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Visit to Strategic Air & Space Museum :: Archived
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 12:11 pm
Post subject: Visit to Strategic Air & Space Museum

This morning I paid a visit to the museum to listen to Dr. Thomas (Tom) Jones

February%2025,%202006,%20Dr.%20Thomas%20Jones 11am-%20Astronaut%20and%20B-52%20Commander,%20Jones%20is%20a%20veteran%20of%20four%20space%20flights%20and%20three%20space%20walks.%20He%20flew%20on%20Columbia,%20Atlantis,%20and%20twice%20on%20Endeavor.%20His%20latest%20book%20\"Skywalking\"%20will%20be%20released%20in%20February%202006.%20During%20his%20visit%20to%20the%20Museum,%20Jones%20will%20be%20available%20to%20sign%20copies%20of%20his%20new%20book. and%20I%20took%20a%20few%20pictures.%20%20When%20I%20get%20the%20film%20developed,%20I%20will%20post%20a%20few%20of%20them%20here%20for%20all%20to%20see.%20%20A%20couple%20of%20the%20shots%20I%20took%20were%20in%20the%20hanger%20where%20part%20of%20the%20plane%20collection%20is%20kept,%20and%20a%20couple%20were%20of%20the%20Liberty%20Bell%207%20exhibit.%20%20I%20also%20have%20a%20couple%20of%20Dr.%20Jones%20when%20he%20was%20talking.%20%20I%20also%20got%20a%20picture%20of%20him%20autographed%20and%20bought%20his%20book%20as%20well,%20which%20he%20also%20personnalized.%20%20

I'll post them on this thread then. Here is a link to the museum site as well. www.sacmuseum.org/

"May your Enemys Run With Fear!!"
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