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The Saga Begins!...the original!! :: Archived
A general meeting place for all pilots!
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2005 7:09 pm
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Wink Chapter 6 *Sorry I missed last week, so here's a bit longer chapter...:D* Bush

Chapter 6

Well that was almost 3 hours ago now, where Reaper got the girls from, we can only guess. The rest of Shadow is up there usual casual elegant selfs.....LOL.

As Bush looks around, he spies a new pilot, FT Carrie. He didn't know her at the time, but soon found out the drink she preferred, setting her up with countless shot glasses in front of her to indicate the "drinks" she had coming. "Nice to meet you Carrie." Bush said, then there was a repetitious noise that only one thing on earth made! A machine gun! "WHAT WAS THAT?" Bush said in raised voice. Then he knew he didn't need the answer! It was a young pilot with a smart mouth that thought he knew all there was to know about flying!. "Serves him right!" Bush said. And he got back to tending bar.

"Hey bush!" FT Carrie said. "Set up a BIG, COLD Guinness for Draken will ya please? He should be back soon." Bush set one up for Draken and went back to the party.........

Shadow Banshee and Bush were at the end of the bar discussing the last run back to the "Sheeps Pen". "Did you notice anything unusual at the tower?" Banshee asked. "Not really." Said Bush."Why, did you notice something strange?" Banshee just looked off into space and he had a stern look as if in deep thought, and said " Yep, there were two people in the tower, and they looked like they were talking to each other instead of directing air traffic." Bush asked "Why do you think that's so odd? Seeing more than two in tower isn't that unusual." Banshee said " I know that mate, that isn't what I mean, did you see all the BS pilots on the ground....they were in hysterics!"...."Hmmmmm" Bush thought, "You don't suppose Falcon was in there do you Banshee?................

At that very moment, MoSuse and Falcon were still in "discussion". Falcon said "Come closer MoSuse, so that I can have you speak sweet nothings in my ear. I will tell you anything you want to know. (Falcon said in a French Israeli accent that melts womens hearts the world around). Now MoSuse was getting wise to Falcons tricks, he was French after all....he had that look that melts hearts, but he wasn't going to get any info from her! No way! Falcon put his arms around her and said..."Let me shut off the lights so that I might make the mood better!" And with that there was one loud click.....for the lights and the mic switch got turned off in the same moment. "You gotta watch those French Israeli pilots".....thought Falcon....

Carrie was enjoying the atmosphere. She knew she had to fly soon, but thought "last night, got to enjoy myself before I fight."

She lowered herself off the barstool, straight into a large puddle of water!

"@#%$" she cries out, "someone's bloody flooding again!"

A mysterious creature blows in with the mist and sits at the far table away from the crowd with his back to the wall. He opens his trench coat and places 2 gleaming pearl handled 45's on the table and calls for the waitress.

"whata ya have?" the barmaid says as the figure raises it's head. A hush comes over the crowd as they spy a look to see who it is. It's MadDog!

Piggy yells across the room, "give that sucker a glass of milk...hehe" as Dog gives him the evil eye.

"I'll take a gallon of kerosene, a quart of oil, some bubble gum and a glass please..." With a startled look the barmaid scurries off.

Bush walks up and sits across from the Dog and looks down at the pistols and asks "what are those for?" Dog replies " they are for you wirey assed Shadow pilots... If I can't get you on the pass, I hang these out the window."

Just before Bush can reply, Pig interupts. "Hey Dog, I over heard you ask for a gallon of kerosene, a quart of oil, bubble gum and a glass...(burp) and was wonderin what they were for..."

"Well, the oil is for my Hawk, the buble gum is to plug the holes you guys put in my plane and the kerosene is for me." Dog replies.

With a dumb look that only Pig can give he mutters "huh?"

Dog smiles and says... "gotta keep that fire burnin!"

Laughing out loud, Bush notices those Pearl handle 45's are just like the ones he has. He got them from Ojison Kuo the last time he shot him down. They were a treasure and a trophy for Bush, for Kuo is not easily shot down.

"Nice guns Dog." Bush said. "How did you come about getting those beauties?" he asked. Dog said " Well, let me tell ya. I had to work hard at getting these, Shadow of Sin said I had to shoot him down to get them!" Now Bush was amazed at this and couldn't believe Sin would give up his set of "Custom made, all stainless steel, engraved, pearl handled 45's"! "Let me get this straight! You had to shoot down Sin to get these?" Bush asked. "Well yes and no! I did fly against Sin, but I couldn't shoot him down, so I bought these at the pawn shop!" said Dog. "Hmmmmmmm, let me have a look at those Dog will ya please?" Bush asked. So while Bush was looking at the 45's, he said "AHHH, look here, I see now! Here is a engraving, look what it says!" Bush said as he was smiling. " These pistols were given to BS MoAce for getting shot down the most times in a squad match!".......Laughing out loud, Dog says, "WOW, maybe he used them to get back to his base...on foot of course!" .......

Just then, all the supplies Dog asked for were sitting on the table in front of him....."If you'll excuse me, I'll be right back!" he said..........Piggy and Bush just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders...."Uh, watch out Piggy and don't step in the puddle by Carrie!" Bush giggled as they were walking back........

The lounge was raucous as usual, as Draken headed for the bar where Carrie had his pint of Guinness ready as normal, avoiding the puddle left there by some ignorant cretin of a flooder.

Bush said, "Draken, how are ya?" Draken muttered something under his breath which told Bush not to push it.

Putting the pint to his lips, Draken spotted IDF_Falcon, and muttered, "Bloody French/Israeli foreigners, always trying to pull our women, not our fault the French women are all skin-deep" and made a point to shoot Falcon at the next earliest opportunity. Draken knew full well that MoSuse was stringing Falcon along, for information,and could take care of herself, and this actually made him smile just a little. Draken had personally trained MoSuse in the martial arts "Hmmmm", thought Draken, "mebbe I'll rig the switch in the tower so Falcon gets electrocuted the next time he tries it on with MoSuse"

Looking round, Banshee was nowhere to be seen - which made Draken even more annoyed. "Hey, Bush - where the hell is Banshee?" "He got shot down in enemy territory, EURO to be exact, and being interrogated by them now", said Bush. "Aw hell", said Draken, "I'm always having to go in and extricate Banshee" Them EURO's are nasty buggers when they get their hands on enemy pilots, and while all shadow pilots were trained to withstand torture, EURO especially hated shadow pilots, which made Draken concerned for Banshee.

Draken sat down at the bar and pondered...............

The door swings open..Sin, Reaper, Pig all race over to Draken and bush. " Banshee is in trouble, he's been caught over at the EURO base and They are now doing a number on him ". "They want to know all our flying tactics" reaper said. " F*** them " Pig replyed.

Ok said sin takes a packet out of his coat pocket, Heres our plan, Sin open the packet and layed out the magazine on the table,

" Now were talking " said reaper. as he moves to get a better view

" Damm skippy" says Piggy as his eyes move slowly over the plan.

Sin says

" It took me a year to get this pamela Lee Anderson playboy shoot "

"Sin" Draken mumbles "What about Banshee?" . Oh they havent had him long enough.

Draken looks confused. Sin shoots back "He didnt get the info from EURO yet"

Draken realized that Banshee wasnt shot down at all, but made it look like it just to sneak under cover to find out if they got more beer yet....

"Well, I wouldn't worry too much about Banshee!" said Bush, "He can take care of himself."

Bush was laughing. "See that map that Sin has? How would you like to try to fly between those! And would you guys quit kidding around, can't you see Draken still thinks were at the "Sheeps Pen", it must have been a trying day for him!" Bush was still laughing...........

Now Bush knew that Draken has had a very trying day killing and defending the Shadow reputation, so he didn't want to tell him that we are at EURO's bar now and that Banshee was over at the stage with the rest of the pilots, enjoying the "show" that the EURO women were putting on for the whole bar. Still, he was surprised that he didn't hear the yelling and whooping and hollering going on. Shadow boys can make a lot of noise when they are having fun.......not to mention the destruction.........

Somehow Draken's senses must have got turned around. Normally he is "right on top of things" , but at this very moment, he seems distant and distracted. Maybe FT Carrie had something to do with that.......(hehe).

Suddenly, there is a HUGE BOOM outside! It was soooo loud that it got everyones attention! Everyone rushed outside to see what the noise was! As they got out there, there was an eerie silence.....no one was making a sound, just looking around and amazed at what they were looking at.

After what seemed like an eternity, Reaper finally said something. "Huh, I see BS finally decided to join us over here, I see they still can't land!"

Now the crowd was rolling on the ground laughing.....and Piggy said " Wait a minute, there is still one plane coming in.....Hey it's Falcon!" Piggy had a excitement in his voice that he gets just before going into a match! "This should be fun to watch, he never has an opportunity to land ,he usually gets shot down and crashes"

With that, everyone got a beer and sat down in the grass outside. "This is going to be good" Ronski said.

"hey... it's not a plane he is flying...thats a hot air balloon... I wonder where he found it?" said Piggy.
Bush took another look at it and said " I never saw such a strange air balloon, it has two red balloons instead of one."
"Yes you are right", said Piggy "and there is only one way to find out. Give me my sniper rifle, Bush".
"He He, my pleasure Piggy" Bush said.
(Bush started to laugh like Falcon lately, with "he he" instead of "ha ha", since he noticed the effect a "he he" with a French accent will do to women).
Piggy took the rifle from him, aimed, and boom, boom.
2 shots where enough for Piggy to hit the 2 balloons.

Falcon in his balloon felt that something was wrong when he saw the altimeter needle start to turn like a P51's propeller.
I need to get rid of extra weight, he said to himself, but what to start with??? He looked around him. There on the floor were two boxes of French wine, a big box full of camembert cheese, and another huge Lucky Strike's cigarette box. He hesitated a second and said."Sorry lady, but I need all that." He picked up the girl with his strong arms, kissed her a wet french kiss, and threw her from the gondola.
With the loss of extra weight, the balloon went down, and softly landed near the bar.

Bush and Piggy looked at him and at the strange balloon and Piggy said to Falcon, "what a weird balloon you got here Falc. Where did you find it?".
Falcon just finished checking to see if his wine bottles where harmed from the landing, turned to them and said , "Well... thats a long story. I was on the way to the IDF base when I looked down and saw a beautiful blond girl sunbathing near her pool, so I made another turn just to see if she put sun cream on her, but I didn’t notice the F&%%$ tree." I still don't get where you got this strange balloon" said Bush. "After the crash," Falcon replied to him, "I went to the pool to ask the girl if she had a phone, and I asked her if she wanted to taste a good French wine. Well, you can imagine the rest. So after our cigarettes, I noticed the size of her red bikini bra, and Pamela was kind enough to help me to make an air balloon out of it. That's why it has two balloons instead of one, and also, that's why there is a logo of Baywatch on them".
"Wow, what a story!" said Piggy "Oh my god! That was Pamela Anderson that you just threw out of the balloon?????" shouted Bush. "YOU KILLED PAMELA ANDERSON FALCON"!
"Calm down Bush," said Falcon with his lovely accent, "she is fine. I was only at 1000 ft when I threw her out. If you'll look over there, you can still see her bouncing".....

Bush and Piggy were both laughing as Falcon told his story. They knew that the IDF pilot had a reputation for two things. One, for getting the women, ( with that sexy French/Israeli accent that melts women's hearts the world around), and two, getting shot down and ending up in the best and/or worst places.

Still, the story about where the balloon came from was a "tad" hard to believe. Until all looked out and seen what appeared to be something "bouncing" on the ground. "Hmmm, said Piggy, I guess it's true what they say about the bouncing properties of silicone".

"I guess it's not that hard to believe that Falcon met Pamela Anderson as it is that he was actually flying his plane back to IDF" said MoAce.....hehe. MoAce continued..."Say Falcon, as long as your here, how about sharing some of that French wine and cheeze, and those Lucky Strikes, your not going to need all of them are you?" MoSuse moved over to put here arm around Falcon and winked at MoAce. "You don't need ALL of that just for me do you Falcon?" She asked in a low and sexy voice that melts men's hearts the world around........

About that time, the rest of BS had the planes parts picked up off the runway from BS's last approach and was going into EURO's bar. "So this is Brit1's watering hole huh?" WiteLiun asked.

All the BS'rs went up to the bar and started yelling for Bushy.....Not hearing any immediate response, Ronski jumped behind the bar and said "What'll it be boys, drinks are on the house!" MoSuse said...."UH ..HUM" and gave Ronski a stern look as she was tapping her club on the floor. "OH OH, I mean "What'll it be fellow BS'rs" Ronski said as he was wiping the sweat of his brow. "I'll have some of that French wine that just got here, uh better make that 2!" said MoSuse. She knew Falcon wouldn't be far behind.....

Now EURO pilots have always been known to party hard, but watching this bunch, made them really appreciate the word "Party"! This bunch of pilots drank more beer, ate more pretzels and tipped the barmaids better than anyone group they had ever seen!! AND what was worse, is that MORE WERE COMING IN! Brit1, Blizzard and Will couldn't believe all the noise and ruckus that Shadow combined with BS could make. "Well!", said Will, "Might as well join the party!"

But Will was suspicious, just who where those guys in corner anyway. He hadn't noticed them before. "Hmmm." He thought wiping the dust and smoke from his eyes. "Ahh" he thought to himself, he knew them now. He has seen them in action and knew to stay away from both of them. ....for they no other than ...Shadow Goose and Shadow Cyclops....

"Great" he thought, "More Shadows to drink our beer and eat our pretzels!"...............

"Hey!!, look who just walked through the door.� Said MACRWill. "It's nice to see you BS Chaos". "What do you have to say for yourself?"
Chaos: "Nod nod, smile, giggle, grin, ............

The longe doors open, and all eyes turned to see who it was. They should have known - only one pilot had such presence, and the lounge quietened down a little.

Draken surveyed the scene, clocked the man with the eye-patch which he used on one eye or another depending on whether he was drinking or ogling women. He had another eye-patch and used both over each eye when he was flying - he was such a hot pilot. Probably felt the heat because he kept crashing and burning - wondering why. Draken locked eyes with the one-eyed-patched man(who was two-eyed-patched when flying) for a second, made his mark and surveyed the rest of the room.

With some relief, he spotted Banshee who had safely gotten some extra Guinness from the EURO bar. Or was this the EURO bar??? This was FT_Carrie's last night at Shadows, and she seemed to have a thoroughly good time on this her first visit. Draken wondered if he should dine with Carrie on her last nite, so as not to appear discourteous - still remembering with some unease the deadly charm she had affected on him the nite before. She had to return to FT_Squad for a spell to sort out the men there, who were in complete disarray during her absence. Draken had wanted to escort her safely back to FT_headquarters, but Carrie didn't want to risk any of FT_ pilots rubbing him up the wrong way, since he didn't suffer fools easily - more than not just simply whacked them unconscious with one back-hand slap. His back-hand slap was nearly as lethal as Shadow-of-sin's golden finger which could shoot people dead.

MoSuse was steaming and about to give Falcon a good right hook - why he didn't care since she would have a bloody good reason for doing so. He glanced at MoSuse fondly and remembered how outstanding a martial art student she had been, and felt for Falcon as her fist thundered into his face, his eyes nearly popping out of his head. "Ah well, these Frenchie/Israeli pilots whose accent would melt womens' hearts the world over, would never learn - MoSuse was no ordinary woman, and there was only one man in the cosmos who could handle her in any and every way - and that man is - BS_MoAce.", thought Draken. Falcon just didnt seem to get it at all - mebbe it was all the cheese and red-wine that he ate all the time. Now if Falcon would drink a little Guinness, things may, just may be a little different. Put quite simply, Falcon was just too whinified and cheesified to make good use of his French/Israeli accent which would melt women's hearts the world over. "Then, again", thought Draken, "There are women, and there are women".

