13th round of WEC
Sunday, April 10, 2005 (04:30:28)

Posted by WEC_Adm¡n

~S~ Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 13th round of WEC in CFS1-2-3 will start on April 29th 2005 as scheduled and surprise, you are all invited once again.

You can check the tournament schedule here:


As for the last round, the minimum number of required games in order to possibly be considered for playoff is 30. Hopefully this will be sufficient encuragement for more squads to join the battles. Please advertice the tournament to fellow squads and let's have a good showup for this round.

If your squad is listed as inactive and wishes to participate, then please go to the theater where you are signed up and request change of status from inactive to active.

If your squad is looking for new pilots, you may indicate in your profile that your squad is recruiting. You can also add a description of your squad in your profile. To change these setting, please log into your profile and and make necessary changes.

WEC wish you all good luck and happy hunting in the upcoming round.


:wink: Twisted Evil Shocked

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