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Something very interesting to come up about stick settings: :: Archived
This is for General Discussions about the IL2 game and expansion packs!
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Joined: Jan 17, 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 11:51 am
Post subject: Something very interesting to come up about stick settings:

This a great read!

The recent discussion on the UBI forums about Capt. Eric Browns recommended stick settings* compared to IL2's (and probably other combat sims's) has brought up some very interesting posts to read from real pilots flying the sim:

(read especially Viper2005's posts with care)


This is what Viper has done with his stick:
(you engineers are gonna love this)


and an alternative to buy:


The best part is though that discussion appereantly didn't went unheard by Oleg. This is what was posted just now at the UBI forums:

- crazyivan
Oleg had problems logging in, so he asked me to post this. This change is not listed in the readme of Manjuria addon.
Addon is not out yet, hopefully next week. So, add following to the readme when it`s out


in 4.06 (SoM) changed following

Joystick control input was changed in accordance with pilots' wishes.

Such function adds feel of the real size control column which is way longer than such of Joysick.
Optimized for default settings of Joystick curves. However for some planes would be better any way exponente (recomended in DVD readme-manual version).


This could be one of the most interesting changes of the last extensions, IMO. Thanks Oleg and team!


*Capt. Eric Brown, former WWII testpilot, tested IL2 and thought it was very realistic for most planes. Here the full story:
He recommended following joystick settings though to get a more realistic feel of WWII Warbirds control surfaces:

Captain Brown's Settings

Want to get the most realistic Il-2:FB experience possible? After testing, Captain Brown managed to help define what he considers the most realistic joystick sensitivity settings. If you have a copy of Il-2:FB and would like to emulate this go into Hardware setup, then 'Input' then 'Controls' - when you will find a range of sliders. Adjust these to:

Pitch 0, 1, 3, 7, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27, 33
Roll 0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 17
Yaw 0, 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 14, 16

Bringing these down to the values listed in the different axes should make for a much more realistic and true-to-life experience - in what is already a highly realistic warbird sim. Experienced Il-2 flyers may find that these seem to make the aircraft feel more sluggish and less responsive, but these settings will hake take-off and landings easier, as well as manoeuvres requiring small corrections like lining up behind an enemy aircraft or precision dive bombing. It also has to be remembered that vintage warbirds are considerably less agile than modern jet fighters - so that a 'slow roll' seen performed at airshows is very often a WW2 aircraft's max rate of roll - rather than the twinkling roll rate an F-16 might have. These settings bring the handling of aircraft in Il-2:FB more in line with Captain Brown's experience of the real thing and, of course, users can tweak these settings to their heart's content, perhaps adding more sensitivity at 100% deflection so that in extreme dogfights there is still full control authority there at the end of the scale.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 12:29 pm
Post subject: Re: Something very interesting to come up about stick settin

Great post and now it's a sticky...:chug:
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:53 pm
Post subject: Re: Something very interesting to come up about stick settings:

I tried these stick settings and found them totally useless. My plane of preference is the A6M2-21, with those settings I took a very agile plane and made it an unresponsive dog.
Maybe there are some other factors at play here, ie; my stick or my system but I promptly returned to my settings and I think I'll stay there.

At the outset many of the fighters will snap and spin easily if you are really yanking on the stick. I simply toned down the inputs for all 3 axis until that tendency was where I could manage it. At my settings the Zeke will still snap and spin if your too slow and yanking too hard. I just dont let the airspeed get below 70 to 80 KIAS in combat flaps and I'm alright.

My settings are for the Zeke. If I decided to change aircraft I would have to start from scratch and figure out some settings I could live with. For instance the P-51 has a wicked snap/spin tendency in this game. I just wonder if it was that serious in the full size aircraft.

I have modeled and raced the 51 in RC. In the race versions I had a mixing radio that allowed for mixing of flaps and elevator. As you enter a turn around a pylon and your banking and yanking the flaps are deployed to about 30%. That pushes the plane in toward the pylon and allows for a tighter turn. I use combat flap settings in the Zeke a lot and believe it or not I have had Luffberrys where the airspeed indicator showed 40 to 50 KIAS. Most other planes are falling out of the sky at that speed.

I suppose its all in what your comfortable with.

" Refuel my plane and load my guns"

Hiroyoshi Nishizawa
" The Devil of Rabaul"
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:38 pm
Post subject: Re: Something very interesting to come up about stick settings:

I've tried Brown's settings, and I must say that energy conservation is very top notch. I am going much faster in turns, and I have never yet hit a flatspin. I've stalled, and such, but never got really rough buffets.

I say it is a big plus in offline campaigns, but online, everyone else is Superman and deflect their joystick where in real life I pilot couldn't.

"Well, I gotta go...Yeh I'm running out of change"

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