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Here are the results of my AFV trekking this past week
The AFV ASSOCIATION was formed in 1964 to support the thoughts and research of all those interested in Armored Fighting Vehicles and related topics, such as AFV drawings. The emphasis has always been on sharing information and communicating with other members of similar interests; e.g. German armor, Japanese AFVs, or whatever.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:56 pm
Post subject: Here are the results of my AFV trekking this past week

Here are some updates and confirmations to the AFV register.

There are some serious discrepancies out there.

Brookwood AL
M60A3, SN 1483, RN JJ05Y7.
Located at the Brookwood Veterans Memorial on Old Birmingham Highway near the Ball Field.
33.254095, -87.328565

Fultondale AL
M60A3, SN 3662A, not 3622A, RN JJ0000.
Former M60A1 SN 6858
Located at the Hawkins B. Carter American Legion Post 255, Intersection of Decatur road and Old Newcastle road.
33.608600, -86.797320

Tuscaloosa AL
M60A3, SN 3683A, RN JJ01XL
Former M60A1 SN 8900
Located at the Veterans Memorial at University Mall on East McFarland Blvd
33.193035, -87.525645

Monroe LA
M60A3, SN A12, also has A3012 stamped on tow lug. Back deck and hull has A12
Possibly one of the M60A1E3 pilots. Has all the ID features of such a vehicle. Possibly 3012A was assigned when refurbished at Anniston. Unable to confirm unless access to interior is gained.
Located at the American Legion L B Faulk Post #13 at 401 Forsythe Avenue.
32.521280, -92.129920

Beaumont MS
M60 SN 1611
Located at the Beaumont city library and museum on Bolton Avenue.
31.166310, -88.920470

Brookhaven MS
M60A3 SN 2488A. This tank SN was listed as being in Holly Springs MS.
Located at VFW Post #2618, not #4806. On Industrial Park Road.
31.600150, -90.449350

Bogue Chitto MS. Post #2618 is listed at 172 Auburn Dr. That is a private residence. As per conversation with local police officer, there is no tank or VFW in the town. Safe to assume the Brookhaven tank is the Bogue Chitto vehicle.

Camp Shelby MS
M60 SN unknown
Located at the 177th Armor Brigade HQ's, 1st Army East. Was reflagged from the 87th Division. Nick named “Mudcat”
31.195240, -89.225110

Camp Shelby MATES
M60 SN 879, there is also an M110A2 SN BMY579 located there.
31.186370, -89.218630

Camp Shelby Recovery Range
M60A3 SN 2439A, RN JJ04J0
Former M60A1 SN 3259

Florence MS
M60 SN 966
Located at Hemphill Park off of South Church Street
32.142960, -90.130440

Forest MS
M60 SN 54, not SN 416. Back deck SN 3114.
Located at the American Legion Post #9 and VFW Post #4974 on West Third Street (HWY 80). This poor tank is not taken care of and appears to be the target of empty beer bottles from the patrons exiting the Legion dance hall.
32.364395, -89.490645
Addresses given for both VFW and ALP were private residences. The VFW address is in Raleigh MS and is a horse pasture.

Hattiesburg MS
M60A3 SN 3888M, RN 9B6949
Located at 305 East 6th Street.
31.334340, -89.292690

Jackson MS
M60 SN 372
Located on Military Drive, Thompson Field ANG Station, More accurate location would be Flowood
32.239235, -90.083065

Jackson MS
M60A3 SN 4052M, RN JJ01R0
Located at the Brooks W. Stewart VFW Post #9832, 410 Sunray Drive
32.354310, -90.225390

Mendenhall MS
M60 SN 151
Located at the VFW Post # 9122, Simpson Highway (HWY 49/149). This Tank is listed by TACOM as being in Magee MS. A more accurate location would be Sanatorium MS.
31.910347, -89.788650

Montecello MS
M60 SN 1075, new addition to register
Located at the E A Beby Turnage MS ARNG Armoury off Old Highway 27 and Jimmie R Davis Road
31.564900, -90.112460

Montecello MS
M60A3 SN 3851M, RN 9B7492
Located at the Shirley Magee VFW Post #4889 off of West Broad Street (HWY 49). Was told by numerous locals the only tank in town was at the armoury. Good thing I saw the VFW Bingo sign. She's off the beaten path.
31.561260, -90.141420

Newton MS
M60 SN 1089
Located at the American Legion Post # 89 off of HWY 15 just south of Decatur MS which is north of I-20. Newton is south of I-20 and at least eight miles away.
32.419890, -89110630

Pelahatchie MS
M60A3 SN 3077A, RN JJ052S, SN was also listed as being in Bogue Chitto
Located at “Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park-Camp Resort” on Lake Drive near HWY 43.
32.332265, -89.810205

Prentiss MS
M60A3 SN 3847M, RN 9B6970
Located at the Jefferson Davis County Court House on North Columbis Avenue (HWY 42)
31.600452, --89.865380

Purvis MS
M60A3 SN 3864M, RN 9B7153
Located at VFW Post 3955 off of College Drive near the Ball Fields. 252 Beaver Lake is a private residence.
31.150795, -89.41303

Raleigh MS
M60A3 SN 3877M, RN JJ00DD, not SN 4352A
Located at Tullos Park off of Whiteoak Avenue (HWY 18). Only Tank in town.VFW listed is the one located on HWY 49 near Sanatorium MS.
32.038570, -89.534195

Sandhill MS
M60 1536
This tank is located at the side of the Green County Courthouse on Main Street (HWY 63/57) in Leakesville MS. Was told of it's location by residents of Sand Hill. There is no VFW in Sand hill either.
31.153650, -88.551160

Sumrall MS
M60A3 4364A, RN 09A03672, Not 3803A.
Former M60A1 SN 6218
Located at the Trent Lott War Memorial on HWY 42/44. This tank is signed for by Lamar County and is the one listed in Purvis as SN 4364.
31.417660, -89.548870

Wayneboro MS
M60A3 3865M, RN 9B6958
Located at the MS ARNG Armoury on HWY 63
31.648590, -88.643145

Huntington TN
M60A3 3752A, RN 9B8992
Former M60A1 SN 4201
Located at the TN ARNG Armoury across from the Carroll County Fairgrounds on Mustang Drive.
36.009830, -88.385085

I was hoping to get a few more but the weather was pretty bad Wednesday with storms and Tornadoes touching down. All these are also posted to my M60 Gallery. Please ask if you want more info on a particular tank. I have plenty of pictures Mr. Green

Joe D
My M60 Gallery
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:51 pm
Post subject: Re: Here are the results of my AFV trekking this past week

Wow, busy week! Nice pictures too.


Dr Trevor Larkum
Preserved Tanks: PreservedTanks.com
Armour Archive: ArmourArchive.co.uk
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