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General Pics

The Day The Earth Stood Still -87 views
M1A1 on Truck-241 views
Irish Hurricane 1-208 viewsHawker Hurricane MkI, 1st Fighter Squadron, Irish Air Corps, Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel, Ireland, 1942.
Irish Hurricane 2-383 views
Irish Hurricane 3-79 views
Self Portrait-62 views
6 F4U's in fromation (PROPS Racing) by John Blach AKA 'Huanted'-167 viewsStoopy and I are working on this new unlimited race plane for PROPS Racing. I made the model and some paint jobs (one shown) and Stoopy has been making a bunch of paint jobs and sending them to me to look at. So far, these are the paints of his and one of mine that I took a picture of recently. PROPS Racing, a division of Westcoast ATC at westcoastatc.com.
MY OLD USMC PICS-251 views"The Count"
My best friends bird his call sign was "Count Strapula" and we drank Morgan all the time so it just fit
MY OLD USMC PICS-102 viewsMe and my gunner with my baby "The PaP Shack"
Pumpkin-87 viewsU.S. Military Academy Cadet Third Class Jason Schreuder carved a Halloween pumpkin saluting the new
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