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Surviving Panzers website - 10 years - 200 REGISTERS
The AFV ASSOCIATION was formed in 1964 to support the thoughts and research of all those interested in Armored Fighting Vehicles and related topics, such as AFV drawings. The emphasis has always been on sharing information and communicating with other members of similar interests; e.g. German armor, Japanese AFVs, or whatever.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:15 pm
Post subject: Surviving Panzers website - 10 years - 200 REGISTERS

- the_shadock

Post posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:33 pm
Post subject: Surviving Panzers website - 10 years

well, I'm getting old right now. It has been 10 years since I've set up the first PDF list - "Tiger tanks worldwide"...

time is running out.


Those 10 years that was a great time - right now we (Pierre-Olivier, Rafał Białęcki, Walter Schwabe, Massimo Foti) got to the numer of 200 registers (4 WWI period + 109 WWII period + 87 Post WWII period)

We thanks all members of AFV News Discussion Board for help that we got

Our resisters at Surviving Panzers Website:

War World I period
1. Holt armored artillery tractors
2. Little Willie, Mk I to Mk IX British tanks, Mk A Whippet, A7V, St-Chamond, Schneider, the Skeleton Tank, M1918 3-ton tank and reproductions of WW 1 tanks
3. Renault FT and FT TSF tanks
4. Six Ton Tanks M1917 (US version of the Renault FT) tanks

