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Category Flight Simulator XFSX AircraftFSX CivilianFSX Civilian PropsFSX Civilian Prop Planes- RepaintsFSX Rocket Aviation
Submitted by JG300-Stoopy
Author's Name
EJ "Stoopy" Petre
Version 1.0.080404
Compatibility Microsoft Flight SImulator X / SP2 / Accelleration
File Size 1.91 Mb
Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:28 pm

Repaint for the default FSX Mooney Bravo in the colors of the FS Economy group "Rocket Aviation". No Rocket Aviation logo on it yet, but only because we're still in the process of selecting one! :)

This repaint uses an auto-installer for ease of use, and also because repaints of default FSX aircraft aren't that common. If you have not added any other repaints to your FSX Mooney Bravo, you can use the auto-installer to just pop it right in. However, if you have repaints that have been added and don't want to lose them, then please point the installer to a temp folder and then install this texture manually following the instructions in the text file included and also displayed in the installer (install to a temp folder and copy texture folder over manually, and add the entry provided in the text file to the Mooney's aircraft.cfg file)
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