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New US register
Last post by Kurt_Laughlin in AFV News Discussion Board on Feb 20, 2018 at 01:14:19

Saumur museum 2017
Last post by Massimo_Foti in AFV News Discussion Board on Feb 12, 2018 at 12:42:16

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays
Last post by Shadow_Pigface in Officer's Club on Feb 08, 2018 at 17:32:11

Last post by Shadow_Pigface in Shadow Squad Public Forum! on Feb 08, 2018 at 17:25:30

Tank Farm open house Sept 23,24
Last post by vmmv1 in AFV News Discussion Board on Feb 08, 2018 at 13:58:39

MM Park, La Wantzenau, Alsace, France – My (820) photos
Last post by vagabond in AFV News Discussion Board on Feb 05, 2018 at 19:10:08

Surviving T-34/85 with D-5T main gun ?
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Battlefield Vegas M60A1 - Unusual Hull Stampings
Last post by Joe_D in AFV News Discussion Board on Jan 26, 2018 at 02:33:52

Sion Air show 2017
Last post by Massimo_Foti in Officer's Club on Jan 25, 2018 at 14:39:18

100 years old Strv m/21-29 running again
Last post by Massimo_Foti in AFV News Discussion Board on Jan 20, 2018 at 16:10:02

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Guest option at our forums are blocked

Thursday, December 01, 2005 (02:07:00)
S! All !

Just now I had to take the impopular measure to block any option of posting for Guests/ unregistered users. The public can view the Forums, but just registered members can post.

The reason for this is that we have been hit by a spoof poster that uses different IP's and different names as a guest to our site.

I have cleaned out all the forums that where visible to the public of this garbage, and switched the admitance / visibility of the boards to registered users only for this reason, I hope you all can relate to this measure.

in case of you can PM me


Com-Central May 2005 Desktop Calendar

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 (18:44:19)

The new May 2005 calendar is now available.....get it here
CC May 2005 calendar

Com-Central CCnet Pilot Assistant review

Saturday, April 09, 2005 (11:24:33)
The Com-Central Developement Team is proud to present a short review of the
Com-Central.net CCnet Virtual Pilot Assistant V1.0b for FS2004

There are a lot of FS2004 Knee Board programs out there, but none that fully meet the needs of the regular FS9 pilots at Com-Central...so the Development Team set out to make our own "Pilot Assistant" customized and flexible enough to use in our many community flights....thus the advent of CCnet

Read the review here CCnet Review

Com-Central April 2005 Desktop Calendar Is Now Available

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 (19:24:49)
The new calendar for the month of April is now available on the Officers Club forum..this month's screenshot is from last weeks CC Pacific Fighters Friday Fight Night.

get it here Officers Club Forum

TrackIR Contest Announced

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 (19:13:21)
NaturalPoint has announced a new contest in which they are giving away 5 TrackIR 3 Pro's with Vector Expansions. To enter, all you have to do is fill out a survey,contest runs untill April 15th 2005 read about it here

Track IR