War World II period
1. Armoured and unarmoured Schwere Wehrmacht Schlepper (sWS), Ford, Opel and Mercedes Maultier Half-Tracks, Sdkfz. 4/1 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Maultier
2. Artilleritraktor m/43 Half-Tracks (Volvo HalvBandTraktor)
3. Australian WW2 armoured cars : Australian Dingo scout car, Rover light armoured car, LP 4 (Local Pattern) armoured car
4. British rare WW2 armoured cars : Beaverette armoured car, Morris reconnaissance car, Guy armoured car, Coventry armoured car, AEC armoured car, Armoured Carrier Wheeled India Pattern
5. British, Canadian and American early armoured cars (1914 to the 1930s) : Peerless, Rolls-Royce 1920 pattern, Lancia Triota, Crossley M1923 Indian pattern, Crossley-Chevrolet M1939 Indian pattern, Crossley Mk I, Lanchester Mk II, Canadian Autocar Machinegun Carrier, M1914 White armored car, King armored car
6. British, Canadian and Australian Flamethrowers and Self-Propelled Guns Carriers : Wasp, Ronson, 2 Pounder Anti-tank Gun Carrier
7. BT-5 and BT-7 fast tanks
8. Canadian RAM tanks and Kangaroo Armoured Personal Carrier, Australian Sentinel tanks
9. Churchill (A22) infantry tanks
10. Comet (A34) cruiser tanks
11. Cruiser tanks : Mk I (A9), Mk II (A10), Mk III (A13), Covenanter (A13 Mk III), Crusader (A15), Cavalier (A24), Centaur (A27L), Cromwell (A27M), Challenger (A30)
12. Czechoslowakian tanks and armoured vehicles (incl. some reproductions) : MU-4 tankette, LT vz. 35 and LT vz. 38 tanks (TNH, LTP, LTH, PzKpfw. 38 (t)), OA vz. 30, Tančík vz.33
13. Daimler Mk I and Mk II armoured cars
14. Demag SdKfz 10 half-tracks
15. Dingo and Lynx scout cars
16. French World War 2 armoured vehicles : Citroen-Kegresse P-28 Armoured Car, Panhard AMD 178, Dodge Tanaké Armoured Truck, SPW U304(f) (Unic P107), Leichter Reihenwerfer auf Somua MCG 5, Citroen M23 Armoured Car, French WW2 improvised armoured vehicles
17. French World War 2 tanks : Renault AMR 33 and R 35, Somua S 35, B1, B1 bis, FCM 36, Hotchkiss H 39, St-Chamond 194mm GPF, St-Chamond 280mm mortar
18. French WW1 and WW2 tank turrets : Renault FT, APX-R and Somua S 35 turrets
19. German armoured vehicles : Daimler DZVR 21 Schupo-Sonderwagen, SdKfz. 222, SdKfz. 223, SdKfz. 231, SdKfz. 234
20. German large demolition vehicles : NSU Springer, Borgward IV
21. German Self-propelled Guns based on modified foreign chassis : 10.5 cm leFH 18(Sf) auf Geschützwagen, 15cm sFH 13/1(Sf) auf Geschützwagen, Marder I, Panzerjäger I, Marder III, Grille, Munitionspanzer 38 (t)
22. Half-Track based Self-propelled Artillery / Anti-Aircrafts Artillery : T48 57mm Gun Motor Carriage (SU-57), M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriage, M4 81mm Mortar Motor Carriage, M14 Combination Gun Motor Carriage, M15A1 Combination Gun Motor Carriage, M15 "Special"
23. Humber and Fox armoured cars
24. Humber light reconnaissance cars and scout cars
25. Hungarian World War 2 tanks : 38M "Toldi I" and "Toldi II a", 41M "Turan II", "Zrinyi II" SPG, 40M ‘’Nimrod’’
26. IS-2 m1943 and m1944 heavy tanks
27. IS-3 heavy tanks
28. ISU-122, ISU-130, ISU-152 self-propelled guns and ISU-T and BTT-1 armoured tractors
29. Italian World War 1 and World War 2 armoured cars : Lancia 1Z and 1ZM, AB 41, AB 43, Autorotetto AS37, Lancia Lince