Next thing that happened was Ron saying "Good Heavens, what on earth was that", he was clutching his head, and apparently MoSuse had clobbered him with some fangle-dangled contraption she had procured from Bush, no doubt something to do with his black-market dealing. Bush could get anyone anything, well almost. Poor Ron, his head would be in plaster-cast for a week.

"Hey Draken!" whispered Bush, and slid a pint of Guinness across the bar towards Draken who frowned immediately. Everytime Bush tried sliding a drink over the bar, he would overshoot - forgetting he was no longer flying a killer Shadow_hurri but tending bar. Draken had often tried to get Bush out of this habit, but old habits die hard - if u know what I mean Quick as a flash (pun intended - but u may smile at the very least), compensating for the deflection calculated by Bush, Draken caught the pint with ease and has a good long satisfying sup,pointed and waggled his finger at Bush, smiling. Bush looked sheepish, cos he much admired Draken and they both good friends. Hell, they may be the two oldest pilots in Shadow, but what u didn't know -they had already forgotten about. The things these two guys could teach you were unbelievable.

"Where's Piggy, Bush? I need him to go with me for a sortie, and perhaps sneak into EURO's airfield and top up our supply of guinness here". Bush's eyes lit up, this meant he would have more cash to get stuff on the black market, that no other squadron could get hold off. "Well, he's freshening up and getting into his lounge suit", replied Bush. Draken smiled, he liked to see his blood-brothers resplendent in their suits with their gold epaulettes and trimmings, and Piggy did cut a pretty dashing figure in his suit. Suit or not, Piggy was always up for flying, and he and Draken would often perform aerobatics for relaxation and he would certainly not say no to raiding EURO's airfield whatever he may be wearing.

Bush motioned Draken to sit down at the bar, and they both looked on as MoSuse......................

...as MoSuse jumped off the bar stool and onto the table next to her. She then grabbed the chandelier and swung over to MadDog's table, grabbed his two Pearl Handle 45's and aimed them at everybody and said " All right, next person that gets out of line...gets it!"

Next week, Chapter 7!
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 1:11 pm
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

now i know where my balloons business idea originally came from. lol

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 2:37 pm
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Yup Falc it was the only way you were gonna get to mess with big balloons other than in the saga, nice idea you had lol
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 6:46 am
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Chapter 7

Now everybody at the "Sheeps Pen" knew MoSuse means business, but there were some people in EURO's bar that didn't. And that was a mistake!

She was going to teach them that NO ONE messes with BS MoSuse and gets away with it for long. Bush knew this, that is why she is the "Collector" for the Sheep's Pen!

As the bar got deathly quiet, MoSuse continued " Next person to touch me gets my full wrath and fury!" MoSuse was serious and could back up what she said. You see, not only did she receive training in the martial arts, she took training by the "Master" guru of all trainers.....that's right....Ms Mo!!!!!....(hehe)

As she looked around the room, all eyes were on her. Even Shadow knew not to really "get her dander up"! So with no regard for his own safety, BS Chaos slowly went up to her and said....(Snickering).....hehe. She put down those Pearl handled 45's and and looked him straight in the eyes and said " Giggle giggle"....Whew, thanks to Chaos the situation was calmed down without anyone getting hurt! Well, except for Falcon ...the fist didn't hurt him as much as MoSuse broke a bottle of French wine when she jumped on the table!!! " THAT'S ALCOHOL ABUSE!" Falcon screamed.........

Falcon turned to Suse and said in his French/Israeli accent that melts womens hearts all over the world, "I hope you know you'll have to replace my wine, or", and he grinned, "you will owe me a favor, Suse". Suse looked stricken. "How do you expect me to get you another bottle of French wine Falcon?" she asked. He smiled and said, "I don't, sweetheart,", he said, "That's the beauty of it." Suse looked around quickly in the bar for help, but at that moment, the doors swung open, and IDF_gurey walked in. He was the dashing young flyer from the IDF squad who was always joking around, so no one felt threatened by his appearance until he yelled, "That's it! I'm so mad, I want to kill someone!" Every eye turned to stare at him. MadDog picked up his pearl-handled 45's and began caressing them, Bushy's eyebrows raised, Draken tightened his grip on his Guinness at the bar, and his turned dark, Moace quit tying his pink ribbon in a bow at the table, and Ronski came in from the back room with an ice pack on his head, his eyes lit up, saying, "Did I hear someone wanted a dogfight?" Falcon looked concerned and turned to Gurey. "What exactly is it that you are mad about Gurey?" Gurey slammed his fist on the nearest table and shouted, "My girlfriend!" At this, everyone relaxed, and nodded their heads. Falcon grinned and said, "Well, in that case, I will let Suse off the hook for a little while, and she can counsel you on how to take care of that little matter." Suse looked relieved and said hastily, "Sure, sure, Gurey. Come right over here to this table in the corner, and we'll get this all straightened out." Falcon watched them walk over to the corner table and begin whispering. 'Ah', he thought, 'poor Gurey. If only he had a French/Israeli accent, he wouldn't have that problem.' Moace just shook his head, and thought, 'Hmm, wonder if Suse could help me with Mrs. Mo?'

Heywhat strolled thoughtfully back in to the EURO bar that he had taken over since Munjids promotion totaly unawre that the Shads had stopped by. "Look at the state of it in here" he commented to the assortment of EURO pilots lazing at there favorite places. "And while im about it whos stolen that keg of stale ale i've put outside to return, You guys will nick anything" he said strolling off into the rear of the bar. Smiling to him self he thought i'll find out soon enough that stuff will rot there guts.

EUROFLtHW sat down at the bar in the EURO lounge, and puckered up his nose. ???? What on earth was that unearthly stink drifting up his nostrils. Good God! It was enough to render unconscious a bull on heat! He looked round and began to notice that the EURO pilots were doubled up in pain, and a queue beginning to form to the entrance of the gents' restroom.

HW was mystified, what he had not realised was that Draken and Banshee had emptied the contents of the keg of stale ale, that he thought Shadow had whipped and taken back to the Sheeps Pen, into a new keg which the EURO bartender COSS66 had been serving the EURO pilots from..

Shadow pilots liked to battle hard and they partied just as hard, and it took EURO bloody ages to clean up the mess left behind.

Meanwhile, MoSuse was sitting in the corner with Gurey and animatedly talking to him about how to handle his girlfriend and what he should. You see, Israeli pilots w/o the French?Isreali accent that melts nearly all womens' heart in the world, have a better chance with women since they are not as cheesified and whinifed as Falcon was Draken smiled, knowing that Suse would be priming Gurey just right, so he would be successful with his g/f tonite. [You may not however, ask - "successful in doing what?" ] Shadow pilots were reknown for being tight-lipped about their personal affairs and that of their friends. It was however, difficult not to know what Falcon was trying to achieve with Suse - he made it so obvious with his ubiquitous cheese and red wine. The thought of red wine made Draken wonder where FT_Carrie was.
"Bush!" whispered Draken, "where's her ladyship?" "Uh, she's in her quarters getting ready for dinner", said Bush."Uh, ok thanks" replied Draken. "Poor Falcon", thought Draken, thinking if he should have a word with Falcon and explain that his French/Israeli accent that melts nearly all womens' hearts the world over, alone, was not enough to get him what he desired. "Mebbe if I trained him in the martial arts, he might acquire a presence that would help. Nah, he would probably kill what he thought was a snake when he was sleeping. But hey, that's a thought! "

MoAce had a dreamy look in his eyes, and made Draken wonder if MoSuse had arranged something special for him. As usual, Draken didn't really care but did think it would be nice if MoAce had some R & R of a tender nature for a change.
He had been given some rough combat lessons by Shadow as of late, and Suse had been preoccupied with fending off the advances from Falcon who would not take no for an answer. It was comedic at times to watch!

WW was not around, but was probably in a cold bath cooling off, after crashing and burning again cos' when he flew, he always used an eye-patch over each eye. To this day, he could never figure out why he kept crashing, and no one would deprive him of that pleasure

Sin, Piggy and Reaper strolled in to the lounge, windswept and grinning from ear to ear. They had just returned from a sortie and had again destroyed the entire EURO fleet. "Hehe", thought Draken - "Brit would be bankrupt at this rate and EURO would be grounded" They sauntered off to freshen up, and Draken sat down at the bar and started talking to Bush........

Bush said, "I gotta pee. Be right back."
He weaved over to the head. Opening the door he grunted in disgust. "Looks like they shoot in here as bad as they shoot in the sky." He eyed the @#%$roaches distastefully then mumbled, "I'm going outside."

With a deep "ahhhh" he relieved himself on a Hurricane. What was that? High overhead he heard the unmistakable sound of a P-51 engine. Light glinted off a fuselage as the plane banked and turned. "Hot damn", said Bush, "this guy's coming in for a landing!" He called all the other pilots out to watch.

A crowd gathered as the shiny new Mustang taxiied to a stop. "It's WA", they gasped. Immediately all pilots prostrated themselves on the ground.

WA_Stone climbed out of the @#%$pit. Standing on a wing he surveyed the assemblage of bowing pilots. They looked pretty silly spread out like that with their rumps high. Pulling off his leather gloves he said, "Y'all don't have to do that. I'm not Kaze."

With varying degrees of control the pilots climbed to their feet. Stone jumped to the ground. "Thought I might grab a glass of milk here, or some grape juice if you don't mind." Shadow_of_Sin shuffled over to Stone, not daring to look up into those dark sunglases, he said, "Uh sorry Stone we dont have anything non-alcoholic. But we can get you some water. Piggy quick! Go get some water, chop-chop." Pigface ran for a clean glass. "I haven't seen him move that fast since WA beat Shadow," said Stone. Automatically, a creature of habit, he calculated the lead he would need to take Pigface down as he ran.

"Ummmm...ahhhh...Stone," said Sin, "what can we do for you?"

"Sorry to crash your little party," said Stone. "I was out flying my new stang and thought I'd drop in."

"Wheres your hurricane?", asked Draken. Out of all the pilots, Draken had seemed to gather his composure quickest.

"Well," said Stone, "I'll tell you. I've seen the light. The Mustang is the plane to beat. So I traded in my old Hurri for this baby. Now don't go getting any ideas of shooting holes in her, at least for a bit. I'm still figuring out how to tame this pony. But someday I'll put her through her paces for you."

The crowd gasped. "Ummmm you don't have to do that Stone. We believe you."

Shadow-Pigface ran up squeaking, "Here's your water Mr. Stone."Stone took the glass with two fingers. He didn't drink. He didn't say thank you either. "We WA don't fraternize too much with you up-and-coming squads," he said. "Somehow we just prefer the company of old salts like KMS. I'm a little surprised though, thought I'd find some HA here."

"They might be along shortly," said Shadow-of_Sin. "But I heard someone put M&Ms in their fuel tanks. Please stay awhile. We have a throne, I mean a seat, all wiped and clean for you."

"Thats OK," said Stone gently. "I promised Kaze and Seadog I'd meet them for a tally-ho match. And my wife wants me home early." He handed the glass back to Pigface and patted his bowed head. "Thats a good boy." Then he climbed back into his Mustang and fired her up.

All watched as he taxiied, lifting gracefully off into the sky. They continued watching. The mustang climbed and climbed, suddenly a puff of white smoke burst from the plane. It continued as the plane maneuvered, writing "WA" in the sky. The crowd of pilots fell to their knees, moaning "WAAAAAAAAAA...WAAAAAAAAAAA...."

"Get up," hissed Shadow-of_Sin. "He's gone."

"Ya but for how long?" mumbled Bush. He tried manfully to still the quaking in his knees.

Now after WA Stone left, there was a big round of applause for all the great acting that went on! "We've not seen such good acting since BS pretended to act scared of IDF!" Ronski was heard saying. " Those Shadow boys are not only good at flying, but acting as well!" he said.

Everyone at Shadow knew how much fun it was to "mess" with Stone. He has a sense of humor that second only to IDF Falcon, a little dilutional perhaps, but funny none the less. Yep, watching him roar out of sight in a 51 made them laugh with unconrollable laughter, they haven't seen anything this funny, since he left the last time in a Hurri!

He was a good pilot though, not many would or could dispute that! Well, maybe Shadow, but that really goes without saying...(hehe.)

They all had a good laugh and went back into the bar.

"Hey Draken!" Bush said. "Carrie just came back in the bar and HeyWhat is all over her like a Shadow pilot after a Zone pilot!" Draken looked around with a steel coldness in his eyes, you know the one that all Shadow's get just before a squad match, and looked at HeyWhat as if to say, you had better not get to close.

But Draken really didn't need to fear, as HeyWhat was really headed to the "Gents Room" after the stale beer that he left behind backfired and got all of the EURO pilots sick. Stale beer and bad food were something Shadow pilots preferred, always saying the "The spoils go to the victor"...(Uh..pun intended..lol). But the soft stomachs of EURO had reflected the cushy lifestyle they had become accustomed to. That was going to be their "Achilles Heal". Still, even half sick, they were a threat to most pilots! Even Brit1, Will, HeyWhat and 604........

MoSuse and Gurey where sitting at the table and as Gurey was getting close to MoSuse so he could hear her better, Falcon got the notion that he was "Moving in on HIS territory"! Now, MoSuse was talking to Gurey in her voice that melts mens heart the world around, and was trying to get him to divulge some info that BS could use in the next squad match aginst them. Yes, MoSuse was clever and dangerous!

But Gurey, being a young pilot and not "Educated" in the ways of espionage was fast falling to MoSuse's charms and wit. Falcon slowly strolled over to see what was going on....

As Sin, Piggy and Reaper came in, soon after so did Shadow's Homfixer, Tempest, and Jackal. They had all been practicing deflection shooting at the parked EURO planes. They normally like to shoot them out of the air, but needed to practice a little "ground shooting".

As Homfixer reached the bar, he ordered a beer. He then reached in his pocket and took out some M&M's. "Where did you get those?" Bush asked. " You get them by flying a pilot called HA 2112. He throws them at you after he runs out of ammo!" Homfixer said as he was laughing! "What's with the long line at the Mens room?" he asked.

AND then it happened..it was bound to sooner or later! HoT Peaches came in! Bush could tell that it spelled trouble by the way Maddog leaped under the table he had been sitting at. BUT...he has forgotten his Custom Pearl handle 45's....a mistake that he would soon regret!.."Uh oh!" Said Maddog.............

Next week, Chapter 8!
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Chapter 8


"Shhhh!! Quiet, he's here.."Things quieted down quick as the Honorable Reverend Pearl White strolled from around back. Out of his gold-encrusted dreadlocks he pulled a rather large Cohiba looking thing, and lit it. He took a long crackling drag, exhaled and said, "He was here wasn't he?""Uh, no, no Father White, uh, I mean who?" stumbled Bushwacker, ever the public pacifist, after all, he didn't want trouble in his bar.Picking up a pair of shiny pink silk panties off of the ground, the Reverend showed Bush the writing on the inside band that said 'WA Stone.'"Don't lie to me." as he swiped a bottle of Jack Daniels from the bar and guzzled. "And look here. . " The Reverend, ever the sleuth, pointed to a set of webbed footprints where the panties were, "Duck prints . ." and followed them to the tire tracks of a P51. "Now I told you guys not to let him know I was here or he'd run away. And I tell ya, it just ain't polite leaving Thunderbirds without dropping a little something in the collection plate, so the next time he shows his wobbly self around here again, you hold him for a shake down, because that bytch better have something for the collection plate." (burrrrrp)Reverend Pearl White took the panties over to his gold-plated Bible Thumper MKI and nailed them on the side next to his countless other victories. Then something caught his eye; the fine print under WA Stone's name said, "Property of WA Kaze." (cough cough cough cough) "Ha, I shoulda known! Oh that's some funny chit.. " (cough cough)

Even in the distance you could tell it was a Lanc...a damaged Lanc, but a Lancaster just the same. As it got closer you could begin to get a sense of how bad the damage might be. The wings wobbled continuously as the pilot struggled to maintain enough control to get the plane landed safely...or unsafely...as long as it hit the ground and he could walk away he'd be happy. Only half the gear came down, but all of the plane came down on top of it. Those lucky enough to be watching were treated to one of the most beautiful spinning skids in history. And to his dying day, WW will claim it was all part of the plan...Almost before the plane came to a stop, a lone figure is seen to throw open the hatch and start flinging large wooden crates to the ground. By the time the crowd gathers around, the pile of crates has become a small mountain with WW perched at the top.

