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This Sim really stands out here and I must admit I've never really seen anything quite like this. It's a combination of war gaming and flight sim gaming. Huh? Let me explain...

You start out by choosing the Campaign button then choose the side you want to be on, either British or German. Once that's done, you have to set up the scenario of how it's going to get played out. Keep in mind this is quite extensive and time consuming, but if you're into war gaming, you're going to love this part. If not, read the manual and give yourself some time to absorb the concept. Generally, the concept is how both sides strategize their part in the war. As a German commander, you take the offensive and issue commands based on that. If you're the British commander, you take the defensive and base your strategy on responding to the German invasion. 

After your campaign is set up and running, you'll see the scenario launch. At the same time, you'll get a "play by play" by a narrator (your war advisor) predicting the probability of where the attack should take place. At this time you can choose to take over one of the planes and fly the mission immersing you into the game. A merge of War Gaming and Combat Flight Simming. Clever huh? Of course, you can choose to let your side fight it out and watch over the outcome if you wish. In the campaigns, you only have a certain amount of equipment and if it gets destroyed, you have that much less in the next battle to use.


The Campaign Screen


Some extra features

If you're into TrackIR, you'll love the way SWP has built in support for this feature.

Here's a quote from Shockwaveproductions:


  Built-in native track-IR support with the latest 6 degrees of freedom support, including moving your head forward, backwards, left, right, up and down

  •   Lift your head for a more, over-the-nose view

  •   Lean out the window while taxiing

  •   Keep your eyes fixed on the target 

  •  The industry's best padlocking system

  •   The industry's most natural g-force movements


To see a review on TrackIR from Com-Central, Click HERE!

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