Bush Flying Pilots
Wednesday, April 13, 2005 (20:52:11)

Posted by RCAF_MadDog

Com Central is proud to announce the beginning of the Bush Flying Group!! There is a new forum for just this also. Click Read more for the rest of this news.

The begining of the Bush Flying Club..........
These flights will be starting anytime after our regular Sunday FS2004 flights. The flight plans and descriptions of each flight will be posted in the same way as the Sunday Flights........
Flight Plans and maps will be posted every Sunday after the sunday flight since they cant start until after. Certain tasks must be completed by the next Sunday's flight.
The Bush Pilots flights will start at our destination ending. When we land and call it a week, there will be certain items that need to be delivered to predetermined destinations and later there may be certain days appointed for each delivery. Please post pictures or comments as you wish, in the Bush Flying Flights Forums. So that everyone will know which tasks have been completed..

These flights dont have to be done all in one flying but everyone will need to communicate what is going on.

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