30. Italian World War 2 light tanks and self-propelled guns : L3-33, L3-35, L3-38, L6, Semovente da 47/32
31. Italian World War 2 medium, heavy tanks and self-propelled guns : M13/40, M14/41, M15/42, Carro Pesante M26/40, Semovente M40 da 75/18, M41 da 75/18, Carro comando M42 da 13,2mm, Semovente M42 da 75/18, M42 da 75/34, M41 da 90/53, Semovente da 149/40
32. Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer and G-13 tank destroyers
33. Jagdpanzer IV, Hummel, Nashorn, Brummbär, StuG IV, Flakpanzer tanks and prototypes based on Pz IV
34. Japanese World War 2 medium tanks : Type 89B I-Go Otsu, Type 97 Chi-Ha and Shinhoto Chi-Ha, Type 3 Chi-Nu, Type 1 Ho-Ni SPG, Type 4 Ho-Ro SPG, Type 4 Ka-Tsu Amphibious Tank, Type 95 So-Ki Armored Railroad Car
35. Japanese World War 2 tankettes and light tanks : Type 94 Te-Ke, Type 97 Te-Ke, Type 95 Ha-Go, Type 4 Ke-Nu, Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious, Type 95 Ri-Ki Crane Vehicle
36. KV-1, KV-2, KV-85 heavy tanks and SU-152 self-propelled guns
37. Landing Vehicles Tracked : LVT-1, LVT-2, LVT-3, LVT-3C, LVT-4, LVT(A)-1, LVT(A)-4, LVT(A)-5
38. Lorraine 37L tractor, Lorraine 37L tractor (shortened) tractors
39. Loyd Carrier armoured personnel carriers
40. M10 Achilles IC & IIC tank destroyers
41. M10 Gun Motor Carriage (M10 Tank Destroyer) tank destroyers
42. M18 Hellcat tank destroyers
43. M19 Gun Motor Carriage self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
44. M22 Locust light tanks
45. M26 Pacific and M25 Tank Transporter "Dragon Wagon" armored recovery vehicle
46. M26 Pershing heavy tanks
47. M3 and M3A1 Stuart light tanks
48. M3 Lee and M3 Grant medium tanks
49. M36 Gun Motor Carriage (M36 Tank Destroyer) tank destroyers
50. M37 Howitzer Motor Carriage self-propelled howitzers
51. M39 armored utility vehicles
52. M3A3 Stuart light tanks
53. M4(75) Composite Sherman medium tanks
54. M4(75) Sherman medium tanks
55. M4A1(75) Grizzly medium tanks
56. M4A1(75) Sherman medium tanks
57. M4A1(76) VVSS Sherman medium tanks
58. M4A2(75) Sherman medium tanks
59. M4A2(76) HVSS Sherman medium tanks
60. M4A3(75) Wet Sherman medium tanks
61. M4A3(76) VVSS Sherman medium tanks
62. M7 and M7B1 Priest self-propelled guns
63. M7 snow tractors
64. M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage self-propelled howitzers
65. Marmon-Herrington Mk I, Mk III, Mk IV, Mk VI armoured cars
66. Matilda (A11 and A12) infantry tanks
67. MS-1 (T-18) light tanks and T-27 tankettes
68. Neutral states World War 2 armoured cars : Danish V3, Finnish Sisu, Irish Ford Mk. VI, Irish Leyland, Dutch Overvalwagen Braat, Spanish Bilbao, Swedish Pansarbil fm/29, Swedish Pansarbil m/31, Swedish Pansarbil m/39, Swedish Pansarbil m/40, Swedish Landsverk L-180, Swedish Terrängbil m/42, Swedish Sjuktransportterrängbil Sjtgb 9521
69. Neutral states World War 2 tanks : Spanish Verjeda 2 and Verjeda 75mm SPG, Swiss Nahkampfkanon NK I and Nahkampfkanone NK II "Gustav", Swedish Strv m/21-29, Strv fm/31, Strv m/31, Strv m/37, Strv m/38, Strv m/39, Strv m/40, Strv m/41, Strv m/42, Pvkv m/43, Sav m/43, Landsverk Anti II, Luftvärnskanonvagn fm/43
70. Otter light reconnaissance cars
71. Panther tanks
72. Polish tanks and armoured vehicles (incl. some reproductions) : Tk3, Tks, C2P, "Kubus", Ford FT-B, Peugeot 1918, Wz. 34, 7TP, C7P
