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Screenshot Tip: ACTIVE CAMERA! :: Archived
Welcome to the Com Central Screenshot Competition! You'll find the 'rules' in here, so grab some coffee, your favorite screenshot program and start submitting your pics!
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 5:52 pm
Post subject: Screenshot Tip: ACTIVE CAMERA!

This may seem like a no-brainer to many who have known about this toiol and have been using it for some time, but it's certainly a great item to point out for anyone interested in the more esoteric and visual aspects of FS2004 (and who isn't?).

Simply put, Active Camera is a fantastic addon that installs easily and quickly, and adds some new menus within FS9 to give you a LOT more views and options....essentialy it gives you some great features that make you wonder how you got by without them before, and why they weren't included in thr first place.

Anyone who doesn't have it is strongly encouraged to go to the link below and check it out...it'll tell you a lot more about it than I can. But a few thinsg it provides that are extrenmely cool or handy are view options such as:

- Complete, smooth, free-form viewing using the mouse when in external view mode or in the virtual cockpit. The mouse wheel zooms you in and out, and holding it down as a third button and moving the mouse easily and smoothly pans your eyes around in any direction, up, down, right, left. Very natural. And the zoom-out is in fine smooth increments so you can get a perfect perspective tp get the angles just perfect - beats the ol' hat switch by far!

- Complete freedom of movement inside the virtual cockpit itself. The arrow keys on the numeric keypad will move your pilot's "body" forward, back, left, or right. IF you're flying a passenger plane, this means you can literally "step to the back of the plane" and have a seat in one of the passenger positions...then pan around with the mouse and stare out the window if ya want! When flying an open-cockpit plane like the Stearman or Jenny, you can also use this to shift your head to the left or right a little bit to "look around" the nose on final approach, just like you might poke your head out to the side of the windscreen in real life to see the runway down there ahead...way cool!

Landing the Bucker Jungmann from the rear pilot seat, in the early AM with ground fog at Interlaken...being able to look around the nose like in real life makes all the difference in the world!

More good stuff:

- External virtual pilot view that basically "disconnects" you form the aircraft. Yes, this means that you essentially become a disembodied pilot that walks around on the ground wherever you want to go, still panning and zooming with the mouse if you like. This is excelent for repainters or aircraft/scenery designers who need to go check out some detail up close and can't get a good viewing angle with the normal FS9 views. You can crawl right up into an engine cowling if you want, or walk around inside buildings (yes, Ascout, this means I've seen what you have stashed behind the tanks of the JG300 brewery!). The "pilot's" eyepoint even bobbles up and down slightly when walking, and you hear footsteps!

- "Flyby" view that replaces the "tower" view.....this basically relocates the "tower view" along your flight path, so every few seconds you see your plane approaching, flying by, then leaving you, in a continuous cycle. Excellent stuff, especially with the sound cranked up and the doppler effect of a rumbling radial engine tearing by! This is the view I have in a small second window for PROPS racing so I can always see who's around and behind me as my plane flies by in that window.

There's TONS more it does, which the link below will cover.

One note: This isn't freeware, it's payware.....BUT one neat thing about it is that the download version WILL work for free, but only in the Seattle area (KSEA and immediate surroundings). So, you can use it in limited fashion that way without shelling out any dough if you like. I normally don't do payware only because there is more than enough top-notch freeware aircraft, scenery, tools, etc. out there already for the time I have to play anyhow...but there is NO equivalent I've seen for this program.....so don't be surprised if you find yourself registering for the fullpayware version like I did (way cheap for what you get anyhow!).

Here's the link on info & stuff at their homepage, where you can also download the free trial verison for KSEA. Hit the "Click here for more information" link to see the goods on it....


(and since it's such a great thing for screenshots and I'm definitely using the snot out of it, it seems only fair to let anyone else know about it, who may be looking for ways to improve their screenshots for this here fun lil' contest!)

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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