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Category FS2004 Flight SimulatorFS2004 AircraftMiltons Hangar
Submitted by Shadow_Bshwackr
Author's Name
Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Andre Folkers
Compatibility fs2004
File Size 15.9 MB
Tue Mar 21, 2006 2:34 pm

Beechcraft D18S for FS2004/FS9
by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Andre Folkers.
VC and No-VC models included

Pkg incl Gmax A/C with "hand-flyer" flight dynamics and features a beautiful custom era correct panel and easy-to-read virtual cockpit, photoreal exterior textures and gauges, matching interior, VC gauge backlighting, specular highlites in the VC and Html checklists. Sounds recommended for this aircraft are by Mike Hambly.
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