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This frikkin' T-38 ROCKS!!!! THANK YOOO LURPS!!!!!!! :) :)
A public forum for the JG300 Wild Sau Gruppe!
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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 3:13 pm
Post subject: This frikkin' T-38 ROCKS!!!! THANK YOOO LURPS!!!!!!! :) :)

OK, man, so, like........I been on the hunt for a reeeeaaalllly good miltary jet to tool around FS9 with, to burn some holes in the sky and make some serious tracks with when I get that itch. And, I dunno, man, but it's like.....well, no offense to the freeware developers but I'm kinda particular about some stuff. And for some reason, lots of these jets have stuff that doesn't seem to work right...must be a complex task, So, instead of gettin' all excited about every jet that comes along and looks good, I've been really putting some of the more promising ones through the paces to find "The One".....and man, I tell ya, thanks to a great tip from good ol' JG300-Lurps, this is IT for me!!!

It's the FSD T-38 Talon, and you can get it from this link right 'char:

I know she's been around awhile and lots of ya may have it already, but sometimes ya gotta point out these planes lest they be forgotten. So for anyone who didn't know about it, I'd be happy to tell ya all about it before you head off to download her!

Had a few criteria to meet, which were:

1) Coolness factor, of course.....gotta look good and be a beechin' plane,
2) Gotta install with a minimum of fuss. Minimum file manipulations and all that,
3) Gotta be available from a reputable source, and easy to download for others,
4) Gotta fly good, I mean GOOD......
5) Gotta have a VC, and lotsa detail and readable intruments,
6) GOT to be ILS-capable. This sucker's for all-weather flying and you never know what's under that cloud blanket below.
7) Gotta have stuff that works in any normal plane. I mean autopilot, spoiler, all that jazz. A VERY cool F-18 has a 'super spoiler' that acts as a carrier trap by bringing the speed down to zero in nothing flat. That's cool, but makes it impossible to use spoilers in normal flight. A real nice F-14 has no ILS indicators anywhere in the cockpit - go figure.

So anyways, coupla nights ago I was flyin around with Lurps and Drafty (aka "Hoppa Jr") and Hoppa.....Lurps says hey go get this plane...so I check her out, skeptical at first, and have been flying her ever since to see if she's really up to snuff on the above needs.

Well this baby meets those criteria fully. I mean, she's beautiful, cool, shapely and sexy.....she got a one-click install from an self-installing executable in the ZIP fle......she's from FSD and available at Avsim, so it's quality goods bro......flies like she's on rails, got a serious roll rate too, just THINK about rolling left and she's there ......VC is just as readable as the 2D panel, and offers better visibility than the 2D panel for landing......and her instrumentation is 60's vintage but accurate and capable, LOL man I had to learn her ILS instrumentation the hard way while landing in an unexpected blizzard (dumb me, I was doing a Britain hoplist with real weather, for this time of year).......this gal pulled my @ss out of that jamb with grace and style, SUUUUUWEEEEEEEEEEE!

Here's some photos and yak about the lil'sweetheart......