"Howdy gents!...and ladies!" Says WW while moving his eye patch from the left to the right, to expose his good bargaining eye. "Y'all probly wonderin where I been hidin..he he..Wellll...I was on a little trip you see.""It all started with that "borrowed" Hurricane I was in when I left Bush's place. Of course that plane didn't get me too far...but it did get me within walking distance of the RAF662 base." I don't usually steal planes in broad daylight..he he..too many witnesses to refute my memoirs...so I holed up in a little bar and waited for dark.""So there I am mindin my own business when.. from out of the corner comes a voice." "Hey You! Mercenary!" Realizing that my very life is at stake because of this overly loud hailing, I rush over to converse with this man a little more quietly. "I remember you," he says, "but wasn't your patch on the other eye?" I quickly explain that he must have met my evil twin and allowed as how my patch has always been on the..uh..eye that it's on.

"Listen my good man," I say to him, "I don't know why you called out to me, but I'm kinda in a hurry here. So if you could get right to the point I'd be grateful...so grateful in fact that I might let you walk out of here under your own power.""Easy...Easy, my dear Mercenary." pleads the man. "What I'm about to offer you for the mere price of a drink...uh....make that a double, will fill your coffers with gold!""GOLD!" I say. "Yes, gold...or some other negotiable funds I'm sure.", replies the man. "Of course, what you charge will be your business and certainly none of mine... uh.. about that drink?""Yes, yes...get your self one, and bring me a Shirly Temple."After the drinks are carried over by the man, I press him further..."What...exactly are we talking about here?""Well..." begins the man, "I have this cousin in occupied France.........."

Laughing out loud, Will, who just came outside for some fresh air, went over to pick up HA Shinto off the ground. "Whew!" EURO Will said, "You almost landed by the spot Bushy just left, THAT WAS CLOSE! By the way, you always get out of your plane that way?" he asked still laughing. In EURO's bar, the Reverend Pearl White and Bushy were "discussing" some things. "Look.", said Bush,� We don't need anymore trouble in here, can't you see the long line of EURO pilots over there! By the way, do you mind if we get those panties back that you found, I think Shadow of Sin dropped them out of his back pocket, he was telling Shadow Goose about them earlier...funny, I never noticed the "Property of WA KAZE" on them before. And did you notice the day of the week on the outside too?" Bush said as he was holding his stomach. The pain from laughing was starting to hurt. "You can bet though Rev, that the next time WA Stone comes in here, I'll do my best to keep him here. It'll be hard though; the rest of the bar does like to get a good laugh as he flys away!"........(hehe)Shinto and Will were outside as WW made his (cough cough) terrific landing. "Did you see that Will?" Shinto asked. But before Will could answer, Shinto continued. "That was amazing, he had only one wheel down, and so he spun it to a stop! Absolutely amazing flying, I haven't seen anything like that since I had to land on the Ark Royal on the top of another plane so I could use HIS WHEELS!" EURO Will just looked at Shinto and grinned.......As WW strolled in the bar, he was telling of his adventure at the "Sheeps Pen" and how he snuck out with a borrowed plane that BS owned. Then someone hailed him from the dark corner. We couldn't see him, but his French Israeli accent was familiar!� Two double Shirly Temples Bush!" WW said, "And I'm not buyin' em' either!" Bush just laughed, because, with WW's reputation, he never does! Bush said " Hey WW, you want them with the usual Ginger ale and Grenadine or would you like to put in a little of "Ronski's Special Mix?".......One by one, the EURO pilots were coming out of the "Gents Room.............

Pssssst! Psssst! Hey Bush....c'mere! Which way did Peaches go? I gotta get my guns back from MoSuse before Peaches sees 'em! If she does, I'll be in the "REAL" Dog house for sure...Bush looks around but sees no one. Dog is gone from under the table. Then tugging at his pant leg, he looks down to find Dog tucked under the bar like a deer in head lights... spooked to say the least! You gotta help me, man! You don't know how Peaches can be... she never believes me... EVEN when I tell her the truth! Tell her you ain't seen me.....ok? With that, Dog slithers like a snake to the back door and out the door he goes...But.. but.. but is all Bush could say before Dog ran right into Peaches. She had been waiting out back knowing that Dog would try to be sneaky!

BAMM!!!!!!.....Dog was hit right between the eyes with a rock the size of a golf ball, which left him thinking that he wished she wasn't such a good shot. He knew she was pissed because he had lost the squads prized possessions (the 45's). Which she had noticed was missing from our trophy case. She knew who had them and why. Dog was out showing off again but this time he had lost them. So she knew what she had to do. As she went back into the bar with Dog on her heals, she was thinking of how to get them back. A challenge! The prize would be the 45's. Knowing that everybody wanted those prized pistols, Peaches told Bushy to please get everyone’s attention. Which he did by whistling very loudly and saying Peaches has an announcement she would like to make. After she knew she had everyone’s attention, she proclaimed a challenge to all squads present, a team match was to be held for the attainment of the pearl handled 45's…

"His name is Carlos Rameriz" continues the man.� How is it that a man in France has a name like that?""Well, he's not exactly French... South American, but I'm not sure which country he's really from" explains the stranger. "You see, he was trying to smuggle himself north to the USA. So he hid himself inside a rubber shipment bound for New York. Unfortunately, the boat was seized by the Nazis and diverted to Europe, with my cousin still inside.""After the cargo was delivered, my cousin crawled from his hiding place to discover himself in a very secret manufacturing facility, one so secret that very few besides the top brass of the Nazi high command were aware of its existence.""Bush! two more drinks here...Shirley Temple for me and another whatever for my "friend" here" shouts WW. "Ok my friend, this is starting to sound profitable, please continue."

"Well," begins the "friend", "Not being able to leave the high security factory, my cousin simply melted in with the work force and started helping out around the place. Before you know it, he's figuring life is lookin pretty good. He's got a steady job, three meals a day, all this, but still with no idea what exactly it was they produced." The stranger grabs his drink from Bush's hand before it hits the table and quickly downs it in one gulp..."More!" he croaks. "Hold it there buster" says WW as he moves his eye patch from his right eye to his left to expose the 'menacing glare'. "No more till your story's done...and then if I deem it is worthy of more, I'll buy you the whole dang bottle!"

"Alright, alright " moans the stranger. "Of course the Allies had learned of this place, but having no idea what they produced they were unsure what to do. Deciding that because of the secrecy surrounding the place it was a viable target they promptly sent in a large formation of bombers to destroy it. When the air raid sirens went off, my cousin was just closing the doors on a boxcar load headed for Berlin. Like any good employee, he signaled the train engineer to hurry and leave and then climbed on board, hoping that a moving train might be safer than a sitting factory.""He was almost right, but the train was strafed by a fighter escort. This caused heavy damage and killed the engineer. His only option left was to guide the train off the main and on to an unused siding a few miles from town.""It was here, that he opened one of the boxcar doors and managed to pry open a shipping crate. Once he saw what it was he had, he of course contacted me with instructions to approach you with an offer."

Next time, Chapter 9!
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Chapter 9

Just then, MoSuse walked up to the bar. "Bushy, find a place of honor for these, will ya?" she asked. And she handed HA_Shinto's joystick and his last beer bottle. "I think maybe he would have liked to have these here in the 'Sheeps Pen'."

"What a great idea MoSuse!! I would be glad and honored to put them at the "Sheeps Pen"! By the way, HA_BGravey and HA_2112 said they would gladly pay up SHINTO's bill, so belly up everyone, and drink to our friend and fellow pilot! Now's your chance MoSuse, go get the 2 wheel cart and take SHINTO's "Tab" over to HA will ya, and don't forget your back brace this time!.....(Smiling).AND MoSuse...Please call the ambulance for Maddog will ya?...No, he didn't drink Ronski's brew, he..uh....well..he uh...ran into someone that he knew!" Bush said with a snickering in his voice......

{NOTE FROM BUSH:} S! SHINTO and goodbye..........we'll all miss you! The zone has changed the way I see it now, nothing is forever, and that should make us all be thankful for the time we have on the zone flying with all our friends that we have met. This community of pilots has become a very tight knit group that I'm proud to be a part of and I know you were too SHINTO! I could tell by the gleam in your eye at the convention and the way you looked and laughed with all that were around you. That is the same look that all of us here have. It's truly been a pleasure to meet you and good luck on your journey to "BIG BLUE" ....... S! 21 times! Shinto passed away soon after meeting him at the first Aces Convention and it’s hard to loose a friend. Bush {END NOTE}

It was a beautiful warm sunny day, the sky was iridescent blue and the clouds were like angel white cotton wool. A cool breeze was blowing. All in all, it was a perfect day and fitting for Shinto's send-off. While everyone was sad and grief-stricken at Shinto's passing, he would have wanted them all to eat, drink and be merry - after all, it was Shinto's shindig.

Not surprisingly, as if Shinto has something to do with such unusual splendid weather, there was an overwhelmingly air of calmness that pervaded the entire Shadows airfield, permeating through all the buildings and hangars - and oddly enough, a sense of cheekiness was in the air. Everyone knew and felt that this would be a day they would remember, and would be a day they could fall back on, and gain strength from, in troubled times ahead. There were masses of aircraft on the runways, the taxiways -just about everywhere you could see, there were aircraft. Most were from other squads and in tatters, having had the temerity to run into HA_ squad, BS_squad or worse still, Shadow squad.

There were Hurricanes, P51's, Spitfires Focke-wulfs, Me109's and a whole paraphanalia of aircraft in all states of camouflage - if you could say that what was on most of them was actually camouflage, most were like beacons you had to shield your eyes from. Pilots abounded the grounds, smart in their freshly cleaned and pressed uniforms. They weren't however, nor could they be resplendent as HA_, BS_ and Shadow_ in their suits with gold trimmed epaulettes and decorations for valor and courage. Shinto was often a visitor to the Sheeps Pen, and it was like a second home to him.

He always felt at ease there, telling jokes, which may not quite have been that good, but it was the way he told them that had all the pilots listening in tears and rolling around helplessly on the floor. Sometimes the bar was so crowded; pilots were rolling on the tables laughing their asses off. Sin was the funniest cos he had that inimitable infectious laugh which got everyone round him going, who were within a 50 foot radius of him.

Bush was busy at the bar, furiously issuing and yelling instructions at the assistant bar-tenders, who didn’t know quite what they were doing, since they were captured EURO pilots. The atmosphere was jovial indeed, and becoming increasingly rowdy - but that was the way Shinto would have wanted it. There were lashings of food in the form a huge buffet, and the first drink was on the house, which made Bush wince a little - just a little since he knew it was for Shinto. Hehe, little did anyone know that Bush put the price up on the second drinks so he made even more profit But, he had a good reason. On the side of the bar facing the window, was Shinto laid out in the most expensive casket money could buy.

Bush had personally overseen its manufacture and had whip lashed the carpenters at times for slacking. You see, Bush kept a whip behind the bar and people began to understand why, and preferred not to rile him up. He could be an animal when riled up, or rubbed up the wrong way. Shinto was in his finest flying suit, and his flying stick and last beer bottle were resting each side of him in the most exquisite silk lining anyone had ever seen. There were bouquets of the most beautiful and finest flowers surrounding him, and it smelt so sweet. He looked so peaceful, and everyone passing by him could not but help remember with such fondness and joy the happiness he brought to their lives.

All the squads were represented there, most of them cowering from the likes of HA_, BS_ and Shadow_.Shinto's family were there, and Brenda bless her soul, his littlest sister but so brave and so full of character was standing guard, and no wonder she was so much like her big brother. Unbeknownst to anyone, all the shadow pilots were on their guard, watching everything that was going on in case they disturbed Shinto, but everyone had such respect for the great man, that even when drunk they were careful. Draken started off singing in his tenor voice - "For he's a jolly good fellow........" and the whole room erupted into song and ended in a tumultuous crescendo - ......"and so say all of us". "Three cheers for Shinto, HIP! HIP!" shouted Draken. "HURRAH! shouted the rest of the pilots.BS_FOD was doing an Irish jig on the floor, and doing rather nicely too one has to say. However there were 2 strange looking things he was jigging between, and they were not the ceremonial swords that were usually used. Sin caught Draken's eye, and eventually all the shadow pilots looked at FOD's feet, except for Goose and Cyklop who had mischievous grins on their faces.

It was they that had hidden the pearl handled 45's that HoT_Peaches thought MadDog had lost. Well, aint MadDog gonna be pissed now!, that he got a beating from Peaches for nothing and he glared at Goose and Cyklop. He thought the better of it since he knew that they were animals when they fought. Cyklop was known as Ivan the Terible slayer since he had been known on occasion, when fighting men 4 times his size, to bite their willie! You knew when he had done that, cos there would be a huge roar of pain, and his opponents would simply go flying through the window of their own accord - you see, Cyklop sharpened his teeth, and they were razor-sharp. He therefore had to be extra careful with the ladies. Exquisite esctacy is one thing, but I mean, one slipand it would mean Cyklop would have had his chips, and no more ladies - so he really had to concentrate. Hmmmmm, too much concentration isn't good, you know........ Bush motioned Draken to sit down at the bar, and chill a little. Carrie handed over a pint of Guinness to Draken and he pulled up a stool beside her.

Carrie was really needed back at FT_ since the pilots were still in disarray after her 2 day visit to Shadows at Draken's invitation. But Carrie was stubborn as the best women usually are, and there was no way she was going to avoid giving Shadow, HA, and BS support and she also wanted to show respect to Shinto as well. She also knew that while Draken was a tough man, he had a gentle heart and would need support.Mrs Mo. was there, and in quite a radiant mood which might explain why MoAce was so full of life. MoSuse must have talked to Mrs Mo., and it was apparent that MoAce and Mrs Mo. were going to have some fine quality time tonite.No one could be sure if Falcon had a chance with MoSuse, because he kept @#%$ing things up [pun intended or unintended, as desired by the reader ].

So much for his Israeli/French accent that melts nearly all women's hearts the world over . And you could never tell if MoSuse was interested in him, but Draken wished that some fine young man would capture MoSuse's heart - trouble is, she is so damn picky!At this stage, MoSuse was talking to Bush at the bar having chucked out some EURO pilots who were misbehaving and starting to break wind helplessly and uncontrollaby - probably the long-after effects of the keg of stale wine they thought was fresh . That to MoSuse was the height of bad manners, and she would make a point of approaching Brit1 about it. Falcon walked in and for some reason had a furry coat on, and went straight for the locker room, all eyes were on him. No sooner had he walked in, than Piggy turned the key in the lock! You could hear screams and yells of anguish which you really could not distinguish as pain or delight 10 minutes passed and Piggy decided enough was enough, and he unlocked the door to the locker room. Falcon staggered out with a stupid grin on his face, his suit all rumpled, and his belt undone.MoSuse shook her head, and..............

