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Fort Dix News (Off Topic)
The AFV ASSOCIATION was formed in 1964 to support the thoughts and research of all those interested in Armored Fighting Vehicles and related topics, such as AFV drawings. The emphasis has always been on sharing information and communicating with other members of similar interests; e.g. German armor, Japanese AFVs, or whatever.
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Joined: Apr 07, 2006
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Location: Beatty, Nevada
PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 6:07 am
Post subject: Fort Dix News (Off Topic)


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Joined: Jan 23, 2006
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Location: Ft Hood, TX
PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 6:27 am
Post subject: Re: Fort Dix News (Off Topic)

Here at Ft Hood, I believe it would be reasonably easy to get on post merely by being in a uniform and flashing a military ID. About 1/3 of the time, the guards don't even take the ID from you to look at it carefully, they just wave you through. If you dont have a military ID, you can still get on post with a drivers license. In any case, you need a DOD sticker on your car.
With todays technology it's easy to replicate any of these items. That combined with civilian guards that most of the time are busy talking with each other rather than checking ID's and looking into back seats, and it's no wonder more incidents like the one at Ft Dix's are not attempted.
I have been to Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection course, level 2, and was in charge of post security in Korea during 9/11. We were regularly "probed" by Korean and U.S. forces trying to "illegally" enter the post. Never had one get on my post but one time. That was due to MP's working one of my gates and they let the fake soldiers on whom then proceded to place 3X5 cards at keys places on post to replicate terrorist acts.
I always thought it would be cool to conduct these "probes" myself because I know how easy it is to get on a military installation.

SFC Jeff Button "High Angle Hell"
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Joined: Jan 23, 2006
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Location: Republic of Southern New Jersey
PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 7:42 am
Post subject: Re: Fort Dix News (Off Topic)

Dix has literally miles of perimeter with no protection, not even a fence and is surrounded by public roads. It would be a piece of cake to sneak in without even going near a guard post. Often the only way to tell that you were on Fort Dix property before the base was "closed" was to see a small sign.

Jeff Lewis
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