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IL-2 Great Battles Videos
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Google deleting inactive accounts
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Amelia Earhart’s...
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New WW2 Pacific flight sim on the horizon
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IL-2 Mishaps
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Sad Sad News (real)
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NEW JG300 Pigsty Scenery for FSX/Prepar3D Released!

Sunday, October 20, 2013 (02:09:17)
The prolific and gracious Freiherr_Kiefer has outdone himself this time, and has created a stunning and *quite expansive* new scenery that achieves what once was thought to be beyond reach - a new JG300 Pigsty scenery for Orcas Island (and surrounding vicinity) for FSX or Prepar3D!

This expansive and entertaining scenery package includes new additions and objects for the KORS airfield as well as many of the surrounding islands in the immediate area, and is very much worth checking out - please see the FSX/Prepar3D download section.

Our greatest thanks to the author, Freiherr_Kiefer, for such a wonderful and smelly place to stink up in sty'le!

A FSX PT19 Now available as an "EZ" File!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 (21:57:32)
The PT19 is a great aircraft for STOL and Com-Central is proud to bring you our newest "EZ" file!

This "One Click" install will install the aircraft as well as 14 different liveries! Read More about this great aircraft and liveries by clicking HERE!

To get this file directly, GO HERE!

Orbx Simulation Systems releases FTX NA BLUE - USA Canada Pacific Northwest

Monday, March 01, 2010 (19:17:42)
Orbx Simulation Systems releases FTX NA BLUE - USA Canada Pacific Northwest

Welcome to North America, and Orbx's most ambitious project to date. Over fourteen months in the making and led by veteran developers Holger Sandmann and Matt Tomkins, the FTX Pacific Northwest region is truly a stunning achievement which combines all the elements of the much celebrated FTX AU region series, but goes much further. With PNW, Orbx has amped the quality of the ground textures to the next level, and sourced them from pristine imagery to create beautifully crisp terrain even at ground level. There is over 2.5GB of fully seasonal and annotated photoreal for landmark mountain and wilderness areas above the tree line, glaciers, lava flows, as well as including photoreal Seattle CBD, the ports of Tacoma and Olympia, KPAE, Bonneville Dam and many other points of interest. Additionally Orbx has created brand new autogen textures, hand-crafted every square mile of landclass, added full moving traffic, 3D night lighting and much more! Finally, over 450 default airports in the region have been upgraded with custom buildings and objects, elevation corrections and other details. FTX Pacfic Northwest is available now as an instant download addon and soon on DVD from resellers worldwide. More information at http://fullterrain.com

The "Uiver" Team releases the Douglas DC2 for fsX

Friday, November 06, 2009 (09:46:10)
The "Uiver" Team releases the Douglas DC2 for fsX

This is a complete rework as a TRUE native FSX product, with improved 3D modelling, complete new textures, mapping, bumpmaps, specular maps, FSX animations, new gauge programming etc.

The full revenue from the sales will be donated to the Aviodrome, the Dutch National Aviation Theme Park and Museum.

The Aviodrome has one of the worlds last two airworthy Douglas DC-2's in their collection.

The real plane is maintained by volunteers and with the money raised from individual and corporate donations.

By selling the DC-2 package we hope to contribute to keeping this unique, priceless and historic aircraft in flying condition.

For complete information on the features of this package and a link to download the Douglas DC2 for FSX please visit the DC2 UIVER site

The "UIVER" Team hopes you will enjoy flying this unique, hands-on classic airplane!

FTX AU RED Released !

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 (22:16:17)
January 8th, 2009 - For immediate release

Orbx is proud to finally complete the FTX series for Australia, with its final FTXAU RED region. If you've ever flown from one of the eastern Australian cities and overland to Asia, from your window seat you may have thought that you were on a mission over Mars. The outback is a vast, red place and certainly the least boring of all the places to visit in Australia. With a sometimes alien landscape and stunning vistas, there is so much to find in this massive inland region. Huge craggy mountain ranges, salt lakes, millions of miles of sand ridges and dunes and a rich pallette of colors that can change overnight during the wet season, the outback is what makes Australia one of the most diverse and unique places on earth. Visit Uluru, Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, the Olgas, and the Indian Ocean coast at Shark Bay. FTXAU RED includes all roads, traffic, vertical obstructions, major towns and cities, 55,000 windmills and pumps and even includes roo fences for hundreds of thousands of miles. FTXAU RED is now available from http://fullterrain.com