Stearman for fs 2004
Saturday, April 09, 2005 (11:50:06)

Posted by Uhu_Fledermaus

This an absolute MUST HAVE !

included some piccie's I took for ya all to create some apetite !! Wink

So folks don't stand around and get this wonderfull Aircraft with the sweet scenery that comes with it, you won't regret it, fun is gauranteed with this one.
and make shure to pay a visit to => thats the Authors website.

I did a lil spin with it also took it around Eagle Field (7KS9) scenery that comes with it, actually that was made by a dear friend, Mark Smith aka AeroViking and Old NJG 7 member from whom I had my inaugural flight training waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back Mr. Green

It has a lot of goodies wrapped up in it, taxi up to the main hangar where the Stearman sign is in front and enjoy what happens Mr. Green

The Airplane itself is an absolute dream, this folks really did their homework on the subject, every stencil you can think of is depicted with the model, the detail is mindbuggling, this must have taken a wee couple of hours to get it to this standard, absolutely fantastic, and imagine this is FREEWARE ! I bet you that most buy add-ons don't reach this level of quality and detail.

available at :

look for

Some more piccie's here

Mr. Green

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