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OK.. a little contest.. :: Archived
This is for General Discussions about the CFS1 game.
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Joined: May 03, 2006
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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 3:28 pm
Post subject: OK.. a little contest..

OK.. We need to vote to the person or squadron experience who has a fascinating and funny story about CFS 1 which happened on the Zone over the past 8 years.


1) Multiple submissions are fine
2) No-copy-cat submissions or exaggerating your experience to attempt to beat the person who posted a similar story. ( EX..My story was bigger or longer etc. than yours but essentially the same.) You are automatically voted out by the peers who participate.. So BE CAREFUL!!
3) This can be a Squadron or an individual and can be be emphasized by the opponents or squad mates who were in the game of the participant(s) involved
4) How do you win? You simply win by sharing and allow your peers to give you a thumbs up and the stories can carry on as long as the thread is alive..

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Joined: May 03, 2006
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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 4:14 pm
Post subject: Re: OK.. a little contest..

I'll Start.. About two and a half years ago when I flew a game with HA_2112 (aka frog) I usually flew with him with my FR_Dacriper call sign.
Although when some HA_'s such as HA_Mustang flew he used his amphibian name known as Frog.. So I followed suit and decided to go with "Turtle" when we entered a room for the fun..

I used the "Golly Jeepers" phrase quite a bit when I was shot up and that damn frog was one tough son of a biatch as he covered my six many of occasions.

One game in particular I recall flying my P-51 and he flew in his Hawker as usual.. I remember TGIF_Jamz was flying on the other team and we were outnumbered 6-2 with a 15 victory. I recall we had an exceptional record of fights and did not lose any of our previous 6-7 games with a other teammates or on our own.. We were in a "grove",it was one of those days were I felt invincible which was not too often considering the many aces in CFS1 at that time..

Anyway, I remember we we were down to a deficit of 14-11 and the reds needed a single kill to win the game.. I flew as best as I could and did a little bit of spraying and praying and managed to hit a few here and there but Jamz had a fresh spawn and quickly lit up this old turtle and went on his attack to finish off froggy.. We were lame ducks but apparently we were doing OK because the other guys were all blowing smoke and just in lousy shape after those nasty .303s and 50 calipers we sent into their aircraft
Jamz flew hard and went after little old frog and sent him smoking so bad he hopped his little froggy legs as best he could.. I went high and made an extending move and dove down on Jamz.. and peppered him a little..

My peppering was not good enough because the last thing I remember , he turned inside of me while I made a huge extension from the deck and took that P-51 as high as I could.. He caught me at the hight of my apex commenced firing at my wing root and ripped it off like confetti..

I said to frog, HEEEEELLLLLP!!.. He said, "Ribit... Hellllppp me!!"(he was smoking like hell and his hawker was about 2km/per hour from stalling with an engine which was like swiss cheese.) Jamz broke off and chased frog on the deck and here I was flopping and twisting my rudder and trying to stay in the air as long as I could.. Without a doubt I became the worlds best one wing fighter aircraft in WW2 because of the time It took me to hit the desert floor..

By the time I hit the deck from 7500-to the desert felt like eternity .. But from the time my wing was stripped off until I hit the deck.. I saw 2 aircraft from the other team die and within I would believe it was 10 seconds later, and perhaps 1-5 meters from the deck the final and third opposing aircraft finally crashed from the shots he took.
I swear to this day I felt as if I flew for at least 3-5 min flip-flopping that Sally till we actually won that game.. 15-11 frog/turtle

It was the sweetest victory I ever had in CFS !

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 2:06 am
Post subject: Re: OK.. a little contest..


Btw, as I recall (although I do have 'OldTimerz' these days) , HA Fwog flew as Fwog, Mussy used to be 'Toad'.
(an' they're both fuglies! :D)

Got loads, just flying on comm's with EURO_ACBrit1's funny enough, lol.


EURO used to do an annual squad "Frog-Hop" (Paris to London Bridge race) event in Sopwith Camels. The actual flight is not very interesting as it depends, pretty much, on not doing anything. Anything you do do, slows the plane and even a little of this hands the advantage over to someone else. The trick is measuring out your fuel and settings and flight plan before-hand so you fly in a straight line, on a steady downward path all the way, never veering right or left, up or down.

Anyway EURO_Viking always wins (he has a certain amount of real-world experience to his advantage lol). So, one year, I rehearsed the flight in advance for days, getting my fuel down to within 1% of what was needed to reach the Bridge and no more. This should have given me a speed advantage over Viking or, at least, made me equal to him.

On entering the game I spawned right behind someone, I mean RIGHT behind someone, and my only way out was to loop immediately up and straight over the top as an instinct reaction. It was enough to waste my 1%.

I prayed and prayed for the next 40 minutes. The race is won when the first pilot flies through London's Tower Bridge. I ran out just before and, although I had a little glide left in it, landed and stopped 100 feet short of the bridge.

This was a lot funnier for everyone else than me! Sob's.


Also had a Lancaster bomb run one night, where the C.O. and Viking (again, lol) collided 30 minutes in and had to start again. They voided themselves from the mission and took a pair of jets just so they could catch us up and take screenies for 'The Gazette' (EURO monthly news mag). Unfortunately, jets use way more fuel than Lanc's, as both remembered to their chagrin; Viking crashed again although Brit managed to glide in to the target area and land as munitions were being dropped around him.

Viking, meanwhile, had started out once more with the only craft now capable of catching us up:-
Somewhere there exists a screenshot of a bunch of Lanc's dropping munitions on their C.O. while 'Fireball XL5' rockets through the skies in the background above them.

Another authentic WWii re-enactment, courtesy of 607 EURO Squadron. Hehehe.


Skwerl's place.

Com-Central's cutest, fluffiest, twitchiest, tail.
CPU > Intel i7-4790k (4.0GHz); COOLING > CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO (2x120mm);
MOBO > Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 5; RAM > 4x8Gb Corsair 'Vengeance' DDR3 1866MHz;
GPU > Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX650Ti PCI-e 3.0 2Gb GDDR5; AUDIO > Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music;
LCD > Viewsonic VA2226w (1680x1050); PSU > OCZ ModXStream Pro 700w (modular);
CASE > CoolerMaster "Storm Scout"; OS > Windows 7 Home Prem (64-bit).
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Joined: May 03, 2006
Posts: 73

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:18 am
Post subject: Re: OK.. a little contest..

+1 for the Squir_____________LL !!!! Great Story, keep them rolling ! Ya sob!! Damn good to see ya figured out who I was !.. ~S~

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