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FS-Recorder Tutorial, Part 4 - Playback :: Archived
Welcome to the Com Central Screenshot Competition! You'll find the 'rules' in here, so grab some coffee, your favorite screenshot program and start submitting your pics!
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:20 pm
Post subject: FS-Recorder Tutorial, Part 4 - Playback

Note: This is part 4, to see the previous Part 3, click HERE!

Really nothing much to this one, other than some tips that you may already know about through the course of regular flying.

In Parts 1, 2 and 3 we set up FS-Recorder and FS, recorded a "lead" flight, then played it back "As Traffic" and recorded a second aircraft in formation with it.

Now, you get to relax and enjoy the fruits of that labor because we're gonna use the easiest thing there is, the "Playback" function, and show how you can play back multiple recordings at once.

The only real point here is that when using the "Playback" feature, you don't do any flying, just viewing.

You select all the recorded flights you want using the CONTROL key to select more than one file.

Let's do it, and explore some view options....

Just start off from the FIRST flight that was saved, with the plane sittin' on the runway. Go to the "Recorder" menu and select "Play...":

Select%20the%20two%20flight%20recordings%20that%20have%20been%20made%20-%20use%20the%20CONTROL%20key%20on%20your%20keyboard,%20just%20hold%20it%20down%20and%20click%20on%20both%20files%20to%20select%20them%20both.%20 Here's%20an%20interesting%20tip:%20%20It%20does%20make%20a%20difference%20which%20order%20you%20select%20them%20in.%20%20The%20LAST%20airplane%20you%20select%20will%20be%20a)%20shown%20as%20the%20plane%20you%20currently%20have%20loaded,%20and%20b)%20it%20will%20be%20the%20airplane%20which%20has%20the%20standard%20FS%20\"view\"%20centered%20on.%20%20In%20other%20words,%20if%20you%20go%20to%20cockpit%20view,%20you'll%20be%20in%20the%20cockpit%20of%20the%20LAST%20recording%20you%20select%20here.%20%20Something%20to%20know%20about%20if%20you%20get%20confused%20why%20it%20does%20that. For%20now%20just%20don't%20worry%20about%20it,%20you'll%20figure%20it%20out...click%20'em%20both%20(by%20using%20the%20CTRL%20key)%20and%20then%20click%20\"Open\" You're%20off%20and%20running,%20the%20planes%20will%20fly%20themselves%20and%20should%20be%20in%20synch! NOTE:%20%20You%20can%20advance%20and%20rewind%20the%20playback%20by%20using%20the%20left%20and%20right%20arrow%20keys.....it%20will%20go%20back%20and%20forwards%205%20seconds,%20and%20this%20is%20configurable%20in%20the%20FSR%20\"Settings\"%20menu.%20%20So%20if%20you%20miss%20that%20perfect%20screenie%20opportunity,%20no%20need%20to%20replay%20the%20whole%20schmeil.%20%20Cool..... Any%20view%20option%20should%20work.%20%20In%20this%20example%20I%20selected%20the%20second%20file%20last%20so%20it's%20the%20plane%20I'm%20going%20to%20be%20shown%20as%20\"sitting\"%20in.%20%20VC%20view%20is%20pretty%20slick%20to%20watch%20from%20when%20there's%20close%20formation%20flying%20going%20on! And%20I'm%20gonna%20tell%20ya,%20if%20you%20don't%20have%20Active%20Camera%20(for%20FS9),%20GET%20IT!!!!! The%20\"flyby\"%20view%20it%20gives%20you%20is%20worth%20the%20$15%20ALONE%20when%20you've%20done%20something%20like%20this!%20%20It's%20frikkin'%20GREAT%20to%20watch%20'em%20cruising%20by,%20wingtip-to-wingtip!%20%20If%20you%20don't%20buy%20stuff%20online%20(Ascout!!)%20I'LL%20BUY%20IT%20FOR%20YOU%20and%20you%20can%20mail%20me%20the%20fifteen%20bucks%20(or%20a%20ten%20and%20an%20In-N-Out%20Double-Double%20and%20some%20fries)!!!!!! You%20start%20to%20see%20the%20screenie%20possibilities%20here.... Two%20more%20tips: In%20outside%20view,%20you%20can%20use%20CTRL-W%20(or%20is%20it%20CTRL-SHIFT-W??)to%20switch%20the%20view%20to%20the%20other%20plane(s)%20for%20a%20different%20perspective,%20this%20is%20very%20useful%20when%20trying%20to%20get%20specific%20background%20scenery%20in%20the%20picture. If%20aircraft%20labels%20are%20showing,%20you%20can%20toggle%20them%20on%20and%20off%20with%20CTRL-SHIFT-L. And%20the%20flight%20will%20play%20to%20the%20end,%20after%20which%20the%20planes%20will%20\"vanish\"....or%20you%20can%20press%20ESCAPE%20to%20stop%20the%20recording%20anytime.

OK that part was easy enough, wasn't it?

Next up.....We're gonna use "Playback as AI" and "Record" to add a third plane to the formation!

To go to Part 5, click HERE!

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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