Words,words,words ,words,words ,words, words ,words words ,words, words !!!!! Hey whats this is it a bar?????HEY!!!!! 2 beers here n a double JackDaniels!!! on the house!!! this bar owe me that!!! i scare away a big troublemaker outside! with a strange accent and a hairy chest yelling "shaloom shaloom shaloom" all the girls in the queue was crying"HE IS ALIVE HE IS ALIVE!!!Elvis !Elvis!All girls show him the tits ! i hide in the queue and when he come to me i show him my tits ! He scream !BBBBLLLAAAAHHH!!!!! an run home again to his favorite old camel!so where is my Jack Daniels ? Said Shadow_Cyclops.

As Bush and MoSuse were admiring how nice the event was going and how unusually good this group of pilots were behaving, they couldn't help but notice IDF Falcon stumbling around in the "Sheep's wool" coat that usually gets "awarded" to the the most successful pilot after a mission."Uh oh!" said MoSuse, "I think Falcon found BS's locker room! And from the look on his face, I'd say he'd liked it too!"Falcon had a look on his face that could melt any women, or beasts' heart the world around, and he just got to "practice" his look in the locker room! "He is such a smooth operator." Bush said as he was laughing. "Sure is!" MoSuse agreed as she was laughing too.....Now the funeral was about to end. SHINTO was special in everyone's eyes, and to see a fellow pilot laid out made everyone sad. BUT...THAT ISN'T THE WAY SHINTO WOULD HAVE WANTED IT! He would have wanted all to have a good time, be merry and jovial. Because, that is the way he was......but alas...it was all coming to an end...and all the pilots were starting to get ready for the "Parade" around the different airstrips.All the different squads had "Spruced" up their planes to show off all the gold and silver trim that only gets put on in a special event...and what could be more special than this. It was hard to look at all the planes as they "fired up" and lined up on the runway. In the sun, they all glistened so brightly, they looked like a homing beacon!Now BS_WiteLiun volunteered to get them all in order and lined up. (Actually, he was trying to get on Bush's good side, as he dropped the private 100 year old scotch that Bush was saving!) Still, he volunteered and was doing an outstanding job of getting this bunch to cooperate...and that in itself is no small feat!As Bush was cleaning up, he happened to notice Shadow Cyclop at the end of the bar. "Hi Cy!" said Bush, "I heard you asking for a drink? Sure, here it is, and by the way, could you put your shirt down, you making the ladies jealous!"...and then he said " You had better get going, the parade is going to start in a little while." and Cyclop said " Don't worry, we have time, Shadow is going to be the last squad in the line, we're so used to being on everybody's six!"..and with that Cyclop and Bush had a good laugh...drank up and went out to the airfield.....

MoSuse was at the bar, having a well deserved Shirley Temple, after her stint chucking out the EURO pilots for releasing whiffs of paradise. No one could figure out how she got to become bouncer, cos she so petit. She chuckled at the thought of Falcon in BS' locker room MoSuse' was horrified as her attention was caught by the sight of Draken walking through the lounge door with a woolly coat on. He must have been feeling cold, and looked a little absent-minded as he headed towards BS' locker room. This was strange as he usually headed straight for the washroom. He must have had things on his mind. There was no one near the locker room door tho', but Falcon sidled up beside it . Curiosity abounded the room as all the pilots watched, some smiling but the shadow pilots look worried. Sin looked particularly concerned, and Piggy was mouthing - "Oh no.......". Falcon was grinning from ear to ear, whether from his own experience in the locker room, or otherwise was not clear. Were their champion to be about to be christened? As soon as the locker room closed, Falcon turned the key in the lock. Almost as soon as he did that, there was an almighty thud that reverberated the whole lounge and yells of terror and anguish and pain and sorrow emanated from the locker room. More reverberations and a loud groan, and the door flew open and off its hinges, slamming straight into poor Falcon as he unwittingly stood in front of it waiting to unlock it after a few minutes. His noise was crumpled, and his accent became slightly less than that French/Israeli accent that melts nearly all women’s' hearts the world over -in fact it was more of a unintelligible grunt. Draken appeared unruffled but had his hand round the head of a BS pilot, dragged him along the floor through to the lounge doors, muttering - "you silly dirty thing, the pen is outside", and bodily threw the hapless pilot in a graceful arc on to the ground outside.MoSuse chuckled as she followed Draken out to the airfield where the parade was about to start.

HK_LION shut down his Hawker and started throwing his empty beer cans through the canopy. With enough room to dislodge himself from the aircraft, he half climbed, half fell out of the @#%$pit.Patrick Swayze was sober compared to Lion's state.A boot heel landed on an empty Bud, molding the can to Lion's heel and causing him to skid uncontrollably down the wing and onto the ground."Whoooooaaaa!" THUDGetting up Lion nailed his bean on the aileron. "Fer chriiisssakes"Sniffing the air, Lion knew the direction of the Sheep's Pen.It smelt like the @#%$house door off a tuna boat. A good place for a stick up. He stumbled towards the saloon. Once inside - he glanced over to the barman who took in Lion's condition instantly and pointed him in the direction of the men’s room hollering "Don't eat the toilet mints!"'Funny guy' thought Lion. Lion emerged from the coat closet complaining "bad enough the bathrooms are so small - where in hell's the light!?� Walking up to the bartender he couldn't help notice the flies.� Circle Flies?" Lion asked."Huh?""Them circle flies all around you buddy?� Circle flies?" asked the bartender,� what in hell are they?� You know- the flies that circle a horse’s ass...""You calling me a horse’s ass!" grilled the barman.� No" replied Lion quietly and then smiled.� But you sure can't fool them circle flies..."The barman cleaned a dirty shot glass with a dirty towel and informed Lion the lipstick on the glass cost extra. Lion hoped the JD would kill whatever was floating in that glass. Just then a parade started down the street a way.� What’s out there?" asked Lion.� It’s for Shinto� Lion toasted Shinto silently - drank and threw the glass into the fire place. Then went out and paid his respects.

Seeing the HK pilot land was a sight to behold! Never has anyone quite landed their plane that way, not even WA Stone! To land with no wheels and "keep er straight" is no small feat. But... the Bud cans flying out of the plane could probably explain it.Then the pilot got out and stumbled towards the bar. "Hey!" shouted BS_Witeliun, "You can't leave your plane there, and we’re trying to get the parade under way!� The HK pilot just kept walking as if to not hear Witeliun and stumbled in the bar. He needed to go to the "Toy toy" and no one was going to stop him, not BS or even a Shadow pilot! Meanwhile, outside, Witeliun was busy getting the tow truck to move HK's plane. "This thing is tore up too bad!" the driver exclaimed "Guess I'll just have to drag it off by the only part that isn't damaged."

So with that, the driver hooked it too the cargo hold and started to drag it away.All of a sudden the metal gave way, and all of the Bud spilled out on the ground. Well, I don't need to tell you how this comes out! It looked like feeding time at the zoo as all the pilots dove to get the Lion's share ( Pun intended..hehe) of the booty. "Now, that is going to make getting the parade under way, just a little harder." said BS_Witeliun as he looked over the mass of pilots on the ground. In the bar, Bush was serving HK_Lion his drink in the glass that all new pilots get when they come in. "Here, let me wipe that out for you." Bush said, "Gee, I hope he doesn't notice the dead flies in the bottom. Man, there are a lot of flies in here since the HK pilot came in." Thought Bush. Snickering, Bush said. "Don't mind the lipstick, I won't charge you extra for it, which is the one that BS_MoAce was using last night! Matches the curtains really well, don't you think?"...hehe"Drink up Lion, I hear some commotion outside and I think the parade is starting!" .........

"So what is your offer stranger?" I asked. He says, "My cousin and I expect 50% of any and all profits....". I choked on my drink and sprayed Shirley Temple all over his face,"50%...I wouldn't give 50% to my own mother, let alone some stranger with a South American cousin in France! I'll give you 20% and let you live, IF, the goods are as advertised. If they aren't....well. he he..nice knowin ya pal. Give me the coordinates to this train and I will make the pickup tomorrow night." So this guy is wiping my sticky drink off his face as I slam down the rest of my Shirley Temple...Then I tell him "Oh yea, I'll be by tomorrow to pick you up...ain't going in without you as a hostage ya know...not that I don't trust you guys, it's just good business. So the next night, I slip on over to the RAF662 and swipe this nice empty Lancaster, fly it to MRC HQs and fill up the tanks. Then I pick this guy up and make for France. We manage to get the bomber down and taxied over to the train and meet up with his cousin. I immediately pop open a couple crates to verify the contents. Hot Dang! Just like the guy said...this cargo is unbelievable. he he. Worth a small fortune for sure, and there's enough here to pass out some freebies to my friends in the BS and Shadow. Acting quickly, I pull out my 45 and announce "He he. This is holdup fellers! Now load the plane...pronto!� Right about the time the last few crates are being loaded, I hear engine noises...car engines! Looking through the binoculars I see a procession of staff cars a half mile long coming lickety split our way!

Cripes A Mighty! It looks like the entire German High Command is coming after me...and after seeing what's in the crates, I can hardly blame em! "Alright fellers, if you want to live, you'll climb on board and man a machine gun while I get this beast in the air...shoot straight, and shoot often! Well, we took quite a few hits trying to take off, but take off we did. Shortly after getting airborne engine no. 1 quit, and no. 3 started acting up so bad I could only go at half throttle. I did mange to stabilize the flight and get on our heading so I set the auto pilot and made my way to the rear. Brandishing the '45' I told my two passengers to put on parachutes. "But we're over the channel!" One of them cried. Reaching into one of the open crates marked "Farm", I handed them each an item. And with a little help from my flight boot, out the door they went. "Viva La France!" I called after them. Getting back to the controls, I then made my way here.

Next time: Chapter 10!

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Chapter 10

As all the pilots from the various squads started to gather, one could only wonder at the awe inspiring sight. The shear magnitude of this many pilots in one place, was a sight to behold! SHINTO indeed had many friends!

WiteLiun had done an excellent job getting all to fall in formation and the parade was about to start. He had struggled with the the lineup and order in which to put everyone. He thought, "Maybe I should put the best pilots first in the parade....no...that would be Shadow and HA should be first. (hehe) So then he thought, maybe I should the best looking pilots in front...no....that would still be Shadow....hmmmm."...he thought. "Maybe I should put the pilots with the fanciest planes...no...that STILL would be Shadow!......Well, I got it!" he thought.."I'll put the pilots with most shot up planes in the front and the least shot up in the back, that way, Shadow would be in the rear!

Still thinking, he knew it was going to be a hard choice. As he looked around at all the planes, he was familiar with all the pilots and knew they had all flown against Shadow. Yes, it was going to be a hard choice, for all the planes were shot up badly. (smiling)

He finally gave in to HA should be first, then whoever got in line next was next! "THAT'S IT!" he thought. He had solved the problem! "Wow!...Are those BS pilots smart!" said HA_2112 as he was throwing some M&M's in his mouth. He had a evil grin on his face, and anyone that has ever met him could attest to!HA_BGravey was polishing the gold on his plane when he heard Liun give the lineup...."As if it was going to be any other way!" he mummbled to himself! He had to hurry, the parade was going to start soon and he still had all of Shadow's planes to polish too......(hehe).

As the plane engines all started, the sound and the smoke could be heard and seen for miles around! As the smoke cleared, it was truely a sight to behold! All of the pilots were in formation and in perfect order! The planes were all showing HA colors and had their best "parade gear" on. The gold, silver and platinum were polished and shining so well, that you could comb your hair in the reflection.As they all took off, the sky blackened with planes. They were all headed to show their friend SHINTO all his friends bases one last time..........

It was an awe-inspiring sight for anyone looking up at the sky, blackened with planes in such numbers not seen since the biggest air-drop by the Allies in WWII. Such was the honour and respect that SHINTO was held in by all pilots who knew him personally or even by just by name or reputation that every aircraft capable of being flown was in the formation fly-past.

Most of them were spewing black smoke, with unpatcheable bullet holes and in tatters, having unfortunately run into pilots from HA_, BS_, WA_ and worst of all Shadow_ squadron. It must must be said though, the all the planes had been cleaned and were spruced up as best as they could be

All the squadrons were there, including: HoT, HK, HF, RCAF, SW, RPS, SOS, FT (Carrie, quite unsurprisingly having being put in charge of the FT_ pilots), DD, FR, CH, Ojisan, RAF, RAAF, Klu, PS and a whole bunch of new squadrons yet to be tempered by battle.Shadow had been relegated the task of ensuring, from the rear, that the formation was kept tight and in the shape of "S H I N T O", so anyone looking up would see his name spelt out, not that they had to wonder what the fly-past was about. The HA_ pilots were doing a grand job of leading the formation and stayed in exactly the right positions, followed immediately by the BS_ pilots who were also doing a good job of staying in formation but not without some chivvying, cajoling and veiled threats from MoSuse

Overall, the shadow pilots were keeping the whole shebang together, not an easy task by any means of the word and impossible for 99% of the squadrons in existence to try and attempt to do. The roar and thunder was deafening, and everyone but everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up, standing still in absolute respect till the formation had passed to a degree where the noise was bearable. You see, the formation was so big, it took an hour for the aircraft to go by, from the first to the last.SHINTO's sisters, bless them, had wanted to be part of the formation so it had been agreed that they would fly in HA's double seaters at the front of the formation. Brenda was in HA_Gravey's double seater Hurricane, and he let her handle the controls for as much and as long as possible during the flight. She was absolutely made up and delighted with it , and it made a change to see her smile, even for just a while. Brenda had a smile that would light up anyone's heart, and was so reminescent of SHINTO.

The EURO airfield was coming into sight below, and two shadow pilots were on the comm. to each other, unheard by the rest of the pilots except shadow. "Piggy! whaddya reckon? Buzz?" said Draken. There was an evil grin on Piggy's face. SHINTO would have have appreciated what they were about to do, and indeed would have laughed his socks off. LOLOL, SHINTO probably already knew what they were about to do Piggy replied "Yah, Drake - on your mark!" Draken and Piggy broke formation with such grace and fluidity of movement, that it raised audible gasps of "ohhhhhhhhs" and "ahhhhhhhs" from the onlookers below.

It particularly made the single women, on the ground, wish they actually knew those two pilots, who had such total command of their planes and flew with such grace belying their unsurpassed ferocity in battle. The rest of the Shadow pilots were unperturbed, and barked instructions at the pilots just ahead of them, who were scratching their heads, to stay information. Hopefully they were scratching their heads having noticed two shadow pilots racing from the formation, and not because they forgot to shampoo their heads before the fly-past! YEEEEAAARGHHH, perish the thought!

!The EURO pilots on the ground, unable to fly because most of the planes had been shot down by Shadow, looked up in sheer panic and terror at the sight of two shadow planes heading towards them. To be attacked by Shadow when they were on full alert was bad enough. But this!...... it had been agreed that a truce was in effect for SHINTO's sending off, and this was the last thing that they needed. An attacked now by just those two shadows would destroy their battle capabilities.

Hehe, Draken and Piggy screamed down and buzzed each building in succession, not shooting - mind!, each time swinging round in graceful arcs to start each new run, sending the EURO pilots and personnel running for cover. On the last run, Draken and Piggy climbed to rejoin the formation, their last sight of the airfield was of the EURO pilots queuing at the airfield's toilets, which were double the number any other squadron had Brit1 was flying in the formation, and his plane twitched a little as he noticed what was going on below, and he regretted now having had teased Draken by saying "WOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRKKKK!!" each time he met Draken.Back, and maintaining their exact positions in the formation without effort, Draken and Piggy exchanged "thumbs up" and smiled...............

