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Video-PROPS Racing Action!
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_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY Shadow_Bshwackr
John Blach aka Haunted
Version 7.07
Compatibility DVD and .orb
File Size 414mb
Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:00 pm

John Blach, AKA-Haunted, AKA-ND375, presents a short movie depicting PROPS Racing action on the T6 course at San Luis Co. Regl., San Luis Obispo, California. PROPS Racing, a division of WestcoastATC, has been in service for over 4 years.

With permission of the Race Director of PROPS, Gary Osif, and the cooperation of Shadow"Bush"Bshwackr aka Jerry of Com-Central, have graciously agreed to post the movie on the Com-Central web site so you can download and enjoy it for yourselves.

My first movie ever, of coarse, is not cinema quality, but take a look and I'm sure you'll be moved as the action switches to and from cockpit and outside views with stirring music that follows the flow of the mood.

Warning.... you may, after viewing this movie, have an urge to seek out PROPS Racing!