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***NEW*** The Bush Pilots Challenge
Welcome to the new Bush Flying Group. Come fly with the Com-Central Group as they fly in remote areas from around the world. Flight plans and requirements are posted inside the forum complete with all the links for the files. Time to get that cargo to those remote places!
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:31 am
Post subject: ***NEW*** The Bush Pilots Challenge

The Bush Pilots Challenge

In all previous adventures, the level of detail that I've provided in flight plans, briefings, and the kneeboard has been far too great to simulate real bush flying. That level of detail also demanded a great deal of my time - something that has been getting to be in increasingly short supply for me. Add to that that my real love in developing for flightsim lies in the creation of addon scenery and that I want to devote most of my available time to it, and I've found myself looking to both find a way to spend less time generating new challenges and to retain or even improve the 'fun factor'.

In the real world, a bush pilot is contacted by a potential client who has a specific mission in mind - fly passengers and/or cargo to a specific destination or destinations. The bush pilot is not provided with a detailed plan to get there, an estimated fuel load, or instructions on how to operate his/her aircraft. The pilot may or may not be familiar with the destination - may have no clue what it looks like or what the best approach will be. He only has it's location fixed on a map or chart. If he hasn't been there before (or even if he has!), it's proper procedure to over fly the destination and decide first whether it's safe and then how best to land.

How It's Changing
Every week, early on Sunday, I will post a thread with that week's challenge. I'll provide a theme - the types of flights - and detailed itineraries for eight leg challenges. The itinerary will include the destination ICAO code and name, what you need to deliver to it as well as the number of points you'll receive for successfully completing the leg (more on that later). I'll include a small zip file that has two things in it - a notepad file with the itinerary and one or more partial sectional charts (in a JPEG) with the destinations clearly marked. You will need to chose an appropriate aircraft, load it, fuel it, and plan your own route using the itinerary and sectional chart. You'll also have the Scenery Locater Database (HTML file included with the CC Bush Flights Total Scenery Package) for getting an idea what you'll be faced with at the destinations. This will require more of you as pilots, but it'll also make this a great deal more 'real'.

The Fun Factor
What do you get for all this extra effort? Back to the mention of 'points' for each leg completed. Every destination in the Glacier Bay area will be assigned a value based on how difficult it is to find it and how hard it is to land or take off there. The points for both departure and arrival will be added to the total direct distance in nm and that will be the point value for that leg. You will accumulate points for every leg successfully completed and verified over the course of time. A running tally will be kept in a thread in the 'Sticky' section of the forum. Every three months, a winner will be announced and a $10.00 gift certificate to Amazon.com will be awarded to the pilot with the most points accumulated in that quarter. At the end of the year, the pilot with the most points for that year will receive a $20.00 gift certificate. Please note that you only get points once for each leg.

We need to have a totally foolproof way to verify that the pilots have indeed flown the legs successfully, without cheating. For this I've obtained the kind permission of Johannes Mueller to use the excellent flight verification software that's used every year for the Round the World race, called the RTW Duenna. This is a small program that runs on the desktop concurrently with the flight sim, obtaining it's data through FSUIPC. It checks realism settings, weather settings, whether or not you've slewed or used time compression and records a great deal of detail about your flight. It outputs a text file and a JPEG at the end of your flight, and we'll use those files to verify you've flown the leg. This software is very easy to use, and has been tested extensively for years. Please see the thread in the 'Sticky' section for details on acquiring, setting up and using the Duenna.

What You Get and What You Need to Do
So, here's what the weekly post will look like (this is only a partial example):
The Theme:
This week we're going to be flying to remote lakes. They're still frozen, so you'll want an aircraft with wheels or skis. Our hub will be at CFA4 Carcross.

Legs 1 - 3

1 Passenger (147 lbs)
67 lbs Groceries
22 lbs Parcels
The Route
CFA4 Carcross to GB84 Arana Pond...1 Passenger (147 lbs), 67 lbs Groceries...79 points
GB84 Arana Pond to GB83 Gun Lake...22 lbs Parcels...80 points
GB83 Gun Lake to CFA4 Carcross...No Cargo...76 points

I'll add legs to total about eight altogether - enough to keep you guys busy!

For each leg, you'll chose and prepare your aircraft, figure out how to get to the destination and something of what to expect there. You'll fire up and start the Duenna program, fly the leg and stop the Duenna when you've landed. When you're done with flying the week's challenges, you'll post your verification files under that week's thread, I'll total all of your points up for that week and update the running totals in the Sticky section of the forum.

We will be meeting online at our usual time to fly legs together - since you really don't have to fly the legs in order, we'll probably get a consensus each week on which legs you still need to fly for that week and do those.

Once again, see the post in the 'Sticky' section for instructions on acquiring, setting up and using the RTW Duenna verification software. I hope you guys like this change, and I'll be looking for your input and suggestions - If I can implement them without a big investment in time, we'll make tweaks.

See you online,

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:09 am
Post subject: Re: ***NEW*** The Bush Pilot's Challenge

Just a quick note, guys. I'm working on the Duenna instructions - should finish them either later today or early tomorrow. I'll make that post as soon as I'm done. The complete rules will follow shortly after that.

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