of Old Blighty and all it encompasses.

OK how do you get it??? I hear you say! There will be 2 possibly 3 download sites that I know of at this date, but this may grow as we iron out our exact list. There will also be a CD swap program initialised to get it out to the folks on dial up connections. there will be further details posted here and at the usual forums such as Simouthouse, Netwings etc.

So the wait is over, less than a week and the majority of you will be flying high on the fumes of castor oil, cordite and aviation fuel.

We hope you all enjoy playing it, as much as we have bringing it to you, regards The OFF Team.

More info:

Over Flanders Field Offical Site

Talk about it on our forums: Click HERE!