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it gives you wings
it gives you wings
Submitted14-06-2012 13:34
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JG300-Stoopy - 18-08-2012 06:45  
So if you drink it while flying, does your monoplane become a biplane?

As an aside - man, I know I've been to that airport before.....where is it?

Freiherr_Kiefer - 18-08-2012 07:27  
it's KHQM by ORBX in Prepar3D, the bird is Alabeo's Suhkoi
sven_c - 18-08-2012 08:43  
KHQM= Bowerman Airport in Washington
ridgerunner - 18-08-2012 08:52  
JG300-Stoopy - 18-08-2012 11:18  
Thanks - yup I knew it, been flying around in Orbx Orbx PNW scenery almost exclusively... as a card-carrying member of the Puget Sound Aero Club I should have recognized it...