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"The best Defense is to have a great offense!"

  The game CFS2 is played totally different than CFS1 is played . CFS2 is easier to shoot someone down and turning the "turning game" into your advantage with a few well placed rounds. Defense is a lot different than in CFS1, so let's take a look...

     In a team game the best defense is to group all your players together making one close circle. Stay in that circle and pick off the new targets coming into your defensive circle. If you haven't noticed, taking on two or three planes by yourself is suicide, so staying in your group is the best defense for CFS2.

      If your playing one on one, the best defense is to know when to turn and when to run. Yes I mean RUN! Depending on your plane and who your flying against, you may choose to run for your defense.

      Take this scenario, I fly the Corsair and my opponent chooses the Zero. I know that it can out turn a Corsair and more times than not,  take out my plane in a turning battle. So after the initial pass I would Run! No turning, just dive and run getting some distance between me and my adversary. I would then turn back on my target lining up for another pass.


       I line up the head to head, I'll climb some , what you want to do is get some height. As my target approaches, I'll line him up and come at him in a slight dive. As he gets within range of my guns, I'll lay my rounds in front of his plane so he fly's into my rounds. Quickly engage the WEP, (if not already on) and dive as low as possible to the ground and use the speed to "distance" myself from the target, this is called "extending".  If I'm not wounded I'll turn around 3000 meters from the target and head back towards the target,  if I'm wounded I'll turn after 4000 from the target starting the process over again.

  Below are some basic rules to Defense


1. Have situation awareness. Know where everyone is, who's doing what. 

2. Know where the guy you shot down is! You can bet he's coming in fresh gunning for you.

3.Use trim  to hold your plane up as long as possible.

4.When someone's on your butt, don't worry about him try to shoot two people down before he gets you.

5.Never turn back and forth when someone's on your six, keep turning in one direction until he finally gets you or one of you crashes.

6.Don't ever pull up unless you want to get killed, a silhouetted target is an easy one. Always go down and loop horizontal.

7.Stay low to the ground, don't expose yourself above the skyline.

8. When coming back into a fur ball, get as low as possible, dive straight down and come in low and fast. If your do it right, you can take out a target on your way through.

9. Use the speed of your opponent against them, If you have a guy on your tail closing in fast Watch him and when he is about 200 ft from you , Hit full flaps, throttle down and hopefully he will fly past you and you to get a shot at him.
This works 10% of the time! And unlike when your hit and low, don't fly straight while he is behind you, wiggle up and down, side to side and watch him in the rear view. Wait for him to bank away when he gets to close, then try to turn enough to get a shot at him.

10.If you have a guy shooting at you from a dive above you, turn sharp and don't pull up or fly straight. Someone like me hopes you do just that, fly up or straight! THAT ..makes you a easier kill! Remember to turn hard and fast while in a banking turn all the while keep tracking him and you might catch him if he doesn't crash.

11.To defend against a player that crashes a lot to get the upper advantage on you. You have to Aim good and Hit him just once then let him crash .I bet he don't.

12. Use your radar to see who's coming at you and don't let him slide in behind you, always head towards the plane pointed at you.


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