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New! FSUIPC Version 3.48 :: Archived
Discussions about the FS2004 game.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 10:01 am
Post subject: New! FSUIPC Version 3.48

Flight Simulator 2004 - Utilities
New! FSUIPC Version 3.48

File Description:
1. Fixed a serious bug in the Buttons processing, which could make buttons programmed for aircraft specific actions as well as general actions both activate when pressed.

2. Fixed another bug in Buttons, where changing programming between Key and Control actions, or vice versa, in the FSUIPC options could create duplicate actions in the INI file.

3. FSUIPC now retains comments at the end of Button program lines, provided they begin with a semicolon (; ). There's a limit of 63 characters on the comment itself.

4. Comment lines can be included in the [Buttons] sections, provided they are numbered just like true parameter lines. This determines their position, which is then retained. The comment begins with a semicolon (; ), so the format is n=;...

5. The "Extend METAR Max" option for visibility is changed in FS2004 to set a minimum of 10.1 miles for both metric (9999) and imperial (10SM) visibility specifications. This is in order to get the visibility past the FS2004 threshold for "grey skies" which appears to be 10sm. In FS2002 and before it was around 4sm, so it wasn't a problem in this respect.

6. An option to exclude calibration of the old THROTTLEn_SET controls is now provided on the 4 throttles calibration page. This ensures that FSUIPC leaves those controls alone and only operates on the newer AXIS_THROTTLEn_SET controls. Users of the add-on ERJ-145 aircraft will find that this allows the full FSUIPC calibration on separate throttles to be used with no problems.

7. A new joysticks options page has been added for up to 4 separate reverser axes. by default these are all assigned to the equivalent separate Mixture axes, which can be assigned in FS's own dialogues. An option is provided to activate these reverser actions for Jets only.

8. The TCAS_DATA2 structure now contains additional data. The "spare1" field is now "short sPitch", containing the aircraft pitch in degrees * 65536 / 360, and the "spare2" field is now "short sBank;", containing the aircraft bank in degrees * 65536 / 360. Unlike the rest of TCAS_DATA2, these fields are valid in FS2002 as well as FS2004.

9. Comprehensive facilities are provided to allow applications control over the AI aircraft TCAS data options. Details are provided in the latest revised Programmer's Guide. (New SDK 25th release is available).

Filename: fsuipc.zip
License: Shareware, limited functionality
Added: 26th April 2005
Author: Pete Dowson
Size: 1427kb

available at www.avsim.com or at Peter Dawson's site

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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2005 1:47 pm
Post subject: Re: New! FSUIPC Version 3.48


I was thinking about getting this product, but I must admit the steep price for a utility has me looking for methods to avoid having to use it.

20 Euros converts to just over $30.00 CAD, which in my opinion is very pricey for a utility.

I bought it, just figured what the heck with the amount of cash I have invested in my system, why not it's not like Credit Card's are real money anyway.

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