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JG300 Wilderness Camp at Tipella
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Category Flight Simulator XFSX Scenery
Submitted by piney
Author's Name
Jeff Lewis
Compatibility FSX/Prepar3D
File Size 22.11 Megabytes
Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:19 pm

JG300 Wilderness Camp at Tipella

This is the second leg of the JG300 Sty trilogy scenery recreated with Instant Scenery 3 for use in FSX/ Prepar3D.
This is the area where the Wild Sau go for R&R on a beautiful mountain airstrip.
Once again, there is a fair amount of eye candy
(Fair warning however, If you aren't comfortable in Miss Kitty's, you might want to pass this scenery by)
There is a special salute to our gracious host Bushy included

as always, this scenery would not be possible without the amazing talents of those artists who create and freely share
their creations with the flight sim community. It is a wonderful gift deeply appreciated.
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