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Settings and Instant Action:

As you can tell from the opening screen, this is where you can set the video and sound settings along with any personal preferences you may have with key or joystick assignments. I was a little disappointed in the option to choose the difficulty settings with only 2 choices available, and those are "Realistic" and "Novice" Don' t get me wrong, there is a drop down menu that allows for Custom, Maximum, High, Medium, Low and Minimum with the minimum setting the only one that will get you the "Novice" setting. Since the rest are "Realistic", it's advisable to start out in "Minimum until you get the 'feel' for the game. The realism setting is for the most seasoned players and the "Novice" settings seem a bit arcade, so a custom setting may be for you.


Game difficulty settings

Let's delve into bit more settings:

Sound config screen

The rest of the settings such as Video, Effects, Keyboard and Joystick assignments are straight forward enough and should provide you with any kind of config. setting you're used to using. All in all, the settings/config panels are quite good, well laid out and are easy to navigate via drop down boxes.

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