73. Pre-1945 rare tanks and prototypes : M1922 Medium A, T2 Medium, T1E2 Light, T3 Christie, Disston Tractor Tank, M2 Light, T4 Medium, T5 Medium, M2 Medium, Marmon-Herrington CTL-3M, Marmon-Herrington CTMS-1TB1, T1E1/M6 Heavy, M7 Light, T23 Medium, T25E1 Heavy, T28 Heavy, T29 Heavy, T30 Heavy, T34 Heavy tanks
74. Pre-1945 tank prototypes : Vickers A1E1 Independent, Vickers D3E1 Wheel Track tank, L1E3 Amphibious tank, TOG 2 Heavy tank, Excelsior Heavy Assault tank (A33), Valiant Infantry tank (A38), Tortoise Heavy Assault tank (A39), T-14 Heavy tank, Black Prince Infantry tank (A43), Centurion Mk I MBT prototype
75. PzKpfw. I, VK1801, Panzerbefehlswagen, Panzerjäger I tanks
76. PzKpfw. II, Luchs, Wespe, Marder II tanks
77. PzKpfw. III, Flammpanzer III, Panzerbeobachtungswagen III tanks, SU-76i assault gun
78. PzKpfw. IV tanks
79. Rare Sherman variants : M4A3E2 Jumbo, M4A1 Sherman Calliope, M4A4 Sherman HVSS experimental, Flamethrower Shermans
80. Raupenschlepper Ost (RSO), Raupenschlepper Gebirge (RSG), RSO/PaK 40, Deutz 1500 Waldschlepper tracked utility vehicles
81. Renault UE Chenillettes armoured tractors
82. Russian / Soviet World War 1 and World War 2 armoured cars : Russo-Balt Armoured Car, Fiat-Izorski, Russian Austin, FAI, BA-3, BA-6, BA-10, BA-20, BA-21, BA-27, PB-4, BA-64, KSP-76
83. SdKfz 6 and SdKfz 11 half-tracks
84. SdKfz 7, SdKfz 7/1 and SdKfz 7/2 half-tracks
85. SdKfz 8 (incl. SdKfz 8 / DB10 "Lufcik") and SdKfz 9 "Famo" half-tracks
86. SdKfz. 250 and SdKfz. 253 half-tracks
87. SdKfz. 251 half-tracks
88. Sexton self-propelled guns
89. Sherman Dozers tank dozers
90. Sherman Firefly medium tanks
91. Sherman-based "Funnies" : Sherman M4A4 Crab, Sherman with CIRD, Sherman Duplex Drive, Sherman BARV
92. Sturer Emil, 88mm Ardelt Waffenträger, Maus, PzKpfw NeubauFahrzeug (parts), Mörser "Karl" (Gerät 040), Alkett Schwerer Minenroller, Kugelpanzer
93. Sturmgeschütz III, StuIG33B, Sturmhaubitze 42 self-propelled guns
94. SU-100 tank destroyers
95. SU-122 and SU-85 self-propelled guns, SU-101 prototype, SU-122, SU-85 and SU-100 based armored recovery vehicles
96. SU-76 self-propelled guns and SU-11 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
97. T17 Deerhound, T17E1 and T17E2 Staghound, T18 Boarhound
98. T-20 Komsomolets armoured tractors and Improvised fighting vehicles
99. T-26 m1931, m1932, m1933, m1938, m1939, KhT-26, KhT-133, TT-26 tanks
100. T-28, T-35, SU-14-1 and T-100Y heavy tanks
101. T-34/76 m1940, m1941, m1942 and m1943 tanks, OT-34 (Flamethrower) medium tanks
102. T-37, T-38, T-30 and T-40 amphibious / scout tanks
103. T-44 medium tanks
104. T-50, T-60, T-70 and T-80 light tanks
105. Tank-based Self-propelled Artillery / Howitzer Motor Carriage : M1920 GMC, M1922E Mk X GMC, M12 GMC, M40 GMC, M41 HMC, M43 HMC, T92 HMC and T88 HMC
106. Tankettes, light and medium tanks : Carden-Loyd Mk IV to Mk VI b tankettes, Vickers Carden-Loyd Model 1933, 1934, 1936 and 1937, Light Tank Mk IIA and Mk VI, Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch, Light Tank Mk VIII Harry Hopkins, Vickers 6-Ton Tank, Dragon Medium Mk IV, Vickers Medium Tank Mk I and Mk II
107. Tiger, Kingtiger, Jagdtiger, Sturmtiger Elefant and Ferdinand tanks
108. Valentine infantry tanks and Archer tank destroyers
109. Windsor Carrier armoured personnel carriers