After sitting outside for Quite Awhile,Listining to all of these people trying to make scence of what is going on,SnwMan0 opens the Door glances around the room,eyeing all inside.Quietly he walks up to the Bar,Orders a few rounds and after they were finished,chuckled abit."What's so funny?" Asks Bush in a curious voice."Oh Nothin Bro"exclaims SnwMan0 in a amused tone"Just been outside listening to all the comotion,thought i'de come in a set the Story strait foor ya all"Now everyone,being intreaged to find out what all this stemmed from,SnwMan0 exclaimed"It's all pretty Simple actually,See a few of the SOS Members had a few to much to drink last night and things got a bit roudy,all in turn a few bailed out got there Cains and took the Skies......

As all the planes bid their final farewell to our fallen comrade SHINTO, they all dispersed to head for their own base. THAT's... when it happened. I guess it was inevitable. You just can't have that many great pilots in one place too long. No one knows who started the shooting, but everyone knows that this was to be the longest drawn out battle since the convention. ( Rumor has it, that BS_MoSuse started it..hehe)

HA_2112 being in the lead, got shot at first and then it was a free for all. One HUGE hole opened up as the planes started diving, turning, climbing and shooting. Yep...it was a free for all al right! Make no mistake about that! There were over 20 squads and last count, there were over 200 pilots!! Smoke filled the air and the sound of gunfire could be heard for miles. Burning planes hit the ground and left debris in all directions. That's when, over Shadow's radio, the other Shadow's heard Sin's voice. "Save the bartender!" he yelled! Much to Bush's delight....he had already shot down more than his share of the pilots, and was running low on ammo....with that, he called back "Thanks all, and I'm outta here!" And he pulled back on his stick and did a loop over and dove back to the Sheep's Pen taking out several more planes on the way out. Yes, Bush wasn't worried, after all, there were still 12 Shadow's in the air...and that was plenty to take care of the situation at hand...(Smiling).

When Bush returned to the Sheeps Pen, he noticed a pilot sitting at the bar...and serving himself!! "HOLD ON A MINUTE!" Bush said...knowing that BS_Skyjackal would have his hide if the profit level went down. "You can't serve yourself!" he went on to say. "Sure I can!" SOS_SnwMan0 said. "I have been for quite a while now and it's not that hard to do!" he said as he was laughing to himself. Bush started to laugh too as they got to talking.

After a while, Bush ask SnwMan what he was laughing at, as he was snickering to himself. He then went on to explain how SOS got to be there. Bush started snickering too. Then with a bewildered look on his face, SOS_SnwMan0 ask him "What's up with the snickering?" Bush said..."HE HE!" (Bush started saying that after IDF_Falcon taught him that HA HA was for less sophisticated pilots)

"Well, I see you all got into the Shirley Temple's that I had mixed in advance, and they're only 2 people that drink those...Shadow of Sin and WW..and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, holey as they are, when they find out!"........Suddenly, there was silence and the whole bar room was quiet..........Someone yelled..."It's Shadow coming in and it looks like Sin's in the front!"......"OH OH" SnwMan said.....

.....but things were not as they appeared, even though the Shadow pilots were not sober, they were indeed somber. To look at them would make one think that they had been on the losing side of a long air battle....but no, that didn't happen, it couldn't happen. Their eyes were slightly glazed, their heads were bowed low and the conversation was non-existant.

With all the planing on a joyous wake in HA_Shinto's honor...with all the celebration...with all the wonderful show of friends that had gathered in the air...it was the display of respect shown by the HA Squad to their friends admist that last battle that wrenched the hearts of the Shadow Squad as they returned that day.

You see, in the heat of the battle as HA lined up behind their prospective victims, a voice was heard over the radio----"Not today my friends, today we honor our brother...and we honor you. Shinto would have wanted it that way". One by one HA pealed off...to the relief of their would-be victims and formed a formation back to the HA base. . .with one place missing...the place where Shinto would have been. As they disappeared over the horizon, it was faintly heard...."Another day my friends.....you will not be so fortunate....today you were spared". Shadow scuffled into the bar.........

Before the Shadow pilots could shuffle into the Sheeps Pen, BS MoSuse walked in, limping and using her club for a crutch. "Bushy", she said, "the next time Draken comes in for a Guiness, pour it over his head, will you?" Bushy grinned and asked, "What did he do NOW?" MoSuse climbed up on the barstool beside Snowman, glanced in his direction and nodded, then turned to Bushy. "He started that mess out there. He was trying to fly wing to wing with me, and he got a little close. Before I knew it, his wing scraped mine, which sent me into a spin, and I clipped off Moace's tail."

She smiled then, and said, "Moace was, uh, slightly, uh, upset. He thought WiteLiun clipped him again, so fired off a burst in WiteLiun's direction. WiteLiun dove for cover, and ran right into Piggy." She really started laughing then. "And Piggy, of course, returned fire, which is when I made my crash landing, so I didn't get to see the finish."

Then she squinted in Bushy's direction, "I noticed you turned tail and ran fairly quickly Bushy" she said. Snowman began chuckling. "Yep", he said, "He was laughing and rubbing his hands together when he walked in the door." Suddenly he leaned over to MoSuse and whispered, "And why does he snicker HeHe, instead of HaHa?" She looked startled, and then began laughing again. "Long story Snowman" she whispered, "but Bushy thinks it might help him with the ladies. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a French/Israeli accent that melts women's hearts all over the world, so it just sounds like he is wheezing." Just then MoSuse turned to Bushy and asked, "Did WW EVER finish his story on what the heck were in those boxes?"

Well I had a fairly easy landing as you all could see, using my patented spinning skid technique. Now I know you all are dying to know whats in these here crates..he he.. As I said before, these items were being produce only for the Nazi top brass and therefore are of the highest quality. Perfectly suited for all my friends here, and a gift from me to you.Ok...step right up! What I have for you today direct from somewhere near gay Paris....life sized, anatomically correct, fully functioning, inflatable...er....devices..he he.. Of both genders!.... and for some of you less discerning types, in this crate here marked "Farm", I've got some life sized, anatomically correct, fully functional....uh.....farm animals! There you go guys...that's it guys, take as many as you need, don't be shy! Once they're gone...they're gone!

Funny how things go sometimes. HA escaped the whole "Shoot'n match" without as much as a single bullet hole! Seems all had enough respect for "HA_SHINTO" to not shoot at the HA squad. After all, this was the final flight for him......and they all knew that.As HA flew off into the sunset to say their personal goodbyes, the fighting stopped for a just a moment as all bid their last goodbyes.....farewell SHINTO! May the Lord like a good virtual game of dogfighting. S! .........

Back at the Sheeps Pen, MoSuse had come in a was "Ribbing" Bush for leaving. "HE HE" said Bush trying to add the French/Israeli accent that melts womens hearts the world round. "Just following orders Suse." Bush said, "Sin wanted to make sure the bartender had enough time to get things set up for all the wounded pilots coming in. He said that they were going to need a drink after fighting Shadow. He also said, that is the least Shadow could do for shooting up their planes so bad! What'll you have Suse the usual? On the house of course."Just then WW was outside finishing his tales of his adventure..and all went outside, as they wanted to see what was in the boxes........

Next time...Chapter 11 !
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oh man! them are old stories! laughin the whole time i read em! bushy post more!
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Rgr...Chapter 11 coming up this Saturday..:D
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Chapter 11

As all were slowly returning to the Sheeps Pen, they noticed the usual joviality wasn't present. "What's up?" said BS_Ronski. "This place is usually jumping with maniacs! Uh....except for you MoSuse." He had seen her club, and he knew that she knew how to use it too!Then he looked at BS_MoAce...and from the look on his face, knew something was wrong. As he walked over to talk to him, he noticed that the whole bar was quiet, and that sent shivers down his spine. These were worse than the shivers he gets when he has to fly against Shadow..and those are bad!"What wrong Mo?" asked Ronski. There was a long pause and then MoAce told Ronski about the death of his long time mentor BS_Choas. Ronski had the same look as everyone at the bar had now...the disbelief and horror that comes with such a statement. "First SHINTO and now Chaos!" exclaimed Ronski.As everybody got ready to leave, they all knew what had to be done. Getting all those pilots together would be easy enough. Once they all knew....they would come in by the squadrons full."Better get busy." MoAce said....and with that..they all did a salute with their drinks and left the bar...............

As all the pilots went outside, the sadness they felt could be felt from a great distance. All were waiting for the other squads to land, the pre-arranged meeting at the Sheeps Pen after SHINTO's farewell flight was starting to happen.After a quick briefing, all polished their planes and headed to BS's hanger.BS_MoAce had the honor of leading this time, and one could only hope, the shooting would hold off for a while. Or at least until the final goodbyes were over. Although, these pilots are the best in the world, their primal instincts take over sometimes and combined with the fact that they ARE the best and they need the instinct to survive, they are the most kind and understanding pilots that can be found anywhere......Still, one has to wonder.As all the squadrons lined up for the final farewell to BS_Chaos, you could see the shine from all the gold, silver and platinum for miles. So intense was the brilliance, that the people in towns for miles, had to put on the sunglasses. As all the planes fired up, the smoke bellowed up into the clouds as if to say to Chaos..Farewell my friend. The planes took off down the runway and into the air they went. It seemed like an eternity for all to get airborne. As they went from airfield to airfield, passing over all the hangers, they all tipped their wings in salute to a great fallen pilot and friend BS_Chaos.This time, it went off with no fighting and no mishaps what so ever. BS went on to say their final goodbyes and the rest landed and went into the Sheeps Pen.As the pilots where reminiscing over Chaos and Shinto, the crowd got quiet.....For in walked BS_MoSuse, and she was carrying something. All knew what it was right away....and she went up to Bush and handed it to him and asked, "Would you put this up next to Shinto's?"Tears filled up everyone's eyes as Bush put it on the mantle overlooking the bar. It was Chaos's joystick..and yes, it was an honor to have it!~S~ BS_Chaos ! May you and Shinto be playing the game you both loved, and you had better keep in practice, someday we'll all come up there and kicked your butt!.............Bush

As the bar got quiet, and everyone was wrapped up in their own thoughts and memories of Chaos and Shinto, Bushy knew he'd have to do something before the atmosphere became maudlin. So, against his better judgment, he pounded on the bar, and yelled out. "OK, now hear this! The next drink is on the house." There was stunned silence in the bar, as every head turned to look at Bushy. Moace dropped his ribbon on the floor, and MoSuse fell off her barstool. Then there was a sudden stampede as everyone crowded up to the bar before Bushy could change his mind. Ronski came out from the back room to help Bushy hand out drinks, furiously rubbing labels on the freshly washed bottles. Bushy smiled as the crowd began to thin, shaking his head and holding his hands up, saying, "Ah, I don't mind at all. I think it was about my turn." Pilots were all muttering to themselves, and one especially loud voice could be heard saying, "His TURN? I don't think the guy has ever HAD a turn before, has he?" Moace shushed him, while clinging to his beer and his bottle of aspirin. "Hurry up," he said, "or he might change his mind. YOu know what a cheapskate Bushy is." Bushy then reached under the counter and drew out a thick pad. He wet the end of his pencil and quickly flipped through the pad. "Ah, here it is" he whispered, as he quickly wrote $532.78 on the page titled, 'BS_Ronski'.

"UH, just for the new members here, I need to introduce my assistant bar tender...this is BS_"The House" Ronski!" Bush said.Ronski looked at Bush with a look he usually reserved for "disagreements" with his better half. "Can I see that pad of yours Bushy?" Ronski asked. "Why sure you can." Bush said, "Just as soon as we get all these pilots here a drink. But just to be safe, I'm letting Ms Mo..hold on to it!"Ronski had another sour look on his face, for he knew once Ms. Mo got it....his chance of seeing it was the same as two opposites terms.....fat and thin!....(hehe).As the disbelieve slowly faded that Bushy was buying the house a round, the drinks started flowing. Ronski started to break out in a sweat, and wild stories started to flow. As all the pilots started getting into little groups, a voice in the crowd said "HEHE" in such a cool and smooth manner, that it could have melted the hearts of women the world round. Yep...you guessed it...it was Bush!!!!! HE finally got it...lol. "Uh oh!" thought IDF Falcon.....

Bush's new accent was just a little part of what he had learned from Falcon’s lessons. He had asked Falcon to teach him all his tricks and tips with women. Falcon had agreed to it, but in return, Bush had to clean Falcon’s Hurricane after every flight for 2 years and last night, Bush had finally finished his last lesson, and passed the final test. The test was tough, as Bush had to do a blind taste test, to decide which of the glasses he tasted was the "chateau neuf du pape" wine, and which was the diet coke. He also had to look at pictures of 5 women, and decide which of them were single, divorced, unhappily married, lesbian, and frigid. He succeeded in passing that test also. But, that test was easy for him because his wife was in one of the pictures. So tonight Bush decided to try out what he had learned. He left the bar, and started to walk the streets. He passed two girls, and he noticed that they turned around, and looked at him with a smile."Humm ", he thought, "that might work". Then on the other side of the street, he noticed three other gorgeous women, looking at him with passion in their eyes. Suddenly one of the women shouted. "Look girls, that’s bushwhacker over there!" All the women on the street started to look at him and slowly walked in Bush’s direction. Bush began to panic. So he walked away, but he could hear behind his back the steps of about 40 women, following him. At that point, Bush was really scared. He started running but the girls behind him ran too. They all where shouting "BUSH STOOOOP, WE WON'T HURT YOU, ".There were now about 100 hot women after him. When he looked behind him, he didn't notice that he ran right into a dead end street. Now he had nowhere to escape from all those girls,"BUSH" they shouted, when they all jumped on him, "NOW GIVE US FALCON'S PHONE NUMBER".

Bush had to laugh at Falcon, the actual agreement was, he had to clean his plane after he WON a dogfight, that was a safe bet, according to Bush!But the tests were hard, the wine and coke test was difficult to say the least! Bush finally concluded, the French wine was coke without the sweet taste!...(hehe). But the test of picking women was very, very hard! Bush looked at the pictures for a very long time and when he picked one, Falcon said...."NO NO Bush, that is my wife!" Bush came back in the bar after trying out Falcon's techniques! His hair was all messed up, and his clothes were torn! "WOW" was all Bush could say as he headed to the restroom to "tidy up a bit".After he came back in the bar, he headed for Ronski. "Ronski!" he said, "Please give me a special Ronski drink will ya? And make it a double! I can't believe what just happened to me!"As Bush drank the drink down, he asked for another, and another.....finally, he settled down. Ronski strolled over and asked "Bush, what's wrong? I don't think I ever seen you drink like this!Bush just kept staring in the empty glass....."Well Ron," he said "I was walking outside to take out the trash when some women started looking at me. Thinking this was my lucky "Falcon look", I wiggled my eyebrows and tilted my head the way Falcon does. I then noticed some other women staring at me too. Then another large group was staring at me too and they all came towards me!..Uh...Ronski could you give me another drink please?" Bush started to break out in a sweat and was starting to shake. As Ronski brought his drink, with a shaky hand, he drank it down fast and continued. " Yep, here they all came, must have been over a hundred of them at least!"Ronski was looking at the shocked and bewildered look on Bush's face. He had to know more........."Then what happened Bush?" he asked..Bush said " Well, I started to run and then turned down this ally to get away, but it was a dead end...and I couldn't run no further! It didn't take long before they all caught up to me. It was then that I realized just what was going on. Uh..Ron, could you get me another drink please?"Bush slammed that one down just as fast as he did before! Then he said, " I'll tell you Ron, it was scary, they tackled me and when I started looking at them, it was then that I realized what was going on! They asked me for Falcon's phone number, and now I knew why......Could I have another drink Ron?"Bush had calmed a bit, when he continued. "Yep Ron, as I looked at the faces of all those women, I knew alright, and when they asked me for Falcon's phone number, I knew for sure then.....they were all of Falcon's illegitimate daughters!!!

