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Name the song by Deep Purple, win a prize!
Name the song by Deep Purple, win a prize!
Submitted13-10-2012 08:56
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piney - 19-11-2012 07:42  
JG300-Ascout - 19-11-2012 10:04  
"Smoke In The Bong Water"...or something like that.... Rolling Eyes
401RCAF_Hammer - 19-11-2012 14:50  
-S- WOW..great shot Stoopy.!!
siskens - 19-11-2012 15:19  
Don't know the song...but OHOOO...we. ve entered a new era of screenshotting.....f a b u l o u s ! Shocked
JG300-Ascout - 19-11-2012 15:43  
Because it's our civic duty to the younger generations..


JG300-Stoopy - 19-11-2012 18:04  
Ascout wins the prize - a spare 'PrtScrn' key for your keyboard to ensure many more screenshots to come, and if/when you get Rise Of Flight I will "gift" a Halberstad D.II to you.

PM me your address and I'll send the keyboard key directly. Wink

JG300-Ascout - 19-11-2012 18:13  
What I really need is an "any" key. Can never find it when I need it. Rolling Eyes