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D'oh!!!! :: Archived
Welcome to the Com Central Screenshot Competition! You'll find the 'rules' in here, so grab some coffee, your favorite screenshot program and start submitting your pics!
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:26 am
Post subject: D'oh!!!!

Goldangit, just wanted to say that I've fallen way behind on my scheduling assignments and contributor notifications via PM.....

If you've submitted a screenshot in the last coupla weeks, please be advised that all is well and it's in the queue to be scheduled. Nothing is wrong. Due to real-life workload and travel, I simply got behind on scheduling everything and am playing catch-up.

Part of that catch-up is trying to arrange the order of the screenshots so that all contributors get rotated on an even, daily basis. I'm very happy to report that the state of the Com-Central Screenshot Competition is VERY HEALTHY due to the number of screenies that have been submitted and which are waiting in the wings. VERY impressive.

The only hard part - not that I'm complaining because this is also a good thing - is that some contributors submit a whole buncha shots at once, and others trickle in onesy-twosey.

So sometimes I have to wait a bit for a couple of onesy-twosey's to come in so I can schedule the other 3 or 4 from other members. As a result I end up doing the scheduling in large "batches" once a week rather than every day. And lately, that once-a-week opportunity has been competing with the hellish realities of the world lurking outside the front door...

Whatever category you're in, the multiple-submitter category, or the onesy-twosey, please don't change a thing and keep the entries coming in, please! I'll be getting on the current remainders ASAP and if you're on the edge of contributing, thinking about it, considering, it, wondering if your screenshots would be appreciated and you should finally submit that picture you're so proud of....let me assure you the answer is YES, and please keep up the great work everyone!!!



"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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