Like 'the Manolo" says, "Some pictures, they do not need the caption"......
I%20use%20the%20VC%20for%20landing,%20and%20for%20some%20reason%20I%20had%20an%20initial%20tendency%20to%20land%20WAYYYY%20nose-high....and%20when%20I%20let%20the%20nose%20down%20too%20fast,%20she%20scalded%20me%20with%20an%20authentic-sounding%20\"BANG\"%20from%20the%20nosegear,%20just%20to%20let%20me%20know%20she%20didn't%20like%20it.....but%20she's%20a%20tough%20gal%20and%20hasn't%20broken%20on%20me%20yet,%20and%20I%20treat%20her%20much%20nicer%20these%20days. With%20the%20small%20wing%20area,%20I%20keep%20an%20approach%20speed%20of%20about%20140%20knots%20as%20per%20Lurps'%20advice,%20but%20she's%20got%20excellent%20brakes%20and%20accelleration,%20and%20can%20actually%20get%20in%20and%20out%20of%20some%20surprising%20airstrips.%20%20The%20animated%20oleo%20struts%20on%20the%20gear%20are%20cool,%20as%20you're%20taxiing%20along%20on%20rough%20ground%20the%20plane%20is%20stable%20and%20gently%20rocking,%20but%20outside%20view%20shows%20those%20little%20wheels%20busily%20bouncing%20up%20and%20down%20on%20the%20gravel.... I've%20put%20A%20LOT%20of%20miles%20under%20her%20wings%20already%20and%20this%20is%20just%20one%20of%20many%20refueling%20stops%20that've%20been%20necessary.%20%20Which%20is%20saying%20a%20lot%20becuase%20she%20actually%20gets%20fairly%20good%20fuel%20economy%20and%20I%20cruise%20her%20at%20FL150%20at%20about%200.9%20Mach.%20%20Here's%20me%20and%20the%20GIB%20takin'%20a%20smoke%20break%20%20between%20hi-speed%20legs..... Here's%20the%20virtual%20cockpit......looks%20great,%20eh??%20%20As%20you%20can%20see,%20the%20visibility%20over%20the%20nose%20is%20GREAT%20(probably%20why%20I'vebeen%20landing%20her%20so%20nose-high%20at%20first).%20%20This%20was%20an%20ILS%20approach,%20and%20the%20glidepath%20needle%20(vertical%20position)%20is%20on%20the%20left%20side%20of%20the%20artificial%20horizon%20(small%20white%20arrow),%20and%20the%20runway%20centerline%20needle%20(horizontal%20position)%20is%20the%20usal%20segmented%20line%20in%20the%20middle%20of%20the%20HSI%20just%20below%20that.%20%20I've%20found%20I%20really%20like%20this%20arangement%20compared%20to%20having%20both%20indicators%20on%20the%20same%20instrument....it%20enforces%20good%20panel-scanning%20practices,%20as%20opposed%20to%20staying%20fixated%20on%20just%20one%20instrument. \"So%20there%20I%20was....\".......flying%20along%20at%20FL150,%20enjoying%20a%20nice%20hoplist%20over%20Great%20Britain%20with%20excellent%20(real)%20weather.%20%20Or%20so%20I%20thought........as%20I%20slowed%20and%20descended%20down%20to%20the%20destination,%20we%20sank%20into%20heavy%20cumulus%20and%20ground%20fog....okay,%20what%20was%20that%20ILS%20frequency%20and%20where%20th'heck%20are%20the%20needles%20on%20this%20thing........at%20FL100,%20we're%20totally%20engulfed%20by%20the%20gray%20stuff.....at%20FL050,%20the%20snow%20kicked%20in....intercepted%20the%20ILS%20needle%20and%20set%20up%20on%20final%20approach....getting%20closer...closer......FL005%20now.....where%20the%20hell%20is%20that%20runway.... It%20was%20at%20that%20point%20I%20noticed%20I%20was%20juuusssst%20a%20little%20bit%20below%20the%20glideslope.....and%20WHOAAA......I%20swear%20to%20gawd,%20out%20of%20the%20corner%20of%20my%20eye,%20through%20all%20the%20muck%20and%20snow,%20I%20saw%20a%20CHURCH%20STEEPLE%20flash%20by%20on%20the%20right.....and%20the%20top%20was%20above%20me.....YYYEEEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!! Of%20course,%20at%20about%20this%20time,%20the%20periodic%20\"FSHOST%20Server%20yada%20yada%20yada\"%20thing%20came%20scrolling%20across%20the%20top%20of%20the%20screen...just%20what%20you%20need%20when%20you're%20sweating%20out%20the%20final%20seconds%20of%20a%20tight%20approach%20in%20mimums,%20LMAO!!!! After%20a%20tiny%20slight%20climb%20and%20a%20few%20fractions%20of%20a%20second,%20I%20figured%20I%20had%20to%20be%20on%20top%20of%20the%20damn%20runway,%20so%20lowered%20the%20nose%20a%20bit%20more...STILL%20nuthin!!!....then%20suddenly..BANG....dropped%20out%20of%20the%20fog%20about%2010%20frikkin'%20feet%20above%20the%20runway,%20%20and%20dang%20me%20if%20I%20hadn't%20already%20passed%20the%20threshhold! Set%20'er%20down,%20hit%20the%20brakes,%20took%20this%20pic%20before%20turning%20off%20the%20runway,%20and%20went%20outside%20for%20a%20smoke...MAN%20I%20haven't%20had%20such%20an%20exciting%20time%20with%20a%20new%20plane%20like%20this%20for%20so%20long!!!!!!

A coupla caveats, and not bad ones at that:

1) When you install this plane, there's a "T-38 Paint Scheme Manager" program that gets installed in your Start->Programs menu. You gotta run that to get the extra two liveries, otherwise all you'll see is the default NASA scheme. This is explained in the README.

2) The autopilot is certainly 60's vintage, which means it'll do the job but isn't like the AP's you might be used to. However, I found that figuring it out (not hard, and Lurps helped me out there a bit) was kind of a pleasure. Gives the plane some unique character, and you get a little sense of accomplishment out of it too.

3) Haven't had her supersonic yet, just up to 0.99 Mach. Don't know if it's because this is originally an FS2002 aircraft, or if I haven't had her high enough, or what. There's an operating handbook for her that also gets installed in the program menu, just been havin' too much fun to read it yet!

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."

Last edited by JG300-Stoopy on Tue Feb 22, 2005 3:22 am; edited 1 time in total
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Joined: Jan 10, 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 4:56 pm
Post subject: Re: This frikkin' T-38 ROCKS!!!! THANK YOOO LURPS!!!!!!! :)

Wow Stoopy ! That was truly an epic tale you wrote in the above !
I'm tickled to death that you like the Talon ... probably more than me ... LOL !
I'm looking forward to hooking up with you again for some more 38 flying .... sure had fun the other night.
Also .... absolutely great pics you captured there ..... you have quite the knack for getting those shots that look just too cool !

~S~ and
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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2005 3:26 am
Post subject: Re: This frikkin' T-38 ROCKS!!!! THANK YOOO LURPS!!!!!!! :)

S! and thanks Lurps! Yeah, not sure if I made it clear that I dig the snot outta this bird, LMAO!!

I also got my B-52 problemo fixed (I had followed the readme TOO well and overwrote the config file with the AI version....duhh). Flies right proper now, so we're all set for next time!

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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Joined: Jan 10, 2005
Posts: 167
Location: In back of the sty .... sighting in my Luger ....
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 9:36 am
Post subject: Re: This frikkin' T-38 ROCKS!!!! THANK YOOO LURPS!!!!!!! :)

Check the FS2004 forum Stoop ..I explained how to go
into afterburner ... shift F4 ...

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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
Posts: 5831
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 10:05 am
Post subject: Re: This frikkin' T-38 ROCKS!!!! THANK YOOO LURPS!!!!!!! :)

Check, saw it, thanks! Muchas Gracias!

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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