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My day on the CV-41 "Midway"... :: Archived
A general meeting place for all pilots!
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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 9:06 am
Post subject: My day on the CV-41 "Midway"...

...the newish floating museum here in San Diego. Had a guest from out of town and went back (2nd visit for me) and more stuff was open!

And...since there were two of us, we did the $40 flight sim thing with the military simulator F-4's (real F4 cockpits and controls, formerly for military use). We did the mock combat thing (my buddy was "back seater", call sign "Goose") and we took down three enemy with no losses to ourselves. Also successfully did T&G's at NorthIsland Air Station and Miramar (S.D. is represented in the sim since Miramar is here) and then completed 5 of 6 carrier traps with only one "go around" (bolder off the deck) and no crashes....a good performance all around. They have a full size real E2 cockpit, also...gotta' try that next time...

Oh...so, we got into the engine spaces also. Think a Keith Black Hemi is bad? Try one of 4 engines (with 400' driveshafts!). Below, and linked to the gallery (you should go there so you can blow these up!) are the Engine control room. Throttle control, and turbines for engine #3 (it has four). Mega torque (Stoopy!).



"All facts go to clearly prove that Shades is a thrice-cursed traitor & mentally deranged person steeped in inveterate enmity toward mankind"
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Joined: Mar 12, 2005
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Location: Los Angeles
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 9:31 am
Post subject: Re: My day on the CV-41 "Midway"...

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

When I was in my early teens was down that way and took a tour of the USS Constellation, which at the time I believe was the largest aircraft carrier in the world. Fond memories, very cool.
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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 11:23 am
Post subject: Re: My day on the CV-41 "Midway"...

Great shots in the gallery too! LMAO I dug the "memorial".......

Looks like a great trip and nice work in the simulator!

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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