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FSX/SP2 Howard 500 PropFix and Thumbnail Set
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Category Flight Simulator XFSX Utilities
Submitted by JG300-Stoopy
Author's Name
EJ "Stoopy" Petre
Compatibility Microsoft Flight SImulator X / SP2 / Accelleration
File Size 2.38 MB
Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:26 pm

This download merges the FSX/SP2 Prop Texture fix *and* the Howard 500 Thumbnail collection, for all 33 aircraft in the Com-C repaint package, into one easy-to-use self installer.

This package does *not* install the base model. Many thanks go to Milton Shupe & his associates for their fine work which continues to righteously fly on in FSX, and their kind permission to create and host these uploads for the community's enjoyment.
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