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New View for IL2

Newview for use in IL2/FB/AEP/PF


Newview uses the TrackIR coding in IL2 Sturmovikā„¢ to make any hat switch into what some call "mouse look". It is much smoother than either of the two default views.


Understand this is how I set up Newview for use in full real flight.


First off, download the current version of Newview which is free. New View Ignore the Cam2pan... it is not needed. You will find the zip file halfway down the page. (


Unzip newview into it's own folder where it it will reside. Execute the Config.exe and hit the "Create/update INI file" button. It will save the INI file.


Up top... got to the Joystick tab. In the POV drop down menu, choose POV1. Now check your hat switch... move it around and you should see that newview recognizes the movement.


Next tab is the Button tab. I use the Center without Return for aiming when firing. Choose a button for this. I use Button 3 on my stick so i will use it as an example. Highlight Center without Return and in the top section to the right, go ahead and hit Clear. That clears out any previous settings if there is any. Select Joystick 1 and in the drop down box, choose 3. At the bottom, hit Save INI file.


The Additional Settings tab...raise start speed to 6 and end speed to 30 and hit Apply.


Under the Additional Settings tab, you will see three tabs... go to Miscellaneous tab. Make sure that Enable Mouse Control and Bind View to Joystick on Startup are both unchecked. Hit Apply.


Go ahead and close newview amking sure all settings were saved.


Now to fix IL2 controls so they do not clash with newview. Under Controls remove all Pan and Snap view hatswitch assignments. What I do is use the mouse right click since it is not assigned by default in IL2. If you assign everything to the right mouse button the previous assignment will be removed. Again... remove all hatswitch assignments in IL2 the game.


that should be it... go fly and enjoy!


Maddog, XO_ HoT_Maddog




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