Past War World II period
1. AMX-13 DCA self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
2. AMX-30 Pluton tactical nuclear missile launchers
3. ARL-44 heavy tanks
4. ASU-57 tank destroyers
5. ASU-85 tank destroyers
6. AT-L artillery tractors
7. AT-P artillery tractors
8. AT-S artillery tractors
9. Bedford RL armoured personnel carriers
10. BRDM-1 amphibious armored scout cars
11. BTR-152 armoured personnel carrier
12. BTR-40 armoured personnel carriers
13. Charioteers tank destroyers
14. Conqueror tanks and Conqueror based ARVs
15. Croatian Improvised armoured fighting vehicles
16. D-350 Mazur artillery tractors
17. D-442 FUG armoured scout cars
18. D-944 PSzH armoured scout cars
19. Daimler Ferret Armoured Car (Tank Destroyers Versions)
20. DAF YP408 armored cars
21. FN 4RM-62F armored cars
22. FV438 Swingfire tank destroyers
23. FV 1620 Humber Hornet tank destroyers
24. German Jagdpanzer Kanone, Beobachtungspanzer, Raketenjagdpanzer 1 and 2, Raketenjagdpanzer Jaguar 1 and 2, Versuchstrager VT 1-2, Gefechtsfeld Versuchsträger GVT 04, VTS-1, Spahpanzerjager Hotchkiss mit 90 mm bordkanone, Marder w/ Leopard 1 gun
25. Infanterikanonvagn 91 AFVs
26. IS-4 heavy tanks
27. Israel and Arab States improvised armoured fighting vehicles
28. Israeli post-WW2 Sherman variants
29. ISU-152k-based tactical missile launchers
30. K-61 tracked amphibious vehicles
31. Landsverk Unimog armored cars
32. LVTP5 armoured amphibious vehicles
33. M103 heavy tanks
34. M107 self-propelled guns
35. M108 and T195E1 self-propelled guns
36. M113-based tactical missile launchers : M474, M752
37. M247 Sergeant York and T249 Vigilante self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
38. M44 self-propelled howitzers
39. M46 Patton tanks
40. M49 and M76 Otter amphibious carriers
41. M50 Ontos self-propelled guns
42. M52 self-propelled guns
43. M53 self-propelled guns
44. M55 self-propelled guns
45. M551 Sheridan armored reconnaissance airborne assault vehicles
46. M56 Scorpion and XM104 self-propelled guns
47. M59 armored personal carriers and M84 mortar carriers
48. M60A2 tanks
49. M728 combat engineering vehicles
50. M75 armored personal carriers
51. M7B2 Priest self-propelled guns
52. M901 and M981 tank destroyers
53. MBT-70 (KPz 70) main battle tanks
54. Mowag Panzerattrape
55. OT-810 half-tracks (post-war vehicles based on the German SdKfz 251)
56. Other post-WW2 Sherman variants : M4A1E4 and M4A3E4, upgunned Shermans, M4A4 FL-10, Sherman-based ARVs
57. Oxford Carriers and Cambridge Carriers armoured personnel carriers
58. Panhard EBR-75, EBR-90 and EBR VTT armoured cars
59. Pansarbandvagn 301 armoured personnel carriers
60. Post-WW2 vehicles based on T-34 chassis
61. Praga PLDvK vz. 53/59 "Ještěrka"
62. PRTL Cheetah Flakpanzers self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
63. PT-76 and Chinese Type 63 amphibious light tanks
64. PT-76-based tactical missile launchers
65. Pz 58 and Pz 61 tanks
66. Pz 68 and Pz 68/88 tanks
67. Sherman Repotenciado tanks
68. Stridsvagn 103 tanks
69. Stridsvagn 74 tanks
70. SU-122-54 self-propelled guns nad MTP-3 support vehicles
71. Swedish Ikv 102, Ikv103, Lvrbv 701, Akv 151, Bkan 1, Strv KRV, Strf 90 AFVs
72. T-10 heavy tanks
73. T-54 based MTU-1 and MTU-20 bridgelayers
74. T-54 model 1946 and model 1949 main battle tanks
75. Timoney Mk IV and Mk VI armored personal carriers
76. Type 60 armored personal carriers
77. Type 60 self-propelled guns
78. Type 61 main battle tanks
79. Type 74 self-propelled howitzers
80. Type 75 multiple rocket lauchers
81. Wickham armoured trolleys
82. WZT-1 armored recovery vehicle
83. X1, X1A1, X1A2 light tanks
84. XM800 and XM808 armored reconnaissance scout vehicles
85. Yeramba self-propelled guns
86. ZSU-23-4 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
87. ZSU-57-2 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:26 pm
Post subject: Re: Surviving Panzers website - 10 years - 200 REGISTERS

A HUGE Congratulations to you all and a HUGE Thank you for all that you guys have done for us AFV fans!!!!

Thanks for all the effort and time you've spent putting the registers together and the effort required to maintain the resources!

You all have made a tremendous contribution!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:20 pm
Post subject: Re: Surviving Panzers website - 10 years - 200 REGISTERS

201. M32 TRV

202. M28 Weasel aka "Snow Weasel" Cargo Carriers
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