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Sunday ADF/bombing training
A public forum for the Hell Fighters Squadron.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:47 pm
Post subject: Sunday ADF/bombing training

Training Mission

We are going to touch on another review topic from last year, incorporate last missions subject and add a little bombing exercise.

Tracking an ADF bearing to find some ships and bombing them. Knowing how long it will take to find them using climb and cruise profiles for the B-25 and Mosquito.
The Mosquito may strafe or skip bomb. The B-25 may skip bomb or use the Norden Bomb sight.
The real purpose is to find the ships at the preplanned time.

If you don’t have the Mosquito profiles, please contact me. The B-25 will climb at 140 mph and 2000fpm. Cruise will be at 210mph TAS and 5000 ft. Bomb sight angle is 44 deg. Using the manual release. Contact me if you don’t have the
Manual bombsight sheet. Remember the accuracy of the bomb on target is dependant on how accurately you have the speed and altitude set in the cockpit.

We will be using the Italy map, attached. Stay on the track line using pilotage, intercept the ADF bearing and you should find the ships.

ADF --- Automatic Direction Finder --- The needle head always points to the station. The rules when intercepting and tracking are as follows.
To the station -- Determine the bearing you want and at what angle you’d like to intercept it on ( A/C heading and bearing is 360. This is telling you that you are on the 360 bearing to the station. You want to join the 350 bearing. You know its off to your left. You turn to the right—fly away from the bearings position. The 350 bearing is 10 deg to your left and you want to join at a 40 deg angle. Make a turn to the right to 030 deg. (350+40=030) When the ADF needle points to 350, you’ll have the 40 deg of intercept and may now turn to 350 deg. You are now on the 350 bearing to the station.

From the station—You are flying 180 deg and the ADF needle is pointing to 360 deg. This means, you are flying on the 180 bearing from the station. You want to join the 190 bearing and track away from the station. You want to join on a 40 deg. Intercept angle. You want to pull the tail of the needle toward the 190 bearing. Turn right to a heading of 230 deg. When the ADF needle points to 190 deg. Turn to 190 and track outbound. ( 190+40=230). You are now established on the 190 bearing flying outbound. See how easy it is.

Training # 2, 07
Red Route: Take off, (hack time), climb at 140 mph to 5ooo ft on a heading of 285 deg.
Climb rate should be 2000 fpm. Pay attention to the airspeed indicator in the B-25. The increments are not all the same below and above 160 mph

Total distance for this mission is 74 statute miles. Determine the climb time and distance and the cruise time to destination. Print map and stay on the track, observing ground references or land falls. At planned time, commence attack.

Mosquito MK VI
Blue Route: Take off, (hack time), climb at 150 mph to 5000 ft on a heading of 280 deg.
Climb rate should be 2000 fpm @ 2850rpm and 9 boost ( 93 power and 90 prop).
Cruise @ 2650 and 7 boost. (75 power and 75 prop)

Total distance is 49 miles to target. Determine time enroute after lift off.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 5:03 am
Post subject: Re: Sunday ADF/bombing training

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