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UH-1D at 1st CAV HQ...
The AFV ASSOCIATION was formed in 1964 to support the thoughts and research of all those interested in Armored Fighting Vehicles and related topics, such as AFV drawings. The emphasis has always been on sharing information and communicating with other members of similar interests; e.g. German armor, Japanese AFVs, or whatever.
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Joined: Jan 23, 2006
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Location: Ft Hood, TX
PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 3:13 pm
Post subject: UH-1D at 1st CAV HQ...

I used to post "wingy things" on Officers Club, but they seem more inetrested in other topics now so I'll just post my pictures here instead where they seem to be more appriciated. This UH-1D is also in front of the 1st CAV HQ. It's last inspection date appears to have been in 2003, so it is a recent "retire". Appears it might have been the CG's aircraft if the 2-stars are any indication. With a serial number starting with "63", it appears this bird flew for 40+ years, quite impressive. I repelled from UH-1's in 1986, when I attended the Air Assault school at Ft Campbell. Back then we learned to slingload the GammaGoat, M151 Jeep, and the "Mule". My how times have changed. On my M728 CEV thread, SABOT commented on how he couldn't believe it had been 24 years since he had worked on them. I cant believe its been 21 years since I attended Air Assault, 22 years since AirBorne, and 24 years since I attended basic back in Sept of 1982. My how times have changed, and yet strangly stayed the same. It's only been 4.5 years since I earned my EIB. But I remember going out for it back in the 80-90's when we had the LAW rocket launcher, PRC-77 radios, andM60 MG's. There was no land-nav with global positioning systems, night vision testing, laser aiming zeroing, etc.. I've yacked enough, haha, enjoy the pics.

SFC Jeff Button "High Angle Hell"
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Joined: Jan 22, 2006
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Location: The Great Satan
PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 4:39 pm
Post subject: Re: UH-1D at 1st CAV HQ...

- SFC_Jeff_Button
I repelled from UH-1's in 1986, when I attended the Air Assault school at Ft Campbell.

Hi Jeff!

I rappeled from 'em in '71, but confess I got repelled by them a couple of times too. Laughing
Love them ol' "D" models....

How ya' been?
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Joined: Jan 23, 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 11:34 am
Post subject: Re: UH-1D at 1st CAV HQ...

Hi Folks!

Production started in 1956? During my first tour in Vietnam (1965-1966) with the Marines, the Huey was new to the Corps. The 1st Marine Air Wing only had one squadron of them and tried to used them for medevac missions. After a few months they switched to the CH-34 because the Hueys were getting shot up or destoryed. When the Corps lost a Huey, it had to spend money to replace them. If a CH-34 was shot up or destoryed, it was a write off. The 34 was slowly being replaced by the newer CH-46 and didn't need to be replaced if lost or badly damaged.

I don't know if it was true of not, but a common joke going round back in 1960's was "The Army's 1st Air Cav Division had more helcopters than the Marine Corps did.

Seeing a Huey setting out on display reminds me of how very, very old I have become. Great pictures Jeff, please keep them coming when you have the spare time.
Some of my very old history.
Sgt, Scouts Out!

"You can never have too much reconnaissance."
General G.S. Patton Jr.
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