The Horror!......The Horror!
The Horror!......The Horror!
_POTD_SUBON25-11-2012 16:28

siskens - 22-12-2012 04:11  
Shocked a wonderful disruption of the oh so quiet sty...............( whished I could do such a screenie too... )
JG300-Stoopy - 22-12-2012 05:22  
What is this, downtown Tokyo?????!!!!

piney - 22-12-2012 06:24  

a little lower and sushi swine Laughing
sven_c - 22-12-2012 08:08  
Well what are you waiting for!?! Get them! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
JG300-Ascout - 22-12-2012 09:30  
We seem to have lost contact with the Com-Central Wilderness Camp at CBB7, Tipella and the Mountain Brewery. This may be part of a coordinated effort to shut down production of JG300 Private Reserve. I wouldn't be surprised if Guinness is behind it. Evil or Very Mad
Manolo - 22-12-2012 12:40  
Manolo says, The Manolo warns of a harsh riposte and cautions that the paying back can be of the she-dog!