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Sunday February 1st Flight
Bush Flying information for FSX Enthusiasts
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:31 pm
Post subject: Sunday February 1st Flight

This flight has not been planned by myself, I found it here:


Thanks Jeff Williams for posting it!

If you want to learn more about the flight and the wilderness we fly in, check out the post linked above!

I flew some legs and found it to be just right for our Sunday Bush Flights!

The landings and departures are challenging, a powerful STOL aicraft is required. We operate at high elevations, so take that in mind. Don't fill the plane up with fuel and payload...

Real Wx would spoil the fun, so choose nice wx instead. There are very many challenging landings, so we might just stop enroute after a while and continue from there next week, let's decide that during the flight.

Thanks again to Jeff Williams for making that flight and sharing it with us.

See you all Sunday!


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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 3:49 pm
Post subject: Re: Sunday February 1st Flight

I tried to fly this plan today, and I've decided to take a safer aircraft. Most of those landings were so challenging with a few that they were nearly impossible. I did say NEAELY impossible. I'm going to hedge my bets and fly something I know I can land at every field, and that can keep up with anything you guys fly. I changed aircraft 3 times before I settled on one that I know will make it. a couple of the so called strips are just a little clearing with an aircraft and tent. There were two that just had several planes. It is definitely a nice flight. Truth be told, I didn't really make it without having problems. I did find those Granite Clouds several times, the hard way. Most were from stalling out while trying to turn around to get to the best approach to some of the fields. I started out in the Porter because it had the power to takeoff and land at those small fields, but that was what I had problems slowing down enough for a couple fields and when I turned it around too sharply, it would stall out. I tried the Cessna 305 Birddog and the Corbin Baby aircraft, but they were both just too underpowered for the job. The last two legs I flew in a Bell Jet Ranger, but I don't know which one is stock for FSX. I have several paints for it. I finally settled on a Sikorsky H-60 Blackhawk that I got from Hovercontrol.com. Its called the Sikorsky_MH-60S_Knighhawk. Make sure you go to their File Library page and look for the FSX Helicopter Downloads page, and you will find it on that first page on the left side, second one down. I have a number of their helos, including all the H-60s, the HH-60s and MH-60s in both Navy and Coast Guard colors. They also have a good Super Cobra that is originally from Alphasim freeware. I also have a ported over version of the AH-64 Apache Longbow that is at Flightsim.com that is pretty good and flys great. I highly recommend all of them if you like Helos. I look forward to the flight with the rest of you. I did find out which Bell Jet Ranger is the stock aircraft, so I may fly it.

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