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Teamspeak Client Tutorial

- Teamspeak Client - Configuring

- Teamspeak Client -
Configuring a Connection to Your Teamspeak Server

Note: This tutorial assumes that you have downloaded and installed the Teamspeak client to your PC.

  • Launch the Teamspeak client and choose the CONNECTION pull-down menu followed by CONNECT. A screen similar to the following appears:

    Please refer to the above numbered areas for the steps that follow.

  • RIGHT-CLICK with your mouse anywhere on the white background. A pop-up menu (see #1 above) should appear. Choose ADD SERVER and give your server entry a name.

  • After naming your server the same name should appear on the right (see #2 above).

  • Enter your server address information (see #3 above). This may resemble an IP address such as or a DNS name such as You may also have a port number associated with your server such as Simply enter the server address exactly as it is given to you. Make sure you don't have a space before OR after the server address.

  • Enter ANY nickname/handle you wish (see #4 above). You CANNOT leave this field blank.

  • Make sure the Anonymous radio button is selected (see #5 above). Advanced or registered users may choose the Registered radio button only if they already have a registered account with login info.

  • Enter your Teamspeak server's password (see #6 above) if it requires one. If the server doesn't require a password then leave this box empty.

  • Check the Auto-Reconnect box (see #7 above) if you want Teamspeak to reconnect to your server automatically in the event you are disconnected.

  • Review the connection information you have entered. When you are ready to proceed, click on the CONNECT button. This should connect you to your Teamspeak server with a voice message of "link engaged".

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