The "Sheeps Pen" was starting to get loud as the drinks started to flow. Ronski and Bush were trying to keep up, but these pilots can drink! "It reminds me of the Great white shark at feeding time!" Said Ronski! Ronski reached over and turned up the juke box, some pilots were wanting to dance and Bush had to remind them to "keep it off the tables this time." Actually, it's pretty funny when the TBS pilots and HK pilots get together....they all get drunk and start dancing on the tables, bar, top of the restroom toilets....lol...Yep..it's a sight alright! Mix that up with BS's way of swinging from the lights and doing the Tarzan yells and it gets loud and fun fast! "Soon,.. HoT, WA, EURO, RAF, RCAF, SOS and MRC will be here Ron, better stock up on the (cough cough) good stuff!" Bush said as he was headed to back room laughing! Bush went to call BS_Skyjackal, he needed some more help, he could see it coming!"THANKS to Shadow for always keeping the peace." Thought Bush. But truth be known, he was worried about them too. They have a reputation for being ruthless in battle and that usually escalates into a full blown challenge as the night gets longer! "It won't be long now." Bush muttered to himself. "If I can just get MoAce to start wearing those short skirts with the slit up the leg, maybe that would divert their attention!"..(hehe).MoSuse was always yelling at MoAce for wearing that skirt. She says, the skirt is red and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should MoAce wear his green socks with it! Of course, they go well with the matching handbag......(hehe) NOW, if he just keep IDF_Falcon away from MoAce..........

As Bushy headed to the back room to call Skyjackal, he heard a strange sound coming through the open window. He stopped and tilted his head to hear better. 'Hmmm' he thought, 'that sounds like some of the Shadows voices whispering'. He listened a few more minutes, and a puzzled look came over his face. 'What on earth is that other sound,' he thought. He couldn't stand not knowing, so headed out the back door to check it out. The sight that greeted his eyes stopped him in his tracks, and his mouth gaped in surprise. There, standing silhouetted against the fire under Ronski's still was a group of Shadow pilots, using Ronski's still and fire for uh, target practice, instead of the 'facilities'. "What are you guys doing?" Bushy yelled. Piggy grinned, and said, "Well Bush, you won't leave the lightbulbs in the bathrooms for us to see, and there is some TBS guy in there dancing on top of the toilet, so, we decided to come out here." He grinned sheepishly, and said, "Hope you don't mind." At that moment, the fire died out with a hissing sound, and Bushy put his hand to his head, wondering if Moace had any aspirin left. "Now I have to go in and tell Ronski what you've done, and get him to make a new batch." he yelled. "Jeez." He turned to walk back into the bar to find Ronski, and MoSuse stopped him inside the back door. "Uh, Bushy, we have a problem." she said. He grimaced and said, "What now?" "Well," she said, and gave him a scowl. "You're the one who wanted Falcon to redecorate the bar. Now YOU can decide what to do. Here's his choices in wallpaper." With that, she held up the first one. "Looks like a cave painting." Bushy said, and shook his head 'no'. "OK," she said, "How about this one?" She held up the second, and frowned. "Looks like the inside of a spaceship to me." she whispered. Bushy rolled his eyes and shook his head. "No", he muttered. Then MoSuse started giggling. "OK Bushy, you should have known better than to ask Falcon." And with that, she held up the third sample. "Oh no!" Bushy exclaimed and covered his eyes. "Mrs. Mo would kill me!" MoSuse was laughing and said, "Well, Falcon told me he found this in the interior of 'Madame Mata Hari's' establishment out on the boulevard." She squinted at the sample and said, "How did they get so many naked people in one little picture do you suppose?" Bushy grabbed the samples away from her and tucked them under his arm. "I'll deal with this later", he said. He again thought of Moace and his aspirins. 'Maybe I'll put off calling Skyjackal for just a little
bit', he thought.
Just then Bush was turning the corner to head back to the bar and "WHAM", MoAce runs right into Bushy..and bumps heads...Ouch they say in seqence. What the heck are you doing Bush?? Ohh you don't EVEN want to know, and where are you headed to??? ahhh, Mrs Mo is sending me out to see what all the giggles are out back...says Mo.... Bush tells MoAce, Don't go out there ..Pigs out there Watering a bush. with a wink...ahhh says Mo. gotcha!! Hey Bush, pretty raggy shirt yer wearing !! What happened anyway??? Bush just shakes his head and says with discuss....You don't want to take any advice from Falcon...Heck i could have told you that Bush..That Falcon aint all there!!! Bush says ...Whys that???? Well, looking around with fright, i saw him hitting on mrs Mo. a while ago, Bush says well lets go in and work him over ..for that..Mo says ..shoot let him alone ..He thinks hitting the ground in that plane hurts , just wait he'll make her mad about something here in a minute..lol

Bush was looking at MO and both their eyes were big as the cylinders on their Hawkers. "No Mo.. that isn't what I meant." said Bush."I meant we should go "work him over" to save his life! If Ms. Mo gets riled, he might never fly again!!" MoAce looked at Bush and said "Gotcha, lets go, before it's too late, or....if we're TOOOO late, do you suppose there's anything of value in Falcon's plane? hehe!" As they went into the bar, Ms MO went to the ladies room.Mo was busy talking to Bush and that's when it happened! Shadow Reaper was sitting at the end of the bar, and had his leg stuck out in the isle. Mo didn't see it in time, tripped and went head over heals tumbling into the middle of the bar room floor running smack dab into Falcon and knocking him down into the pinball machine that EURO Will was playing. Will reached down and grabbed Falcon and threw him toward MoSuse. She hit him with her club, thinking he was being "Forceful", and bewildered, he staggered into the ladies room where Ms Mo was in "freshening up". Well, that was it, now she was REALLY mad!! YES SIR, poor Falcon had crossed the line! She reached out and took Falcon by the parts that he holds dear and then ever so gently whispered something in his ear. Everyone was holding their breath, they all knew he was a dead man, or at least a man for while anyway...lol.Then as quick as it started, it was over. Falcon just said "Yes Ma'am" and went back to his bar stool not even looking in anyone's direction...."Hmmmmmm" thought MoAce. "I wonder what it was she told him?"Hearing the ruckus in the bar, the rest of Shadow rushed in just in time to see Falcon heading to sit down. They bellied up to the bar and Sin yelled out .."Another round of Shirley Temples for my Shadow pilots, we're getting ready to rock this place!"Now, you would have to see it to believe it. When Shadow pilots start partying, it usually not long before the "remarks" start flying. You hear things like " Yea, but if he would have turned just a little to the starboard, he would have lost the whole wing!" AND "Were you ever lucky! I had you in my sites the whole time,,,I just didn't want you to have to walk back again!" Yes sir, remarks like that, and it's not long before the yelling and finger pointing starts. Then....the challenges begin...........By this time, Bush had told Ronski about the fire going out under his "one size fits all" still. Scratching his head, Ronski just couldn't figure out how that fire went out. So he set out to light it again. Bush should have warned him about Homfixer and his..well...waste byproduct. Ever since he was a kid, he had to watch and not get too close to a open flame when he..did his business. Yep..he was flammable. Being the last to "go", the fire had been put out, so it was safe. That is...until Ronski struck the match!!..............

KKKKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!"UH OH" said HK_Lion, "That sounded like SOS's Hawker blowing up, I've heard that sound before!!" Lion was laughing so hard, he about fell of the bar stool. "Sure did!" added BS_WiteLiun!MoAce looked at MoSuse with a surprised look! "What was that Suse?" he asked, "Sounded like Ronski's still just blew!" MoSuse said! About that same time, Shadow Tempest came out of the mens room tugging at his custom made "Genuine imitation leather" flying pants and had a rather proud look on his face. "Gas" he said, "And what a great one too!"MoSuse looked at him and just rolled her eyes. "MEN" she thought. "I swear, the things they think are funny are beyond me! AND WHAT'S worse, they are proud of it!"

Now the whole bar was laughing, all the men anyway, the women just looked at each other and groaned. But you have to be a man to appreciate the hard effort that goes into such an endeavor! Still, such efforts should be rewarded, if done that well. (hehe).BS_Ronski, hearing the commotion rushed in to see what the explosion was. After hearing what happened from Bush, he said, "Hey Tempest! Here's one on the house!" MoSuse just shook her head!


"OH NO" said Ronski, "That one came from my still!" He rushed out to see what happened. There standing beside the burned and charred mess was Shadow Draken. He was covered with black soot and debris from the fire and explosion! Holding a burned up match in one hand, he went on to say, "I was walking by and seen the fire out so I thought...I would light it for you, and the next thing I knew, the lights went out and I was standing here in a state of confusion."Ronski said, "Well Draken, that was very considerate of you to think about me that way, but what happened to the still?" They both looked at each other and at the same time, looked up. There was a huge whole in the ceiling! The still had launched like a rocket and hadn't come down yet!"OH NOOO" they said in unison.

As they both watched to see where the "Still" would land, they seen it headed towards the air field. Rushing out to see where it was going to land, they told everybody on the way out of the bar.The whole bar went outside to see where the "still" would land. "Here it comes!" said EURO Will. Now, about that same time, off in the horizon came a lone plane. Just as he was landing on his final, SOS Snwman and TBS UNS looked at each other. "HEY" Uns said, "Looks like they're going to land at the same time and in the same place too. I wonder who it is?"It didn't take long to see who it was. It was WA Stone coming in to "wet his whistle" and to show off his BRAND NEW HAWKER! The "still" and Stone were on a collision path for sure. "OH No!" said HOT MadDog.


As everyone rushed out to see if the "still" was ok, they looked over and seen Stone's brand new plane was in shambles. Stone was ok though, he was use to crashing (hehe), but the new plane didn't survive the crash as well.As they all surveyed the situation, Stone was shaking his head. "Man, how am I going to tell WA Kaze? It was HIS plane! I think I need a drink!"..LOL.As all the pilots headed into the bar, Ronski and Bush were busy wiping off all the burnt soot of the "still". "Whew"! said Ronski, "Not a scratch on the old girl!"....

Bushy and Ronski lifted the still up and prepared to take it back inside to set it up again, while Draken was muttering under his breath and heading towards the men's room to clean up. As everyone headed back into the bar, and WA_Stone was explaining to Piggy what happened, MoSuse realized that no one was tending the bar at the moment. So, she slipped behind the bar, and refilled everyone's glasses as they filtered over to the tables and the booth's, and Moace challenged Piggy to a game of pool. Moace was trying to convince Piggy to play for $50.00 a game, telling him he wasn't much good, as he was polishing up his custom-made pool cue and tying a blue ribbon on the end. MoSuse was watching Piggy and MoAce when she noticed Falcon still sitting at the bar. He looked rather dejected and sad. Just then, Bushy yelled for MoSuse to open the door for him and Ronski carrying the still back in, so she walked around the end of the bar headed for the door. As she passed Falcon, she leaned over and kissed him. A long and wet one. 'Poor guy' she thought, 'anyone who survives going up against Mrs. Mo deserves something.'

In the meantime, WiteLiun had opened the door for Bushy and Ronski, and when Bushy saw what MoSuse had done, he was so shocked he dropped his end of the still right on Ronski's foot. Ronski turned red and began cursing and screaming. WiteLiun began laughing and accidentally let go of the door, which swung shut on Ronski's other foot. . . .

" ^%)#$% @!)#& %&)#@&%)#% &&&%&)#@^%#@ )@!#%#_% !" Ronski screamed! "WOW", said MoSuse, "I don't think I've ever heard language like that before!" About that time, MS MO was coming around the corner, she too had heard Ronski. MoAce said, " OH boy Ronski are you in trouble, she don't like that kind of talk, she won't even let ME say that stuff!"

Falcon, just getting over his pleasant surprise, noticed MS MO and Ronski about to clash. With his usual keen sense of knowing how to smell trouble, he quickly interceded and rushed to MS MO. In a voice that melts womens hearts the world over, he whispered something in her ear. Her eyes got as big as the bullet holes in MoAce's plane as she listened. She had an intent stare as he told her, almost to the point of intense concentration.

And much to Ronski's delight, she went and sat down at the bar.... Ronski was not only stunned but delighted. The whole incident, made him forget about his pain......Everybody was wondering what it was that Falcon had told her. But Falcon said it too low for anyone else to hear..... "HEHE" Falcon said as he went and sat down.

EURO Brit1 and Will gave Ronski and Bush a hand getting the still back in it's rightful place then Will asked Bush," What about that huge hole in the roof, that will need a big patch!" Bush replied, "Don't worry Will, I'll asked MoAce to do it, he's good at patching holes...hehehehe!"

Piggy yelled out to MoAce "Hey, it's your turn, I FINALLY missed a shot!" Just then Shadow Draken came out of the "little boys room" and picked up MoAce's pool stick. "Is this MoAce's?" he asked. "Can't you tell by the ribbon on the end, it matches MoAce's shoes!" Piggy said.As things started to settle down, in came a new pilot.

"Hi all!" he said, "My name is BS_WhiteFang and I would like to buy everyone here a drink!"Well, it didn't take long for everyone to hear that. They didn't catch the new pilots name, but they heard the free drink part! "HEY" Bush said, "How come the drink spouts are not in spot I usually leave them in? Who's been getting "Freebies" while I was out? BS_Skyjackal will have my head if the profits drop!" Bush was looking around and BS_MoSuse was the only one that had a "grin" on her face! But nobody fessed up, "Well, belly up everyone and meet the new pilot WhiteFang, he's buying the house a round!" Bush said as he was pouring....

Ronski, Will, and Brit1 came in just in time to see the crowd heading for the bar. "On the floor Will yelled at the other two, I've been in this kind of thing before!"MoSuse, was sitting at the end of the bar tapping her Custom grip, titanium club with the Homing device in the handle and just looking at Falcon Lets see WhiteFang, that'll be $632.27 ... MS MO sat down at the bar, and took a sip of the Shirley Temple which Bush had placed there, ready for her. She was frowning slightly with a quizzical look on her face, half-looking at and half-looking through Bush as if she was using him as a focal point to consolidate her thoughts. No one had ever before commented oh how attractive MS MO was, they simply never dared to, and it was only Draken who ever got a smile back from her - much to the chagrin of the other pilots, even MoAce!!! - and her present expression made her seem wonderfully mysterious, but Bush still felt extremely uneasy. Ronski, stunned and delighted, sat down and started oh his drink - perhaps in false security As Falcon guzzled down his red wine (lol, he never did learn how to drink wine properly), he noticed MoSuse just looking at him. Thinking back on the long and wet kiss he had just received from her, he reckoned he was in with a chance for what he had always longed for ever since he set eyes on her. He walked slowly over to MoSuse, and whispered "MoSuse......" to her as he took her hand. She placed her custom grip titanium club with the homing device on the bar. This was very strange as she never left the club out of her sight while in the bar. Bush raised his eyebrows in a feeble attempt to emulate Sean Connery, and failed quite miserably ..... Oh!!! he looked so funny..... but nevertheless picked up MoSuse's club and stashed it away safely. Falcon took her hand, and didn't resist as he led her into the back-room. All eyes were on them as they went through the door, looks of amazement and some hurt expressions abounded on the faces of the pilots. A silent hush descended...... this could be a momentous occasion.

