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Quick n EZ 2 step method to post pics on the Forums

Quick 'n Easy 2-step method to post pictures: Tutorial by JG300_Stoopy

Posting pictures on this type of forum is fairly simple once you find all the right buttons, and is basically broken down into two steps.

First, of course the image has to be "On the Web" somewhere already so it can be referenced and "seen" by this site. There are different (and simple) ways to accomplish that, and is covered below in Part 2. The second step is to make sure the location, or URL ("Universal Resource Locator") for the picture is encoded in your post properly. Fortunately, that's very easy too, and is the FIRST thing covered below....

Part 1: Getting the picture URL (Address) in your post:

If you are planning to put a picture in your post, don't use the little text window at the bottom of the discussion, becuase that's for "quick" replies only. Instead, you'll need the control panel that is available for normal posts, which is available when you hit the "Post Reply" Button. When you use that option, the tool for including a picture shows as a little "scenery" icon as shown here:

Click that button and you'll get this little window:

..and all you have to do is enter (or copy) the URL for the picture into it as follows:

...then hit OK and your picture will show long as that URL is correct. Which leads us to....

Part 2: What's that URL and how do I use it (or put pictures somewhere so I can!).

There are different ways and means at your disposal here. If the picture is already somewhere on a website, AND it's OK for you to "link" to it form another webpage (called "hotlinking"), you can just copy the URL from it and enter it as shown above. NOTE: Some sites don't appreciate this since it puts some load on their bandwidth too, but since it's the simplest example it's shown first.....and the method is useful to know so you can do this with pictures that you can upload to other places for free for purposes of linking...covered below.

How to hotlink (use with prudence)
To find the URL of a picture on the web, just right-click on the picture (viewing the web page it's on) and go to the "Properties" option as shown here:

..on the "properties" menu, start at the beginning of the "URL" field and drag with your mouse, ALL THE WAY down to the bottom of all the code (some URL's go for more lines than you see at first, so make sure you get it all) like this:

...then, to COPY the URL text, press CTRL-C (Hold CONTROL key and press "C"). That copies the text to a temporary buffer. All you have to do then is use the little gadget shown in Part above, and press CTRL-V to PASTE it into that field. Done!

Better yet, you may just want to put the picture on some site under your control so you don't have to feel guilty about are two ways to do that:

Image Hosting sites:
Image hosting sites are out there and are free to use with reasonable limits (no really HUGE pictures, and some limits on total storage space you get). One particularly good one is Photobucket, which is free, and no strings attached....many people here use it. It's simple to get started, just go to:

A nice thing about photobucket is once you upload a picture through their very simple menus, the picture is presented to you with the URL and even image-encoding tags all ready for use. In the example below, to use this in a post, all you'd have to do is click in the "URL" field, press CTRL-C to copy the URL, and then paste (CTRL-V) the URL into your post with the image gadget, Easy huh?

Com-Central Photo Gallery, for members:

Another easy, and great way to get your picture uploaded is to use the Photo Gallery right here at this site. This has the benefit of placing the image in a rotating gallery that other members can see and appreciate.

To upload a picture to the gallery, first go to the Photo Gallery here by using this link in the menu bar on the left, and toward the very top as shown here:

...then just use the "Upload Picture" tool like so:

...this will take you to an upload window where you will browse your PC and select the picture you want to upload, as well as enter a name and any comments. IMPORTANT: Most members have the ability to upload pictures to OTHER galleries, so make sure you select YOUR own personal gallery from the "picklist" as shown below:

After the picture is uploaded (and in some cases, approved by site admin) you can go fetch the URL simply by viewing it in your own gallery. TO see your gallery, go to the "My Account" section under your avatar (over on the left) like so:

...which will take you to your account details, and you'll have a "Gallery" button like this: that "Gallery" button and you'll see all pictures uploaded to your gallery (if your picture doesn't show, double check to make sure you uploaded it to your OWN gallery, remember?). Then, just click on the picture you want.....

...and it'll show full-size. Then just use that "Properties" trick shown above to copy (CTRL-C) the URL.....

...then go make your post and paste (CTRL-V) that URL into the little picture gadget (back in Part 1 above) and you're done!

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