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May 27th and 31st Bush Flights :: Archived
Welcome to the new Bush Flying Group. Come fly with the Com-Central Group as they fly in remote areas from around the world. Flight plans and requirements are posted inside the forum complete with all the links for the files. Time to get that cargo to those remote places!
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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2007 7:53 am
Post subject: May 27th and 31st Bush Flights

Remote Camp Resupply

Event begins immediately following the Sunday Flight. A second running of this flight will occur on Thursday, May 31st at 1900 UTC (1400 ET (US)).

First of all, let’s cover the required files list for this flight. These files are mandatory – you must have them installed on your system.
• The aircraft will be the Milton Shupe Beech D18 Amphibian available in the CC Downloads section.
• The scenery is the awesome Glacier Bay package available on Flightsim.com and Avsim. The file names to search for are: glbayv2a.zip and glbayv2b.zip. These are large downloads – 56 megs and 85 megs respectively, but ‘you get what you pay for’ in terms of file size. This package covers a large area in the northern panhandle of Alaska and includes accurate mesh, shorelines, landclass, airports and a whole lot of beautiful eye candy.
• The scenery files included in this package: move or copy the Com Central Bush Flights folder to your fs9\addon scenery folder. This adds three fictitious camps to the Glacier Bay scenery. If you haven’t already installed Com Central Bush Flights scenery from previous flights, then be sure to go into your Scenery Library and activate this scenery.
• Please read and follow all of the instructions in the Com Central Bush Flying Flights – More Required Files and Instructions forum thread.

Now, on to the particulars for this adventure.
The CCB_007.zip file contains the following:
• CCB_007 Briefing The briefing document.
• CCB_007 Briefing_files folder Contains images for the briefing.
• CCB_007.fsn FSNav flight plan. Move or copy this file to your fs9\modules\FSNavigator\plan folder.
• Flight Simulator Files folder Contains GPS flight plan and saved flight to begin this adventure. Three files in this folder are: CCB_007 VFR Carcross to Yakutat.PLN , CCB_007, and CCB007.wx. Move or copy this folder to your My Documents folder and overwrite when prompted..
• CCB_007-Sectional.jpg A partial sectional chart roughly describing our route.
• Com Central Bush Flights folder Adds three fictitious camps to the Glacier Bay scenery. Move or copy this folder to your fs9\addon scenery folder and activate it in the fs9 Scenery Library if needed. Overwrite if prompted.

The Adventure
Our mission this week is simple. We’ll load up our D18’s with supplies, mail, and various parcels and packages and deliver them to three remote camps west of Carcross. The first two landings are pretty easy, but the third at Alsek River is very tricky. Pay particular attention to the detailed briefing on the approach and landing at Alsek River Camp. When we are finished with deliveries, we’ll fly to Yakutat.

Hope to see you there Smile ,

 Filename:  ccb_007.zip
 Filesize:  1.55 MB
 Downloaded:  177 Time(s)

ccb_007 sectional.jpg
 Filename:  ccb_007 sectional.jpg
 Filesize:  120.71 KB
 Downloaded:  1387 Time(s)
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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2007 8:34 am
Post subject: Re: May 27th and 31st Bush Flights


You had me worried M1! I didn't know if we were going to do this flight... *wiping brow*...lol

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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2007 10:17 am
Post subject: Re: May 27th and 31st Bush Flights

Yeah, got it in just under the wire Mr. Green . Darned fibromyalgia is giving me a hard time lately Sad

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