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November 21st Sunday flight :: Archived
Come join us each Sunday as we fly around the world exploring new and unusual scenery. We combine some great planes and flight plans with second to none pilots who'll always take the time to teach new comers! All are welcome!
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Joined: Nov 13, 2004
Posts: 1437
Location: L'Aquila, Italy
PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:27 am
Post subject: November 21st Sunday flight

Far before than Columbus, Vikings discovered America exploring the coasts of Greenland, and settling there their first communities. It's a long run by plane, imagine on a boat of one thousand years ago! Take the fastest jet engine you have in your hangar, but take a look on the length of the destination runway: only 6000 feet. And please notice we'll land there in the dark.

#303 - BIRK - Reykjavik (Iceland) - BGBW - Narsarsuaq (Greenland)
Overall distance: 765,5 nm.
Estimated time: 1:42 h.

FF13 - Intersection - HDG 320° - leg 4,6 nm.
NN (Nanortalik) - no VOR - NDB 270,0 kHz - HDG 281° - leg 687,5 nm.
NS (Narsaq) - no VOR - NDB 404,0 kHz - HDG 005° - leg 50,5 nm.
BGBW - VOR 111,85 MHz - NDB 359,0 kHz - HDG 079° - leg 22,8 nm.
elevation: 112 ft.
7 - concrete - 6.040 ft. - no ILS
25 - concrete - 6.040 ft. - no ILS
17 - concrete - 4.500 ft. - no ILS
35 - concrete - 4.500 ft. - no ILS

Aircraft: stock Bombardier Learjet 45
Cruise speed: 330 KIAS
Cruise altitude: 12.000 ft.
Weather: real
Time: 15:00 local –> 15:00 GMT

The package including flight plan, bigger map, kml file for Google Earth and text file with navigation data can be downloaded here:
-> www.com-central.net/ma...CC_303.zip

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Aircraft Demolition Expert

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Joined: Nov 27, 2004
Posts: 4369
Location: Blaricum, The Netherlands ~GMT+1
PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 4:17 pm
Post subject: Re: November 21st Sunday flight

here some proof of our exploits, was quite funny with real weather winds blowing sometimes at 80 kts!

landing with a 33kts crosswind was quite eventfull I may add Razz

but the Tree Musquetiers acquited themselves valiantly from that task Wink

and yes it was a great fun flight Cool

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Power User

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Joined: Aug 26, 2005
Posts: 767
Location: Meeechigan
PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:12 pm
Post subject: Re: November 21st Sunday flight

excellent... did you need to submit any PIREPS for icing?

I deny everything
I lie about everything
And everything I deny
Is a lie!
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Power User

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Joined: Mar 24, 2007
Posts: 1193
Location: Ziegenhain, Germany
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:38 am
Post subject: Re: November 21st Sunday flight

No icing! Strong crosswind, high mountains and bad visibility at times were challenging enough...


"The road to a friend's house is never long"
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Joined: Jan 20, 2005
Posts: 6945
Location: Central Illinois, USA
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:14 am
Post subject: Re: November 21st Sunday flight

We made it just fine and without causing that great 'ball of fire' at the end...

It was a nice flight and full of winter scenery after we got past the large expanse of water. The approach was fun as well as the terrain was around 3500ft just miles from the 100ft above sea level runway. While it wasn't quite a 'drop like a brick' approach, combined with the crosswinds coming through the channel and the runway being on the edge of the water, made it so you had to pay attention... Wink

Good job Fled and Snorre who braved the approach all the while I was listening on the radio....
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