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News › Mediterranean Air War is close to release!

Thursday, April 07, 2005 (13:59:29)
The folks at "The Desert Rats" is about to release a great new stand alone add on for Combat Flight Simulator 3! With new planes, scenery and more, this looks very promising for the CFS3 enthusiast!! Click on the "Read More" link to find out more...

Mediterranean Air War Coming Soon [align=center]

Mediterranean Air War Coming Soon
It’s alive!
CFS3 seems to be dead but it is far from it.

In the CFS3 community it sure looks as if there aren’t many people around at this time. There aren’t! Why? Because a lot of them are busy, very very busy.

What are they doing you might ask, what is so important that the community seems to be on the verge of dying?

Well, I tell you what they are doing. They have become the Desert Rats building the biggest addon ever, for CFS3....

Mediterranean Air War, called MAW.

And%20what%20is%20MAW?%20It%20is%20a%20whole%20new%20theatre,%20just%20like%20Korea,%20but%20bigger,%20more detailed%20and%20with%20something%20the%20Korea%20theatre%20don’t%20have%20yet.%20Water!%20Yes%20real water%20for%20the%20Mediterranean%20Sea.%20Water%20that%20floatplanes%20can%20land%20on,%20water%20to have%20ships%20and%20submarines%20in.%20Lots%20of%20water%20to%20search%20for%20fleets,%20troop%20and weapons%20transports%20to%20sink.

Does%20that%20make%20the%20guys%20busy?%20Well%20not%20all%20of%20them,%20but%20there%20is%20a%20lot%20more%20to MAW%20than%20water.%20There%20is%20new%20landtextures,%20for%20the%20desert%20of%20North%20Africa,%20for the%20island%20Malta,%20Cyprus,%20Greece,%20Italy%20and%20many%20more%20countries%20that%20surrounds the%20Med.


In%20MAW%20there%20will%20be%20new%20vehicles,%20like%20the%20Crusader%20MK1%20british%20tank,%20together with%20the%20Mathilda%20tank%20and%20others,%20that%20were%20used%20extensively%20by%20the%20brits%20in the%20Med%20war.%20There%20will%20be%20lots%20of%20new%20vehicles,%20some%20of%20them%20drivable,%20like%20the VW,%20yes%20you%20read%20correctly,%20the%20VolksWagen,%20beetle%20if%20you%20like,%20will%20be%20featured in%20MAW%20as%20a%20Kommandeur%20Wagen.

And%20that%20is%20not%20it%20alone,%20oh%20no,%20there%20will%20be%20lots%20of%20new%20aircraft%20too,%20the last%20count%20was%2030+,%20well%20a%20lot%20of%20them%20will%20be%20variations%20on%20the%20same%20aircraft, like%20the%20FW190%20will%20come%20in%20different%20versions.%20So%20will%20the%20spitfire.%20We%20will see%20that%20in%20versions%20not%20yet%20released%20anywhere%20for%20CFS3.%20Same%20goes%20for%20P40’s Hurricanes%20and%20more.%20Not%20to%20mention%20the%20aircraft%20never%20seen%20before%20in%20CFS3,%20the JU52%20transporter,%20as%20troopcarrier,%20ambulance,%20and%20many%20floatplanes%20like%20a swordfish%20floater.

And%20is%20that%20all?%20Nope.%20There%20is%20more!%20New%20buildings%20to%20reflect%20the%20time%20and place%20of%20the%20med,%20Life%20will%20also%20come%20to%20CFS3%20in%20MAW,%20seagulls,%20cows,%20sheep, camels,%20people%20will%20appear%20in%20MAW%20and%20bring%20immersion%20further%20than%20seen%20in%20any combat%20flight%20simulator%20till%20date.

So%20all%20I%20can%20say%20is%20BE%20PATIENT.%20MAW%20will%20soon%20be%20with%20us%20and%20enhance%20the experience%20of%20flying%20CFS3%20by%20a%20LOT!

WildBat member of the Desert Rats

Mediterranean Air War Web Site

Talk about it on the forums!