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November 5th and 8th Bush Flight :: Archived
Welcome to the new Bush Flying Group. Come fly with the Com-Central Group as they fly in remote areas from around the world. Flight plans and requirements are posted inside the forum complete with all the links for the files. Time to get that cargo to those remote places!
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 3:12 pm
Post subject: November 5th and 8th Bush Flight

Heavy Cargo / Off Field Landings


Date and Time: Monday November 5th 0955 Local Time (1855 UTC)
Start Location: PAYA Yakutat Ramp
Aircraft: DH6 Twin Otter with wheels/skis
Fuel Load: 1206 pounds - 180 gallons
Power: Climb: 95% torque @ 95% rpm
Cruise: 75% torque @ 85% rpm
Descent: 50% torque @ 85% rpm
Wx: Stratus 4/8 @ 5460’ to 7270’ Light Turbulence
Cirrus 6/8 @ 23100’ to 24000’
Wind: 083 @ 3-5 knots to 1999’
055 @ 9-13 knots at 5000’
129 @ 12-17 knots at 8000’
Temp: 29F Dew Point: 6F
Pressure: 29.94�
Visibility: 30nm
Total Distance: 200.3nm

The Adventure
We have new aircraft to fly (well, new to us, anyway…)! Com-Central Bush Flights now possesses three De Havilland Twin Otters - tundra tired, wheels/skis and amphibious! Our first mission with this aircraft will take us to six remote science stations for re-supply. Five out of the six are temporary camps that are studying various affects of climate change on the area’s glaciers, and the other is a return to the Northern British Columbia High Altitude Geomagnetic Observatory. The winds aloft are much lighter this time, so landing up there will be easier than it was last time. The turboprops on the Otter are much better suited to high altitude operations than the recip powered Maule as well.

Don't forget to download and install the Twin Otter pack Here

Hope to see you there,

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