BS_WhiteFang was unperturbed however, and this made the situation even more curious. He had just arrived out of the blue, and MoSuse was the only who seemed to show any sign of recognition, as she had a knowing grin on her face as he walked in, making quite a stir in the bar.

MoAce was rooted to the floor in amazement, and since it was his turn at the pool table, Draken took his turn for him and slotted all the balls leaving Piggy standing there wide-eyed and open-mouthed in sheer and utter incredulity, so Draken simply pushed Piggy's jaw up and closed his mouth for him. Draken had never let on he could play pool, then again he never let on about what he could do. Draken passed the winnings to MoAce and motioned to the hole in the roof. MoAce smiled sheepishly and disappeared to collect his tools, with which he was an expert at repairing holes, as the patches on his Hurricane will testify. So often had he to repair holes in his Hurri, that his patches were quite the work of art EURO Birt1 and Will were standing at the bar supping their drinks given free by Bush courtesy of BS_WhiteFang, and just about getting over their consternation at watching Falcon and MoSuse disappear in to the backroom. Still, their demeanour was that of black thunder.LOLOL, the drinks were piling up on the bar, and really pissing Bush off, as the pilots were more intent on watching the backroom door close and forgetting their drinks for the moment. Now you have to understand that these were hardened drinkers, and a lapse in drinking time of a few seconds meant that the bar-top was inundated with beer and shorts glasses, and really did make Bush quite bad-tempered as he does like an ordered flow of drinks and glasses to recyle for cleaning and spit and dry LOLOL. Much like the way Draken taught him to shoot down pilots in an orderly but lethal fashion, no poncing about.

Bush presented the bill for $632-27 to WhiteFang, who glanced at it and smiled, as if it was of no consequence. Bush's eyes nearly popped out of his head at this totally unexpected reaction from WhiteFang............Suddenly the backroom door swung back open, and all eyes swiveled to the door. MoSuse was holding the door open, with a box in her hand. Falcon came out of the backroom with a ladder, and she motioned him towards the womens restroom. "Bushy", she said, "I absolutely REFUSE to let you take the lightbulbs out of the women's restroom any longer, you cheapskate!" The bar erupted in laughter, and just then Moace came back in with his tools to fix the hole. "Heh!" he yelled, "What about the men's? I burnt my eyebrows off again last night using a candle in there to see what I was doing!"

Next Time, Chapter 12!
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Chapter 12

MoSuse shrugged. "Talk to Bushy" she said, "I'm taking care of the women's." And she smiled at Falcon as he walked into the women's restroom with the ladder and the box of lightbulbs. Bushy was watching all this with a slight frown on his face, and didn't see that the bar had fallen quiet. As he looked around, he realized that quite a few of the pilots were missing eyebrows. He knew he had to do some fast thinking, so he suddenly yelled, "Ah, WhiteFang, did you bring the lightbulbs I asked you to?" WhiteFang was leaning against the bar, and drawled in his Iowa twang, "Sure Bushy, got em in the back of me Hawker. Here's the bill." And with that, he laid a small slip of paper on the bar. Bushy sauntered over and glanced down. His mouth dropped open, and he choked out, "$632.45?" WhiteFang smiled, and winked at MoSuse, and said, "Yeppers Bushy, mighty hard to find good lightbulbs these days." He looked around the bar, and continued, "Course, I could take em back where I found em." Bushy glanced at the pilots gathered to hear this exchange. "Ah, HeHe, no, uh, that's fine WhiteFang" he said. The pilots relaxed and went back to drinking, and Piggy picked up Moace's pool cue and began examining it. Bushy broadly grinned, and then turned to go into the backroom, muttering under his breath...

"nice job Suse" said Falcon (with his famous israeli/french accent,the same accent that, for it, demi moore want to divorce bruce willis) "your lightbulb trick was genious, no one will suspect what really hapenned in the back room".she smiled at him and said "thanks Falcon, and i loved the way you used the ladder in there".

MoSuse walked back to the bar to retrieve her club, and glanced up at Bushy and Ronski behind the bar. They were both standing there grinning, and MoSuse realized what had happened. "No, no, no." she said. "Nothing happened in the back room." Ronski said, "Oh, uh huh, sure Suse," and Bushy laughed "HeHeHe". MoSuse looked at Bushy and said, "Work on it Bushy, that accent sounds like Flipper, the dolphin." Ronski choked on his beer and began laughing. Bushy gave him a dark look, and said, "Ronski? You making fun of my laugh?" Ronski smothered back his chuckles and said, "Ah, no, Bushy, ah, ha ha, just had my beer go down the wrong, uh, pipe." Bushy grunted and turned back to MoSuse. "So tell me, MoSuse, just what DID happen back there?" MoSuse sighed and rolled her eyes. "Well," she said, "You know Falcon. I had crawled up on the shelf to get down the lightbulbs, and Falcon walked in about then. He yelled at me to stop, that I was going to fall, and dragged the ladder over for me to climb back down on. Just as he got the ladder under me, I DID fall, and he tried to catch me. Unfortunately, I knocked him down, and he hit his head on the floor. I thought I'd killed him! I knelt down beside him on the floor, and ripped open his shirt to see if his heart was still beating, and then I leaned down to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Well, just then he came to, and said, 'Suse, at last! But you didn't have to play so hard to get!'" Bushy and Ronski were laughing so hard they were bent over, and Ronski said, "Oh Suse, that's the tallest tale I ever heard in here!" Just then Falcon came out of the women's restroom headed for the backroom. "I need some more lightbulbs for Bushy and Moace's make-up mirrors in there." he said. As he walked behind the bar, he started rubbing the back of his head. "Suse," he said, in his French/Israeli accent that melts women's hearts all over the world, "Next time, instead of playing so hard to get, maybe we could just go on a picnic, and I wouldn't have such a bad headache." He went on into the back room, and Ronski and Bushy stood there with their mouths open. MoSuse smiled sweetly and said, "Ah, see guys? Just like I said. Now give me back my club. I see Piggy may be wanting to cause some trouble over there in the corner here soon." Bushy reached under the bar and absently handed MoSuse her club. "Well," he said, "If that doesn't beat all."...

As WhiteFang enjoyed his genuine "imported" Canadian beer that he had coming for the generous donation of those light bulbs (hehe)! WhiteFang said "That should make us even huh Bush?" Choking Bush said, "Uh..well...sure thing Fang, being as though this is your first time here." Bush was winking at Ronski. Whispering to Ronski, Bush told him to add something extra to Fang's drinks. Ronski winked back and said "No problem Bush.....hehe!".. Ronski had come along way in the bartending business thought Bush.The whole bar was listening to MoSuse explain what happened in the back room. About this time, IDF Falcon was coming in the bar from the "ladies" washroom and was talking to MoSuse. The whole bar just stood there with their mouths open. They all looked at each other, with their eyebrows raised in amazement as she told the story and Falcon backed it up. As Bush handed her the Genuine Titanium club with the custom grip and homing device in it, he was smiling and said "Well if that doesn't beat all the stories I've heard in this place! And I've heard some wild ones...like TBS Ohms at the convention!".. "BELLY UP!" said Ronski. "This round is on BS_MoSuse! Bush said she broke all the bulbs in the back room and was paying for the ones that BS_WhiteFang brought!" Now Bush had tears of joy in his eyes! To see his "protege" learning so quickly, was like seeing your child take his first step!.. lol."Well now, who is the new pilot coming in the door?" asked EURO_Brit1. "Hmmmm." said EURO_Will, "That's M3_Cobra!". "ALL RIGHT!" exclaimed HoT_MadDog, " Another free round, I'm getting to REALLY like this place!"The whole bar started laughing except for the new pilot, but everyone shuffled him up to the bar. "What's your name stranger?" Asked Shadow_of_sin. "Uh..it's M3_Cobra and I have a present out in my Hawker for all of you. It's some genuine dark beer that I brought!" Said M3_Cobra."OH OH" said Bush to Ronski, "Head out there and replace that stuff with ours...and quick!" Ronski nodded and headed out the back door...............

"Sure seems like it's taking Ronski a long time to take care of that problem." Bush was thinking to himself. "What to do now?"He couldn't leave the bar unattended, last time he done that, the meters indicated some thirty gallons of beer had vanished, and he was only gone for 15 minutes! "Hmmm, what to do?" he thought.Bush motioned to Shadow_Draken and ask him to go out and find BS_Ronski. He told him to look around the new pilot M3_Cobra's plane. As Draken went out the door, BS_MoAce came in from the back room. "All patched up and ready to go." said Mo. "And if I do say so, it's the best job I've done, since I had to patch the hole in the wall MS Mo. tossed me through!" Ms.MO just looked at MoAce with the scowl that told him, he had better watch his step! She knew he had to be run with an "iron hand" or before you knew it, he would be out flying all night! (hehe..private joke )MoAce was so proud of his patch job, that the whole bar just had to go see it. "Yep! I had to use over 2,899 Snoopy band aids!" MoAce said. "The tricky part was making then into that huge ball so it wouldn't fall through the hole!"Everyone started laughing, and then Shadow_Reaper said, "That is quite a sight alright there Mo, but that was the hole leading up to the bunk house above the bar, the one that needed patching was above the still!" It was then, that Bush realized Shadow_Draken or BS_Ronski hadn't come back! "Guess, I'm just going to have to go out there and find out what's up." Bush thought."Watch the bar will ya Piggy, I'll be right back." Bush said. On the way out, he leaned over and ask BS_MoSuse to watch Piggy, "Just in case." he said. And with that, headed out to find out what had happened."Yes dear...uh..yes dear...but....yes dear....but I have to have MORE snoopy band aids!" MoAce pleaded to Ms Mo.................

Bushy got out the door, and soon realized what Ronski and Draken were doing. They were standing around BS Coyote's P-51, admiring his new paint job. Bushy thought to himself, 'Uh oh, I know what he's here for.' Just then Coyote saw Bushy and smiled. "Came to get my free drinks you promised MoSuse and I, Bushy", he said. Bushy covered his face. He knew what was coming next. In a weak moment, he had promised free drinks to them during the tournament, and now he knew they would rib him about it. As they all trooped back into the Sheep's Pen, he heard MoSuse and Piggy laughing. "No, MoSuse", Piggy said, "It has to go this way." MoSuse stood there with her hands on her hips. "No Piggy, I don't think so. I think you have to twist it around." Bushy quickly realized they didn't know how to tap into the new batch of brew that Ronski had just made up. "DON'T TOUCH..." was all Bushy got out before a stream of brew began shooting out of the tap. MoSuse and Piggy just stood there and stared for a minute. Piggy looked at MoSuse and said, "Uh oh, we're in trouble now." MoSuse took a quick glance at Bushy heading her way, and said, "Uh, gotta go Piggy, Coyote promised to show me how to fly the P-51. See ya." And she ran out the door. Bushy had just about got to the bar when Piggy tilted his head and said, "Draken, hear that? Sounds like our Hawkers being warmed up. Must have a sortie to do. See ya Bushy." With that, Piggy ran out the door after MoSuse. Bushy was frantically trying to stop the flow when he heard Mrs. Mo say, "And just WHO do you think is going to clean up THAT mess?" Bushy wondered again if Moace had any more aspirin left....

Bushy was in a right state and you could see the anguish and torment on his face as he unsuccessfully attempted to stem the explosive fountain of brew from the new cask and trying to explain and appease Mrs. Mo at the same time He made such a comical figure with foaming brew all over his face....... "uhhh ermmm.... well, Mrs. Mo its uh like this.....". Bushy didn't have a chance to say more, since Mrs. Mo slapped him round the head "OUCH!" yelped Bushy, and said, "Bushy, I want to see this cleaned up before Draken gets back, you know how he likes things to be neat and tidy" Hehe, if the truth be known, nothing was as tidy as Bushy's books, if you know what I mean.

From a demeanour of acquiscence and total submission, Bushy's face changed as he turned to stare at one of the captured EURO pilots now serving as bar assistant, to one of blind fury, as his eyes ordered the assistant to bring a mop and bucket to clean up the mess. At the back of Bushy's mind was already the thought of fixing the price of drinks again to make up for the loss of the brew, and as usual Bushy would stand to gain more than usual Bushy was Draken's best friend, but right at this moment, he didn't care if Draken fell down a well MoAce had been watching all this from a safe distance, tucked around the corner by the entrance to the lounge. Had you looked, you would have seen his head darting in and out of the corner, watching the scene and simultaneously working out a rapid route of escape. "Dammit Bush!!, I was hoping for some quality time with Mrs. Mo tonite, and you've gone and royally messed things up" he said quietly to himself. He could hear Bushy thinking about aspirin, and tucked his own ample supply deeper into the pocket of his flying jacket and zipped it closed. "No aspirin for you now, Bush!" thought MoAce.

Draken followed Piggy who was running out the door, and next thing that Draken knew, he was grabbing and holding steady, someone soft to the touch.....it was MoSuse who had run bodily into Draken having forgotten her leather head-gear. MoSuse looked up and smiled fondly, as Draken said in his clipped English accent which made her smile even more, "I say, steady on old girl, you might do yourself an injury one of these days" (For those of you philistines "old girl" is an English term of endearment as used in the UK). Draken loosened his hold, and MoSuse hesitatingly withdrew and then hastened to collect her head gear. Piggy had stopped dead in his tracks, having screeched to a halt noticing the blur that was MoSuse flashing past him. You could actually hear Piggy's leather flying boots screeching and there was a hint of burnt leather smoke floating up from them, as he righted himself from the forward momentum. Piggy's eyes missed absolutely nothing, and rolled his eyes upwards and said shaking his head, "Women!!!"

Coyote was quick, but Piggy and Draken were quicker, already having strapped themselves into their Hawkers and all lined up for take-off. "All clear above and behind!" said Draken and Piggy to one another, as they revved up full power, not waiting for the control tower to give clearance The poor hapless devil in the tower was beside himself with consternation and dread. He wasn't about to and didn't dare report Draken and Piggy for not following procedure by the book, and fumbled hastily with the microphone, spilling his coffee over his freshly-cleaned white shirt and the tanoy sounded "Shadow 3 & 7, cleared for immediate take-off, runway 25!!!". "Awwww nooooooo....." he moaned, now Sin would have a go at him for not being properly dressed in a clean uniform.

As Draken and Piggy circled round waiting for Coyote and MoSuse to join formation, they couldnt help but notice the smart paintwork on Coyote's new P51. MoSuse had borrowed Draken's P51 to learn to fly it under Coyote's instructions, which was quite something, as Draken didn't let just anyone touch his planes let alone fly them. They wouldn't even touch his planes now anyway since the incident with Falcon. Somehow Draken had wired up the planes with live electricity, and Falcon, thinking that Draken was moving in on MoSuse, had placed both his hands on the wing ready to clamber up and adjust the compass settings. Just as soon as he did that, he gave a quick yelp and his boy started vibrating like mad, his hair standing straight on end, eyes bulging in amazement, shock, horror Lucky for Falcon, that Sin was passing by the hangar. Sin shooked his head, smiled and thought "what people will do to sabotage shadow", and walked over picking up a 4 by 4, and reached Falcon. The 4 by 4 gave an almighty thud as it smacked into Falcon's chest releasing him from the aircraft, and he went flying backwards 20 feet straight into the fuselage of MoSuse's Hawker. Looking up into the sky, you could see 4 aircraft flying into the distance...........

