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 "EZ" Pigsty Repaint Pack for Tim "Piglet" Conrad's PT-19 (101 hits)
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 18-Sep-2011
"EZ" Install - Pigsty Repaint Package for Tim "Piglet" Conrad's wonderful PT-19 for Microsoft FSX/SP2 Acceleration. All credit goes to the original author!

11 liveries, new sound files, and other neat-o extras in one simple-to-install package!...
Rating: Not rated

 Aero Commander Collection for FSX v107 (23860 hits)
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 20-Jan-2007
Complete collection of the Aero Commander series - AC500, AC500 Cargo, AC500 "Wood Panel", AC520, AC520 Cargo, AC560(HC), AC680 Super and Rockwell Shrike 500 including 52 liveries and all current updates, for FSX, includes thumbs and new views!...
Rating: Very good

 Com-Central's Howard 500 Collection for fsX v1.07a (833 hits)
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 07-Jan-2007
This wonderfull Aircraft as made by Milton Shupe and his team now available for fsX
The Howard collection adds up to a total of 34 different aircraft, and no, I'm not going to list 'm up, go on a discovery tour ! lol...
Rating: Not rated

 Constellation for FSX (167 hits)
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 02-Jun-2007
Com-Central's FSDzigns Constellation Collection for fsX. Done in Com-Central.net's "EZ" install!

This file will install the FSDzigns Connie and includes 22 variants for fsx....
Rating: Not rated

 FSX - Bucker Jungmann Thumbnails and Xtra Paints (51 hits)
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 19-Dec-2007
Thumbnail preview images and a few extra paint jobs for O. Fischer's great Buecker Jungmann, an FS2004 model that works wonderfully in FSX....
Rating: Not rated

 FSX - Howard 500 SP2/Accell Propfix (407 hits)
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 04-Mar-2008
Prop Texture fix for Milton Shupe & Co.'s mighty Howard 500 when installed in FSX with SP2 or Accelleration....
Rating: Not rated

 FSX Com-Central Aero Commander Collection Service Pack 2 (1097 hits)
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 30-Nov-2008
This update corrects a few issues identified with the Aero Commander Collection when running with FSX SP2 or the Acceleration add-on, such as additional prop disc and VC texture fixes for the AC520 and AC500 series....
Rating: Not rated

 FSX Keys (26 hits)
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 25-Dec-2006
A text file of default Key Assignments in FSX...
Rating: Not rated

 FSX Pigsty Scenery (25 hits)
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 23-Oct-2013
This is a beautiful area to fly in, dotted with islands with small airstrips.
The primary focus of this scenery is the airport designated KORS in both FSX/ P3D. It is designed to be used with the original land class and mesh files....
Rating: Not rated

 FSX Registry File (19 hits)
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 16-Dec-2006
With this file you can replace the registry entry in XP. If you had to do a repair install of XP, you execute this file without reinstalling FSX...
Rating: Not rated

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 NEW JG300 Pigsty Scenery for FSX/Prepar3D Released!
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 19-Oct-2013
The prolific and gracious Freiherr_Kiefer has outdone himself this time, and has created a stunning and *quite expansive* new sc...
Topic: HOT NEWS! (No Comments)

 A FSX PT19 Now available as an "EZ" File!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 21-Sep-2011
The PT19 is a great aircraft for STOL and Com-Central is proud to bring you our newest "EZ" file! This "One Click" install w...
Topic: New "EZ" Downloads! (2 Comments)

 The "Uiver" Team releases the Douglas DC2 for fsX
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 06-Nov-2009
The "Uiver" Team releases the Douglas DC2 for fsX This is a complete rework as a TRUE native FSX product, with improved 3D ...
Topic: fsx_big X (1 Comment)

 REX- Real Environment eXtreme goes gold
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 30-Nov-2008
Topic: HOT NEWS! (2 Comments)

 Microsoft Flight Sim X SP2 Update is available
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 14-Dec-2007
FSX Service Pack 2 (SP2) Update is now available The second performance update / service patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator...
Topic: fsx_big X (1 Comment)

 Big Huge Hairy Earth-Shaking Announcement!
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 18-Nov-2007
The Com-Central Hoplist Derby is Under Way!!! Do You..... - Enjoy quick but fun, challenging flights in either FS2004 or F...
Topic: FSX_FS9Box (1 Comment)

 MultiCore support for FSX
Contributed by Kitform on 14-Apr-2007
Service Pack 1 for FSX is due out soon! The claim is to improve loading times for those with Multi-Core cpu's. Read More HER...
Topic: FSX_FS9Box (2 Comments)

 FSX Update is released!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 23-Nov-2006
[img]http://www.com-central.net/images/newsimages/fsx.jpg[/img] FSX has released a new update! - MS FSX Certain hig...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 Gearing up for FSX!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 10-Nov-2006
[img]http://www.com-central.net/images/newsimages/fsx.jpg[/img] FSX has been released and Com Central has a new forum and downlo...
Topic: (2 Comments)

 FS10 Demo is released!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 11-Aug-2006
[img]http://www.com-central.net/images/newsimages/fsx.jpg[/img] Microsoft has released a demo FSX or FS10 depending on how you l...
Topic: (1 Comment)

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AT-11 in FSX; SP1 only)...

Holeshot win by the stupid Jet Truck!...

 fsx 2011-10-17 17-51-58-07.jpg
Bare Skinned Bombers!...

 fsx 2011-06-17 18-47-27-50.bmp.jpg
Sea Bee Air Geese!...

 fsx 2011-06-16 12-49-16-36.bmp.jpg
NZ Dak!...

 fsx 2011-11-06 11-07-28-86.jpg
Hurricane over Duxford!...

 fsx 2011-11-06 17-41-04-58.jpg
Classic arrives at Duxford!...

 fsx 2011-11-16 17-25-58-36.jpg
Luftwaffe Fighters!...

 fsx 2011-11-16 17-46-46-93.jpg
Focke Wulf 190...

 fsx 2011-11-16 17-50-31-23.jpg
Luftwaffe on patrol!...

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