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This is for General Discussions about the CFS2 game.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 11:36 pm
Post subject: CFS2 MISSIONS

~S~ All
I will be posting links to CFS2 missions that I find interesting or unique.

1. CFS2 Manhattan Project Project TRINITY/Operation CROSSROADS. Gadget/Fatman Type (Model 1561) Version 1.10 Blast sound. 3D model of the Fatman device. Improved blast and shockwave effects. Revised Trinity observation mission. Operation CROSSROADS mission. Effects consultation - Nibbio 3D model - Martin Wright Shockwave effects and blast effect revisions - Bjørn Hjelmerud Project oversite/management/development, 'atomic cloud' and principle blast effects, missions, historical data - Hans Castorp. 7.5MB
In plain english u can drop the A bomb LOL.

2. WWAR CFS2 T-6 AIR RACING. Here u will find A/C and scenery dwnloads for air racing.

3. 231_IJN squad race course.
This is fully Night lighted arena for racing ,including:
"750 metre Pillons"
"8 runways aligned together"
"Real working digital clocks"
"refuelling in large hangars"
"smaller hangars have auto opening doors when u go near them"
"Auto-installing file"
Be sure to read the readme file before dwnloading.
Also some aircraft for use with this excellent mission.

4. Midway landing and Chat mission. This mission was designed for landing practice and also to serve as a memorial for all those CFS2 pilots who have gone before.
There are several carriers to land on, one moving carrier to land on, Midway Island to land on, Id4_Destroyer Spaceship to land on top of or inside of.

5. CFS2 "Bridges of ToKoRi-Skyraider" Mission. I've been hearing in forums and at Korea Vet sights that the Skyraider and the Skyraider pilots were the real attackers of the North Korean bridge missions that the movie "Bridges of ToKoRi" was based on. By Jim Jacobson. 569K

6. Pearl Harbor Missions Has three sep missions for dwnload here. Enjoy.

7. CFS2 Tainan Ryu mission with moving carriers.
Cfs2 multiswap mission by James L. Lucas, carrier mods included. 870 KB

8. NS38th Tribute Mission The NS38th.mis is a tribute to all former and present NS38th pilots for all the enjoyable hours spent together flying the Microsoft CFS1 and 2 series of simulators. With the majority of pilots gone but not forgotten by the core that stick together and still have a blast shooting up the Pacific and the world.

9. CFS2 Mission The Iceman Cometh was inspired by an episode of the TV series Blacksheep Squadron. Single mission including a Japanese A6M5 Zero in baremetal finish from Aluminumcloud.com by Eric Joiner. mission by Sterling, total 2853 KB

10. Fly with Shadow Squad as they take on the FR Squad. FR has ships in the area that Shadow has orders to sink. FR fighter pilots say NO WAY! EZ installing file.installing
by Shadow Bshwackr

11. Yamamoto Strike On April 14, Fleet Radio Unit Pacific Fleet decoded a "hot" Japanese naval message. The message said that Yamamoto planned an inspection of three front-line bases around Bougainville Island. P-38's will be taking off from Henderson Field to interscept the bombers. By Jacob Waltz 3K

12. "Flight of the Phoenix" Mission file and C82AraboCo_Crashed Aircraft FSDSv2. This mission is based loosly on the 1965 movie "Flight of the Phoenix" where Jimmy Stewart pilots the "Phoenix" aircraft built from spare parts of a crashed C-82. He and the remaining crew and passengers ride the "Phoenix" across the hostile desert to oil rig outpost for help, food, and water!(makes me thirsty just thinking about it). By Jim Jacobson: 2.5MB

CFS2/FS2000 Mesh for CFS2 Mission Flight of the Phoenix Acknowlegdement to Giovanni "Bavarello" Miduri ([email protected]) and his FS2000-FS2002/CFS2 - IRAQ and Kuwait - Terrain Mesh 3,75 arc/sec of which I have use a small part of for this mission.). 10.2MB



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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:30 am
Post subject: Re: CFS2 MISSIONS

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