As.... Ronski's brew spewed into the air, all the pilots seemed to be rushing out to get out of the clean up detail. That is, all except Shadow Reaper and some other pilots Bush couldn't make out with all the smoke! They weren't about to let good brew go to waste, no siree...they just weren't going to do that! Shadow_Reaper rushed over and quickly put his mouth over the stream to catch what he could, and although he did manage to capture most of it, some still got out on the floor and some gushed out onto the runway getting on some of the planes. As it hit the floor, smoke rolled off like the engines of the adversaries of Shadow, bellowing into the room to make it look like a normal Friday night at the Sheep's Pen. Draken had assumed that Piggy's boots were smoking coming to a stop, but if HE had really stopped, he wouldn't have any leather left on his boots....Yep!! This was a good batch Ronski had made!

Meanwhile, out on the runway, the planes were taking off as fast as they could. As they got into the air, BS_MoSuse noticed that BS_Coyote's paint was starting to come off. Yep, some of Ronski's brew had found it's way to his new paint job! Back at the bar, the captured EURO pilot, EURO_Blizzard, had come in with the mop and bucket. But, much to his surprise and delight, the pilots from TBS were on their hands and knees sucking up the free brew! AND, they almost had it all cleaned up, much to Ms. Mo's delight. As TBS_UNS and TBS_OHMS were finishing up, Bush noticed another pilot on the floor helping them. "Hmmmmm, I wonder who that is, I don't recognize him as a regular." Bush thought.As he got closer, he noticed a emblem on his jacket. It was the emblem from the 78th.!

"WOW, I don't suppose?" Bush said under his breath. And with that, he went over and asked the pilot his name. After all, he did seem to know TBS_UNS and they were drinking the same drink (hehe)."Mantis_78th." the pilot said. "I just stopped by to see what all the TBS pilots were talking about! They say this is a rocking place! And from what I've seen, this free beer was worth it!"Laughingly Bush said "Well, glad you came by, but if can sign this for me please, we'll get on with the formal introductions when all the pilots get back...hehe...assuming theres any beer left after you guys get done with it...."Mantis was looking at Bush with a strange stare. He didn't understand what Bush was trying to tell him. So Bush went on to explain it to him as best he could. MoAce was still peaking from around the corner, he had to hear this. "Well, it's like this. I figure the keg held 75 gallons of beer, and I figure that you, TBS and Shadow Reaper drank most of it. Now I know that some went outside, and being the good guy that I am, I won't charge you for that, but the beer you drank in here, well, someone has to pay for it!"Now just as they all were going to protest, Ronski's brew kicked in and they passed out. Ms MO was looking around and from the expression on her face, one could tell she was pleased, as she didn't have a mess to clean up! Now maybe, she and MoAce could have that special evening that they had planned.Without hesitation, Bush slipped a piece of paper under each one of the "sleeping" pilots arms..."That should do it! When they wake up, it'll be MoSuse's problem to get them to pay, and if they haven't had a run in with her yet, they will!" Bush said laughing as he went back to start another fire under the still..........

As things were getting back to normal, or as normal as it can get, in walked a pilot. He had gold chains around his neck and a tattoo on his forehead that just said "WA"."Must be his initials." thought Bush. "Howdy, and what'll you have? New around these parts, don't believe I've seen you here before!" Bush said. Bush was thinking it was possible to have seen him in the air, but he would have to get him to turn around, so he could see the back of his head ....(hehe)."Well, I've been around a while, just not in these parts. I was looking for WA_Kaze, someone said they had seen his new plane sittin' outside with the paint all burned off."Now being the good bar tender that he is, Bush didn't want to "spill the beans" about who was flying it when it got that way. But to Bush's surprise, there was a lone pilot sitting in the dark corner by the popcorn machine. He had his head on the table...

Soon he had "come to" and seen the new pilot standing at the bar. Quickly bolting for the back door, he tried to get it open, but BS_MoSuse had locked it to "help" the patrons pay their bar tab, and for that Bush was grateful!As the pilot struggled with the locked door, the new pilot looked at Bush and asked "Isn't that WA_Stone? What's he doing here?" Bush just shrugged his shoulders and gave him a look as if to tell him, he didn't know!Suddently, the new pilot told Bush who he was, "WA_WiseApple." he said, "And if that's Stone over there, he has some explaining to do!" Quickly thinking (as all Shadow pilots do..hehe), Bush said, "Glad to meet ya WiseApple, always a pleasure to meet such talented pilots, can the house buy you a drink?" WiseApple's head turned quickly back to Bush and he said, "Free? You bet, make me one of those Shirley Temple's I've been hearing sooo much about!"As Bush mixed up the drink for WiseApple, Stone gave up trying to get out the back door. He walked up to WiseApple and said, "Uh Hi Apple, didn't see ya come in, uhmm can I buy you a drink?" WiseApple was surprised, never before had Stone offered to pay for anything, let alone someone else's drink. "Sure.... Bush said, the house was buying one for me, and I suppose you could too." Little did either one of them know that Bush had changed Ronski's middle name to "The House"...lol. Yep..BS_"The House" Ronski, Bush smiled as he thought about that...(hehe).Then WiseApple asked the question that Stone wasn't ready to answer anytime soon. " Where is Kaze, I see his plane outside...or what is left of it.""Where are those drinks Bush?" Stone said as he was headed to the men's room thinking there might be window in there.......

Next time, Chapter 13!
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

better be chapter 13 next week bushy!
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Chapter 13

Whew...it's good to be back. at least some places never change..he he..I'd forgotten how long winded you guys are..taken me hours to catch up.

Hey! I just held up Yank's Liquor Store and got a few extra bottles of the good stuff...stick it behind the bar for me will ya?...Thanks...Said WW.
As Stone reached the restroom, he realized his chances of getting out that way were zero also. There stood MoSuse with her club, banging on the restroom door. "Ronski!!" she yelled, "Come out of there. I know you're in there. You have a bartab that needs to be paid right now!" She looked at the slip of paper in her hand and grimaced. 'He will be working for free around here for the next thirty years to pay this one off', she thought. "And no checks either. The last check you wrote me bounced clear over to Euro's base." Silence continued to emanate from the restroom. She sighed and said, "Don't make me come in there and get you." With this statement, there was a collective groan and whispered 'Oh no' which made itself heard. Just then Stone walked up and asked MoSuse to move aside. She turned to him and glared. "You aren't going in there Stone", she said. "If you really have to, use the ladies restroom." He got a strange look on his face and whispered, "Is Mrs. Mo in there? I've heard about her!" I have no idea," MoSuse replied. "You'll have to check it yourself to see." Just then she caught sight of WW handing bottles to Bushy. 'Ah', she thought, 'Maybe I can hire that mercenary WW to help me collect on this.'..........

“Well that's the last of em then� said WW...lessee...er..115 bottles and 12 kegs..yea, that should just about do it fer now.

Half the non-squad had to bail out gettin that booze...hope they make it back ok. Never..and I mean NEVER try to rob Yank's when the owners are about..he he..gits em pretty riled up.

Wow!!....Are those all yer unpaid tabs? You're gonna need something bigger to hold em...that laundry basket ain't big enough any more! I used to be in the collection business....had to quit tho...good way to git killed, collection bar tabs...

As WW and Bush were going over the "cost" of the generous donation made by RAF, WA_Stone came back in the main room. WA_WiseApple was just getting up to "go have a look" at WA_Kaze's plane. Stone followed him out the door and turned and looked at WW with a "OH NO!" look on his face. He knew he had to come up with something and fast!

As they got out close to the hanger, WiseApple's mouth dropped open. "WHAT THE...." was all he got out when he heard the sound of a Hawker starting up. Quickly turning, he saw a Hawker headed out the hanger door with Stone at the helm! Realizing it was Stone, he panned the hanger to look for his plane....."Damn that Stone!" WiseApple exclaimed. It was WiseApple's Hawker that he took!

Thinking he had to catch him, he looked around for another plane to "borrow", but he only one that didn't have holes in it was Shadow of Sin's. All the others had holes, but not just ordinary holes, the holes seemed to spell words! "Could that be possible?" WiseApple thought. "Well, don't matter, I have to catch Stone before he gets too far." Soon, another plane was in the air........And if you listened hard enough, the engine made a sound that sounded like.."I think I can..I think I can....."...(hehe).

Back at the bar, WW was watching the whole thing as Bush was explaining the story from the beginning. "Oh..that makes sense now. You know, I'm not against "borrowing" anyone's plane, as long as it has a full tank of gas!" WW said as he was moving his eye patch to expose his good "drinking" eye. "By the way, did we ever agree on a price for this stuff? You know RAF is plenty mad about it being gone and I need to ..well...I need to lay low for a while."

Bush was wetting the end of his pencil and doing some calculations as they were talking......"YEP, if Ronski does it like I showed him, we should be able to quadruple our money with this batch....Uh..sorry WW, what where you saying?"

Laughing out loud, WW said " No matter Bush, we'll get it straightened out, and where is Ronski anyway?"

A frightened look came over Bush's face and his eyes got big as MoSuse's club as he remembered that MoSuse had Ronski trapped in the men's wash room, and he wasn't going to come out for fear of loosing his life! But Bush had to have him get started on the new batch right away, before the "Patrons" came in.

"Hey Suse, any chance you could come over for a second, I need to ask some questions about these bar tabs. And by the way WW, this basket is only the A's..." Bush said LOL.

As MoSuse begrudgingly walked over to the bar, WW was moving his eye patch to get a better look at the "staff" as he calls it...."Hmmm, nice "collector" you have here Bush, any chance you could take a ride with a real pilot honey?" WW asked.

Bush's eye's got real big again, he didn't want to be here for this answer! He seen Ronski doing the low crawl out the mens room and motioned him to the back room.........

WiseApple was struggling with the controls in Sin's plane, wondering why everything he was doing had the opposite effect to what would normally happen. Little did he realise that the joystick in Sin's plane responded only to Sin's touch, and every knew how well he could handle that joystick even Shadows_Queen was envious - anyhow, Sin's joystick was programmed to respond only to his touch and anyone else handling it would cause the controls to act in the opposite manner. Indeed, credit to WiseApple, how he even managed to get the plane to the stage where the engine sounded like ...... "I think I can.... I think I can Wrestling with the controls, attempting to taxi out on to runway two-five, he jerked forward as the the right wheel fell into a pothole a foot deep and skewed the plane round. The canopy slammed shut, and WiseApple pushed the throttle in to cut off the engine. nearly wetting himself with fright, he pulled it out again and breathed a huge sigh of relief as the engine died. The plane was well and truly stuck and going nowhere in a hurry (lmfao, pun intended ) and he had to get out of there fast, all thoughts of catching up with Stone fast vanishing, which filled him with dread as he knew how Kaze could get when he was riled He thought...."Oh damn and buggery, if Sin find out out......." He tried to slide the canopy open, but that too was stuck fast. WiseApple bawled, "WHY ME!!!" Meanwhile, Sin was getting to go for a sortie, and suiting up in his locker room....

Bush's eyes widened in fear as he remembered that Ronski was cornered in the mens wash room by MoSuse, whose fingers were twitching on her club. "Hmmmm, wonder if they could be put to better use" thought Bush. If anything happened to Ronski, Bush wouldnt have a back-up in case he got caught out quadrupling the figures and could not therefore be able to blame Ronski. WW didnt have a problem, since he could confuse people in no time, simply by moving his eye-patch from one eye over to the other in quick succession so they lost track of what they were saying. Of particular effect was this practice of WW on MoAce, that it would take MoAce 2 weeks to get back to holding a normal intelligent conversation with anyone else Bush eyed the "A's..." in the basket and his balls tightened up in anticipation of the profit he would make and in fear at what MoSuse might do to Ronski. As they undecidedly tightened and relaxed repeatedly, Bush's eyes rolled uncontrollably as he struggled to decide what he should do next to make sure he got his profit. lmao ROTFL.

MoSuse walked begrudgingly towards the bar, and looked at Bush with a raised eye-brow, as he furiously thought of what he could say after having asked her to come over for a second. It just was not Bush's day, having had a week of unsuitable flight windows which made things worse....... Bush remembered that Draken was getting a P3 933 the advanced version of the Hawker and almost as good as Sin's, and could care even less now if Draken fell down a bigger and deeper well Poor Bush, he nearly fell on his ass, well to be truthful he did fall on his ass when he heard WW say, "Hmmmm, nice "collector" you have here Bush, any chance you could take a real ride with a real pilot honey?" Bush can be so hilarious at times, and no better than now with him scrambling from out behind the bar, reminiscent of dog's paws slipping on smooth floor tiles lmao. Poor Bush, he does get some stick sometimes, like the time he got beat in a tourney by MoSuse and Coyote And no way was he staying around for the answer to WW's suggestion, no way baby, no way !!!!

MoSuse's eyes narrowed as she surveyed WW, thinking... "uh huh, a real pilot huh", remembering how she whupped 2 Shadow pilots in the tourney. WW noticed the look in MoSuse's eyes and he instantly shriveled, his demeanor changing to one of dread and regret at having uttered what he did, and his eyes moved down to the club in MoSuse's hand. There was a blur and a sudden rush of wind, as Ronski tore out of the mens wash room and through the lounge door, upsetting and spewing Bush's bar tabs all over the floor. Bush was paralyzed and his eyes became as wide as tennis balls, as he stood there in amazement or is it incredulity MoSuse knew that Ronski had escaped and was glad in a way, since she was thinking of some way of letting Ronski off the hook and didn't really want to beat him up black and blue, and she whipped her head back to confront WW, who jumped backed a little on his bar-stool feverishly moving his eye-patch from left to right to left to right with no apparent effect. The lounge door opened and MoSuse eyes lit when she saw Draken walking in, smiled and thought."now there's a real pilot and a shadow to boot!... he is always quiet and never speaks of his obvious combat and flying skills". MoSuse knew that WW would not make the same suggestion like that to her again, and just for the hell of it, prodded WW in the chest with her club and walked to the bar to make sure Draken's pint of guinness was ready when he finished freshening up. Carrie had not been around of late, and it only seemed natural to MoSuse to take over her role. WW knew he had a lucky escape, and was still feverishly adjusting his eye-patch without success and wondered why Bush had not warned him.

Piggy was sitting at the bar trying to calm down, well and truly chaffed at the canceled Shadow's participation in Operation Medium, as MoSuse walked over to the bar.......

Sin decided not to go on the sortie without some backup. Good thing for WiseApple, as he was still trying to get the canopy open. Sin strolled into the Sheeps Pen looking for "volunteers". As he came in, he noticed Piggy sucking down his Pigcane special with the special twisty straw that had a picture of Porky on it.

"PIG!, I need a volunteer and your it!" Sin said. Piggy wheeled around to see who about to get the full brunt of his fury, when he seen it was Sin. "Roger, right away!" Piggy said, and he quickly slurped up the rest of the contents of his drink and out the door they went.

Draken looked on and was wondering how many of the others had "slipped" in undetected by Bush. He turned towards Suse who by this time realized that Piggy had to go. "Suse, how about you and I slipping into the back room and "rearrange some bubbly. And who knows, the stock room might need to be rearranged too!" Draken was banking on the fact that Suse was feed up with the average swill drinking pilots that usually comes in a place like this, as he fancied himself quite the caring and personable pilot that all women like. Not to mention, that the women find him "easy to look at"!

But that didn't cut any slack with MoSuse, she didn't care about anything at this moment except collecting the bar tabs that had got out of hand. Bushy had promised her a vacation to Interlaken if she could collect at least 30% of them, and no one....not even Draken, was going to detour her from fulfilling her goal! All this smooth talk and suave acting bunk was going to get him some time with her alright, but NOT the kind he wanted any part of!

Next Time, Chapter 14!
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