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Major Update planned for the M109A6 Paladin
A forum dedicated for the discussion of all kinds of artillery topics.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:37 am
Post subject: Major Update planned for the M109A6 Paladin

Hi Arty type folks!

I have been reading a lot of articles that now talk about the Abrams/Bradley team is going to be around a lot longer that back when they were first labeled "Legacy Systems".

The August 2008 issue of Army Magazine, Soldier Armed section (Pages 65-66) has an article by Scott R. Gourley about a update program for the M109A6 Paladin that will help it hold it's place as part of the Heavy Brigde Combat Teams (HBCT) through the 2040-2050 time frame. Check out the photo below. See if you can figure out what has changed.

The only thing left from an original Paladin vehicle is the main turret and cannon.

Name of the program is: Paladin/FAASV Integrated Management (PIM).
One-for-one rebuilding program for both the Paladin and it's supporting M992A2 FAASVs.
New Hull.
Bradley items:
600 HP engine & HMPT 500-3ECB transmission, final drive, power takeoff, road-arm stations, torsions bars, 19.1 inch track (see note 1 at bottom)and most of the driver's compartment.
NLOS-C items:
600V electric rammer, elevation and traverse drives.
We should see six prototypes by the fall of 2009
Possible low rate production starting in July 2010
Full rate production decision in 2012.
Current inventories of 962 Paladins and 923 FAASV to be replaced by 270 NLOS-C (fielded to 15 battalions) and 600 PIM systems (447 sets in HBCT's and fires battalions and 153 sets in TRADOC and repair cycle/float status)

Note 1: The article read like the Bradley track is going to be used, however the photo of the first prototype looks like it has the FCS rubber band type of track.

The main idea behind this program it to reduce the number of different spare parts required by a HBCT.

Regulations are being review to see if there could or should be a designation change so for now, the new vehicle will be called a M109A6 Paladin PIM.

Spot Report,
Sgt, Scouts Out!

"You can never have too much reconnaissance."
General G.S. Patton Jr.
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