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Being a Hero
A public forum for the RAF92 Squadron!
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Author Message

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 9:08 am
Post subject: Being a Hero

i was browsing virtual squadrons for kicks the other day and i came across you site. naturally i read every section and came across you code of conduct. Let me say first that i couldt agree more, except on one little subject. the one that states to try to help your squadmates, unless there is no chance, then u must wish him luck and bug out. its not about being a hero, its about courage. what about the crisis that black hawk down is based on. we were outnumbred and had little chance of winning that engagement, but men kept coming. and even better example is the alamo, we tried our best to hold that army, but we lost. and at the point of our defeat, 30 or so brave souls chose to reinforce our army against the thousnads against us. the point is, if u let your buddy die there, youve lost him and havent killed any enemys. In that situation, your best chance is to warn the rest of the squads about the bogies that will soon be headed their way. then i dive in, why lose a brother without a fight, two fighters is way more effectice then one in any situation. please dont leave your friends behind. in my navy fighters game i have seen to many comebacks from two lonely fighters against 5 or more. once i was the man left behind, i didnt stand a chance and my whole squadron was shot down. in the next match, the same thing happened, but with my wingman, i chose to help him and we came out alive. better to die together fighting then die flying away. i am merely giving an opinion, thank you
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Joined: Jan 21, 2005
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Location: Just another walk in the clouds.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 9:55 am
Post subject: Re: Being a Hero

I am trying to think back to when I wrote that.... I am sure I had a very good reason at the time. For the life of me, I can't think of what it was...

In light of the situation, I would have to agree with you. That part of our CoC does seem strange, especially when you consider the way natural human instincts would react. I suppose it is there not so much as a rule but a deterent. What we dont want happening is somone screaming into a suicide fight that will not get them anywhere, if you are to enter these engagements you must be sure taht you have at least one form of an advantage in the entry.. and more to the point, a plan of action.

Never leave a man behind!

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Joined: Jan 11, 2005
Posts: 511
Location: British Columbia, Canada
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 10:33 am
Post subject: Re: Being a Hero

i couldn't agree more....accept where me n' moser are a team and ditches me for his energy tactis......speaking of which, moser, do you mind having me be ur wingman for a while so i can addapt your tactis and work them to fit my flying style? and same as stang and the rest of the squadron. i asked for training and i think that this would be an incredibley benificial way for me to be, as warhawk said, "an ace by the summer". Mr. Green this is just a suggestion.

'Aut Pugna aut Morere'
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Joined: Jan 05, 2005
Posts: 703
Location: Illinois
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 10:52 am
Post subject: Re: Being a Hero

Well, I don't ditch you Battlehawk, I go up to get an advantage, P-47's in turns and burns, although successful sometimes, isn't exactly wise. And Mustang, maybe we should reword the COC a bit, like add that use your head part and try not be a hero.

"Well, I gotta go...Yeh I'm running out of change"

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Joined: Nov 13, 2004
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 11:08 am
Post subject: Re: Being a Hero

sounds like a good idea to me moser!

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Joined: Feb 06, 2005
Posts: 95
Location: Albuquerque
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 2:13 am
Post subject: Re: Being a Hero

Just my opinion, but I agree with your code of conduct. Though, it could be re-worded or even left out all together. No one likes to "leave a man behind", but sometimes it is in the best interest of the squad...lose the battle to win the war. It is never a popular move to leave someone to their fate, but sometimes it is the smartest move.

Many times I have seen a lone "cowboy" go alone into a dogfight with 3 or more enemy. Only to scream like a girl for assistance seconds later (no offense Hitman). I hate having to sacrifice myself because they chose poorly. As far as the CoC, there is probably a better way to phrase it.

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Joined: Dec 25, 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 6:53 am
Post subject: Re: Being a Hero

lol I wasn't screamin like a girl I was screamin for a girl "Steveo..STEEEVVEO... lol
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