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New Bomb and Gunnery Range and Nuclear Bomb Range :: Archived
This is for General Discussions about the IL2 game and expansion packs!
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:19 am
Post subject: New Bomb and Gunnery Range and Nuclear Bomb Range

Kimo at JO has written a new file. The 71st Protectors Bomb and Gunnery Range has been renamed to the (Joint Ops Bomb and Gunnery Range). This file will go into your missions Dogfight folder. The Range file has been updated with more targets and new targets as well.
There is a new and very cool mission called (Ground Zero Nuclear Bomb Range) This mission will go into your cooperative mission folder. It will not work as a dogfight and must be a ground start. This mission has 3 P-38's as aircraft. This can be changed to different aircraft and more or less aircraft.
This mission was created for two reasons.
#1. To help improve your bombing skills by presenting targets in different bombing solutions.
#2. To blow the Hell out of stuff and to have as much fun possible while doing it.
Your flight will takeoff from the Gatow Airfield in grid D-5, after takeoff, fly a NW direction to the Capitol of Berlin. All targets are located in Berlin in grids D-5 and E-5. Targets are also easily identified by a white light on top of target.
To set off the Nuclear Explosion you must make a direct hit on the primary target marked by the white lights. If you really want to get the full scope of the explosions, pick the last aircraft and remain on the ground and watch your friends as they go on their bomb runs. By using Ctrl F2 you can go through the many static cameras located near the targets. Here you will not only see the nuclear explosion but the collateral damage and secondary explosions as well.
Tips: Because there are multiple targets, set the game to unlimited ammo. Make sure you have an adequate bomb delay and no one is behind you. It is best to use 1000 lb bombs for best results, but it is not necessary. If you choose to use a smaller bomb you may have to hit the target 2 times to set off the nuclear explosion. Have Fun!
If you are interested in getting this file to add to your IL2-Sturmovik, Pacific Fighters, send me an email and I will send you the zip file.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:48 pm
Post subject: Re: New Bomb and Gunnery Range and Nuclear Bomb Range

Wow...this looks interesting! Previous the only big boom was from the 5000 lb Pe-8 dropl Look forward to getting more info and a chance to try it out.

Thanks for the heads up on what can be a lot of fun. Let us know where to get the mission.
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