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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 10:59 am
Post subject: AI Populated Carrier decks

I found this ovr at SOH and we have B24 Guy to thank for it. This allows u to have AI planes on carrier decks in OFF line play. below are the orig threads and the second has screen shots. the tutorial is posted last.
This tutorial has been posted with the permission of B24 Guy.


This process will place a virtual runway over the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, and allow wingmen or groups of AI aircraft, to populate or take off, from the carrier deck.
To make things easy, I created a new airbase in the airbase.dat file, (located in the CFS2\INFO folder.).

1. Create entry in airbase.dat file.
(You can have more then one just increase xxx numbers and change name)

Here is Data for the Airbases.dat file. Fill in the XXX with the next numbers in sequence and do not delete the little square eof marker.

name=Fake runway one
base_lat=N6* 8.70'
base_lon=E135* 4.68'

2. Build mission with yourself taking off from carrier.(Start with two wingmen)
(Make sure starting speed of carrier is zero.)

(Try to make the starting heading of the Carrier either North, South, East ,or West.)

This will make things easier when you decide to advance from here.

3. Fly mission, PAUSE, then Hit Shift-Z, and write down starting info. IE- lat, lon, alt, heading.

4. Exit mission Builder.

5. Edit the new "Fake runway one" airbase entry that you placed in the "airbase.dat" file. (use data from step 3)

6. Restart mission builder and load mission.

7. Change takeoff from "Name of Carrier" to "Fake runway one" airbase.

8. Save and Exit

9. Enjoy

Note: If the carrier speed is greater than 20 knts. your wingmen will start their takeoff roll as soon as you start your engine.


P.S. I some how left out the allegiance=0 section of the airbase entry.
I hope this has not caused anyone any problems.

Last edited by The B24 Guy : 21st July at 09:51 PM.


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