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Bush Flying, you say???? :: Archived
Discussions about the FS2004 game.
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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
Posts: 5832
Location: Group W bench
PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 1:01 pm
Post subject: Bush Flying, you say????

Well, We say HECK YEAH to it!

Started out at the Pigsty.....was shootin an ILS approach to CYVR when ol' EXOS shows up.....next thing I know, we're on our way to CBB7 to have another shot at them trees......no problemo!

It just got better from there....BooRay shows up and escorts us on our next leg....dang I forget the airfield name but it was a STEEEP approach coming down the mountian, LOL.....had full flaps AND the doors open on that Maule M-7 trying to slow her down....Boo provided fighter escort the whole way.....good thing when there's bears'n'stuff about.....

Hooked up with Hoppa too and we flew a few more legs, did an amphib landing and beach assualt, finished it off with a beach takeoff in the RCS B-25's ...well, kinda...what happened on that beach STAYS on that beach, ahem.....and flew to our final airfield, a place where Hoppa had logged at once, dang we need the name of that one too. Could be the makin's of a great Bush flying Hop list!

Great time and THANKS to all...and S~ to Fled for a great-performing server!!!

Boo's "close air support"......hmmm I cant help but think his trigger finger was itchin here.....
And%20after%20we%20were%20down%20and%20safe,%20here's%20Boo%20on%20final%20-%20 A%20meeting%20of%20the%20minds%20to%20determine%20next%20destination.... Grumman%20Wedgies%20on%20final...... Right%20before%20we%20switched%20to%20the%20B25....damn%20what%20a%20great%20plane%20that%20WEdgie%20is! B-25's%20flying%20low%20over%20Canuckistan! Readying%20up%20for%20pattern%20entry..... Another%20airfield%20liberated%20for%20our%20side!!!!......

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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Joined: Jan 09, 2005
Posts: 583
Location: vernon BC
PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 1:14 pm
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying, you say????

good shots there stoop!!!!!!!,,,wish ida got there sooner,,,,not too mention have a couple of those planes in my collection,,,will work on that right away actually..........the place I logged at was Blue river,,,,cant remember the code,,,,cycl or sumpthin like that,,,,,,basically one of those small logging towns in the middle of nowhere that if you have a vehicle breakdown there,,,,,,time to pull out the thumb or your childrens college fund,,,hehe......my little story of injuy there was this,,,,,,,,,I had just arrived there when I was still heli-logging for the start of a month long stint in camp,,,,I think it was on 3rd day when I tried to have a tug-of war with the landing loader,,,,,I was holding onto a choker that was pinched under the log,,,,the loader was supposed to come and give the log a little lift for me,,,,but decided he would hit the log full guns in 3rd gear,,,,,well next thing I know I was about 15 feet from where I was standing face first in the mud with a partial dislocation of my shoulder,,,,,,the town does not have a hospital but it had a first aid outpost,,,after waking up the nurse and getting a sling and some pain killers I was put on the greyhound to kamloops,,,I exagerrated earlier with the 8 hour time,,,it was about 4 hours actually plus the waiting of the bus for an additional 2 hours,,,was no fun,,,,,,but flying in there tonite was great.......



Many thing's in life are dirt cheap.........
is not one of them.....
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Joined: Jan 20, 2005
Posts: 6945
Location: Central Illinois, USA
PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 3:09 pm
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying, you say????

Love those cross country adventures!! Great pics Stoop....:D
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Joined: Jan 05, 2005
Posts: 144
Location: Des Moines, IA
PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 1:33 am
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying, you say????

I pulled the trigger a few times and only had brakes Twisted Evil LOL

Only wish I could have stayed longer since Stoop, Exos and Hoppa were all there. Not many times I get to fly in with such great company and good pals.

I was flying with mini Boo (my son) sitting on my lap and he just watched the screen in amazment, like father like son. Anyway, we had company come over, unannounced to me and I had to go play host for awhile.

Glad you fellas were able to have some quaility pig time together.

On another note, why does the Widgeon not have a regular view and just the VC?
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Power User

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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
Posts: 5832
Location: Group W bench
PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 2:09 am
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying, you say????

S~ Boo, and we feel the same way about your presence in those flights.

It's in the readme about the 2D cockpit. There's a couple sides of the fence on the issue of 2D vs. 3D cockpits, some folks feel that a properly-done VC negates the need for a 2D panel, and the developer of the Widgeon is one of those folks. Having flown it a good bit, honestly this plane goes a long way toward proving that point. It'd be nice if the switches on the ceiling panel were more clearly labeled (try to find the NAV/GPS switch!).....but with patience and moving the mouse over everything, it can all be found in time. Heck we ought to have a special section devoted just to that great Widgeon.

Glad that Boo Jr. enjoyed the flight too....that's way cool!

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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